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Pokemon: Indigo League
Season 1
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General information
 Episodes  52 TV Episodes
 79 Video Release Episodes
 Series  Original Series
 Region  Kanto
 Following series  Adventures in the Orange Islands
 First Episode  Pokemon, I Choose You!
 Last Episode  The Breeding Center Secret
 Related Movie(s)  Mewtwo Strikes Back
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Pokemon Indigo League was initially just known as Pokemon and is the first season of the Pokemon Anime that was dubbed and released in English. The subtitle 'Indigo League' was added by the official DVD and VHS releases and is a direct reference to the Indigo Plateau, where the Kanto Pokemon league is hosted.

The story begins by following Ash Ketchum; a ten year old boy who has just got his Pokemon Trainer license. It follows the journey of Ash and Pikachu leaving Pallet town on their adventures (and misadventures) as he sets out to try and fulfill his ambition of becoming a Pokémon Master. The whole season is set in the Kanto region. You can click here to read a summarised version of this seasons key events.

Prior to it's English dub being released, Pokemon Season 1 was aired in Japan between April 1st, 1997 and August 6th, 1998. The first aired episode was "Pokemon, I Choose You!".

The theme songs for this season were: "Aim to be a Pokemon Master" by Rica Matsumoto in Japan and "Pokemon theme" by Jason Paige for the English opening. There was also a PokéRap segment at the end of each episode which would "rap" the names of 30 different Pokemon of the complete 151, changing the Pokemon in it each time; this was intended to help viewers remember the names of all the Pokémon.

In the U.S in terms of television airings there were 52 televised episodes originally out of 79 produced, meaning 27 were available exclusively on VHS and DVD. The first season aired in the United States in 1998 with the first episode being "Battle Aboard the St. Anne" which aired on September 8th, 1998 and ran right the way up to May 1st, 1999 when the final episode of Season 1 "The Breeding Center Secret" was finally shown on May 1st, 1999. Shortly after it was aired in the USA, YTV picked up the series for airing in Canada.

This season was directly succeeded by Pokemon Season 2: Adventures in the Orange Islands which continued the story of Ash and his friends in the Kanto region and their offshore Islands, collectively known as the Orange Archipelago.

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Official Description

It’s Ash Ketchum’s tenth birthday, and he’s ready to do what many 10-year-olds in the Kanto region set out to do—become a Pokémon Trainer! Things don’t go exactly the way he planned when he ends up with a Pikachu instead of a standard first Pokémon, and winning Gym Badges turns out to be much tougher than he thought. Luckily he’s got former Gym Leaders Brock and Misty at his side, along with a bevy of new Pokémon friends, including Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

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episode001 11089 1 1 "Pokémon, I Choose You!"

"Pokemon! Kimi ni Kimeta!" (ポケモン! きみにきめた!)
(Pokémon! I Choose You!)
September 8, 1998

April 1, 1997
Ash Ketchum has just had his 10th birthday and can finally get his Pokémon trainers license. Ash has looked forward to getting his Pokémon for so long that he couldn't sleep and ended up turning up late to Professor Oaks lab only to find all the standard starter Pokémon have been taken. Professor Oak can see Ash is genuinely devastated to have been late and missed out on Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur so tells Ash there is one other Pokémon he could take... a rather disobedient Pikachu that doesn't like going inside it's Pokéball.

Ash and Pikachu set off on their journey, with Pikachu completely ignoring Ash, and Ash having to pull him along with a rope. Ash tries and fails to catch a few different Pokémon while being mocked by Pikachu until eventually Ash throws a rock which hits a Spearow on it's head. The Spearow calls it's whole flock to attack Ash and Pikachu in retribution for this. Ash borrows a girls bike and the two try to escape the flock but to no avail, with the Spearow flying directly at him and Pikachu Ash chooses to shield Pikachu with his body and stands in the way. Pikachu realises at this point Ash does infact care for him and uses a powerful electric attack to fend off the Spearow, destroying the girls bike in the process. As Ash and Pikachu wake up they see a mysterious golden bird flying over, like no Pokémon they've ever heard of.
episode002 11090 2 2 "Pokémon Emergency!"

"Taiketsu! Pokemon Sentā!"
(たいけつ! ポケモンセンター!)
(Showdown! Pokémon Center!)
September 9, 1998

April 8, 1997
Ash rushes Pikachu to the nearby Viridian City in search of it's Pokemon Center. Officer Jenny apprehends Ash, suspicious as to why he's carrying Pikachu rather than it being in it's Pokeball, Ash explains and officer Jenny takes him to the Pokemon Center. While Pikachu is being treated by Nurse Joy, Misty (the girl whose Bike ash borrowed) bursts in and vows to follow Ash until he pays her back for destroying her bike. Shortly after, the Pokémon Center is attacked by three members of Team Rocket; Jessie, James and their talking Meowth who are there to steal all the injured Pokémon from the infirmary as they see them as easy targets. Pikachu, alongside an abudance of other Pikachu work together to fight off Team Rocket, little did we know this would be the first of many occurences of Team Rocket involuntarily "blasting off".
episode003 11091 3 3 "Ash Catches a Pokémon"

"Pokemon Getto da ze!" (ポケモンゲットだぜ!)
(I Got a Pokémon!)
September 10, 1998

April 15, 1997
Ash heads into the Viridian Forest accompanied by Pikachu and Misty. It's there that he captures his first Pokemon, a Caterpie which for some reason Misty is terrified of as it seems she has a phobia of bug type Pokemon. As they continue through Viridian Forest Ash encounters and catches a Pidgeotto and things are looking up! However what they don't know is that Team Rocket have been following them since the Pokemon Center in Viridian City, having witnessed (and experienced first hand) the power of Pikachu's thundershocks themselves they're now intent on stealing Ash's Pikachu (as in their view it seems more powerful than the average Pikachu) as a present for their boss... Team Rocket engage Ash in battle and Ash and his little team manage to fend them off, resulting in Ash's Caterpie evolving into Metapod!
episode004 11092 4 4 "Challenge of the Samurai"

"Samurai Shōnen no Chōsen!"
(Challenge of the Samurai Boy!)
September 11, 1998

April 22, 1997
While exploring the Viridian Forest Ash and his group encounter a Samurai who challenges Ash to a battle, said battle wouldn't exactly pack out a stadium, as it turns out to be Metapod vs. Metapod! Since both Metapod's only know harden the battle isn't very eventful but then suddenly a Beedrill swarm attacks and kidnaps Ash's Metapod. He manages to find his Metapod at the Beedrill nest and rescue it, triggering it to evolve into it's final evolutionaly stage; Butterfree.
episode005 11093 5 5 "Showdown in Pewter City"

"Nibi Jimu no Tatakai!" (ニビジムのたたかい!)
(Battle of Nibi Gym!)
September 11, 1998

April 22, 1997
After heading to Pewter City to challenge it's gym leader and try to win his first gym badge Ash and his group meet a mysterious rock salesman called Flint. Ash challenges Brock, the Pewter City gym leader but loses the battle. Outside the gym they meet Flint again who takes Ash & Misty to Brocks house where he see's brock in an apron caring for his younger brothers and sisters, a role he assumed after his father left them. Flint then takes Ash and Pikachu to the Watermill for training to make Pikachu stronger for the next battle. Ash challenges Brock again and this time it looks as though he might just win, when suddenly a fire breaks out in the gym, prompting the sprinklers to go off and weaken Onix, Brock's main Pokemon (a rock type, weak to water). Ash could have easily leveraged the water to have acquired an easy victory via a thundershock but the thought of Brock's younger siblings makes him hesitant to exploit the situation, when Ash opens his eyes from this thought he is literally being held back by BBrock's younger siblings! Ash leaves the gym without the badge, but shortly after Brock catches up to him and awards him the Boulder Badge. It turns out that the mysterious rock salesman, Flint was Brock's father. Flint tells Brock he will take over responsibility for caring for his children, and for running the Pewter City gym which allows Brock to accompany Ash and Misty on their journey.
episode006 11094 6 6 "Clefairy and the Moon Stone"

"Pippi to Tsuki no Ishi" (ピッピとつきのいし)
(Pippi and the Moon Stone)
September 15, 1998

May 6, 1997
Ash and his friends arrive at Mt. Moon where they find Team Rocket causing chaos in their search for the mysterious Moon Stone. With the assistance of a scientist called Seymour the trio are able to recover the Moon Stone and save the Clefairy's that watch over it. Brock then catches a Zubat.
episode007 11095 7 7 "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City"

"Hanada Shiti no Suichūka" (ハナダシティのすいちゅうか)
(The Underwater Flowers of Hanada City)
September 16, 1998

May 13, 1997
The journey continues with Ash seeking his second gym badge and the course is set for Cerulean City. However Misty seems extremely reluctant to follow on this path and disappears before they get there. On arrival to the Cerulean Gym Ash and Pikachu witness three beautiful sisters performing a synchonized swimming show, leaving Ash in doubt as to whether he's in the right place for a Pokemon battle. Once they finish their show the three sisters reveal that they are infact the Gym Leaders but because they've converted the gym into a big arena for a water show they offer to just give Ash the badge. Misty appears out of nowhere and is revealed to be the fourth of the Cerulean sisters, angry that they were willing to simply give away gym badges Misty steps up and say's she will battle Ash. During the gym battle between Misty and Ash, Team Rocket show up and try to steal all the water Pokémon - Ash again helps to fend them off and Misty's Sisters award the Cascade Badge to Ash for helping save their Pokemon.
episode008 11096 8 8 "The Path to the Pokémon League"

"Pokemon Rīgu e no Michi" (ポケモンリーグへのみち)
(The Road to the Pokémon League)
September 17, 1998

May 20, 1997
An increasingly confident Ash sets out on his journey for Vermillion City accompanied by his new friends but along the way they hear talk of a trainer named A.J, a hardened trainer who has never been beaten. This appeals to Ash who naturally wanted to be the one to beat him first so they head to A.J's (unofficial) gym, on arrival they see a huge sign stating "98 Consecutive Victories" making a win against A.J in Ash's eyes an even bigger prize. A.J reveals that upon reaching 100 consecutive victories he himself is going to embark on a journey to travel around Kanto challenging gym leaders. Ash, Misty and Brock witness the tough way A.J trains his Pokémon and have mixed feelings about it.
episode009 11097 9 9 "The School of Hard Knocks"

"Pokemon Hisshō Manyuaru" (ポケモンひっしょうマニュアル)
(Pokémon Certain Victory Manual)
September 18, 1998

May 27, 1997
While lost deep in a forest shrouded by a thick mist our heroes decide to take a break from being lost for a minute and have a rest. Ash goes to take a look for some firewood when he overhears a commotion so he goes to investigate. He finds a young boy (Joe) being bullied by five seemingly older boys. It turns out that all of them are pupils at a preparatory school for Pokemon Trainers, where succesful graduates get to enter the Pokemon League without requiring any gym badges. The five older boys were bullying the younger boy because his knowledge of Pokemon wasn't good enough, making him a disgrace to their prestiged school; PokéTech. Ash, Misty and Brock follow Joe to the building where he states that even him as the bottom of the class is more powerful than someone with Two Gym Badges. Ash is about to battle him to prove him wrong then Misty steps in and battles him instead (taking great offence to this comment as she was taught in a proper gym), with her much stronger Starmie easily overwhelming Joe's weaker Weepinbel despite the type advantage. Giselle, the top student sees this and continues to lay into Joe about how embarassing he is to PokéTech.

Misty confronts Giselle for her attitude and they end up battling, Giselle being so overconfident that she chooses a Graveller despite the type advantage, and quickly beats Misty's Starmie. They then move outside by the pool so Giselle can beat Misty in an area which would be to her advantage, but Giselle starts taunting Ash and he battles her instead. After it looking very much like defeat for Ash against Giselle's Cubone, Ash and Pikachu manage to turn it around and win the battle. Team Rocket show up shortly after but are quickly repelled by Giselle and the other students. Giselle, humbled by her defeat by Ash becomes a better human being and the journey continues.
episode010 11098 10 10 "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village"

"Kakurezato no Fushigidane" (かくれざとのフシギダネ)
(Fushigidane of the Hidden Village)
September 21, 1998

June 3, 1997
Our heroes are continuing on their journey to Vermillion City (well hopefully, they're a bit lost.) and take a short break near a pond. After seeing an Oddish drinking from the pool Misty and Ash jump straight up to try to catch it. After laying into the Oddish Misty throws a ball to catch it, the ball is batted away by a Bulbasaurs vine whip and fails to catch it. The Bulbasaur stands in front of Oddish to protect it, it then attacks and defeats Starmie quickly. Ash steps in and battles Bulbasaur with Butterfree, the wily Bulbasaur blows Butterfrees own sleep powder back at it, defeats it and Oddish & Bulbasaur flee into the bushes. Shortly after the trio find themselves crossing a rope bridge which promptly collapses as they're crossing it, Brock falls into the water and is swept away but Ash and Misty manage to climb across, only to be caught in a trap and get stuck in a tree. Brock appears beneath them and cuts them down. Brock had been saved by a beautiful girl who pulled him out of the water. The three go back to her hut in the woods where Brock introduces his friends to Melanie who has just finished feeding a load of Pokémon. It's then revealed that Melanie runs a sort of sanctuary where Pokémon can come and be safe and relax without battling etc. It turns out that the Oddish Ash and Misty tried to catch was one of the ones from the sanctuary. It turns out that the whole place is also surrounded by Team Rocket style traps in order to keep the Pokemon safe.

The group start helping Melanie care for the Pokemon and Misty apologises to Oddish for what happened previously. Oddish befriends Misty when she shows remorse. Bulbasaur turns up and is less understanding and takes Misty from behind. Ash is about to take Bulbasaur on in battle when Melanie steps in and explains that Bulbasaur volunteered to be the guardian of her Pokemon Sanctuary. Bulbasaur growls at Ash and clearly wants him to leave the village. Team Rocket finally make it to the sanctuary after falling victim to various traps where they attempt to steal all the Pokemon with a big suction machine. Bulbasaur rescues Oddish just in time, and Ash helps push Bulbasaur against the wind to escape into the cabin. Ash sends out Pidgeotto to get rid of Team Rocket and they are promptly blown away by a whirlwind. With the village safe, Melanie offers Bulbasaur (who has now fortunately warmed to Ash a little) to Ash, and that he needs to travel and to grow and that the village is too small for him. Bulbasaur communicates that he will join Ash on one condition, that he takes him on in battle first! Pikachu manages to defeat Bulbasaur in battle and our heroes say their goodbye and leave the village.
episode011 11099 11 11 "Charmander – The Stray Pokémon"

"Hagure Pokemon, Hitokage" (はぐれポケモン・ヒトカゲ)
(The Stray Pokémon – Hitokage)
September 22, 1998

June 10, 1997
Ash and friends are finally on the right path to Vermillion City but along the way they come to a Rock where they find a stray Charmander sitting. Ash's first instinct is to try and catch it but it turns out that it has a trainer and so can't be captured. Thinking it best to leave the Charmander alone because it belongs to someone our heroes continue to the Pokemon Center where they overhear a nasty Pokémon trainer called Damian bragging about how he left his dumb Charmander on a rock because he thought it was weak, he had promised it he would come back but had no intentions of doing so. Meanwhile heavy rain is starting outside which could kill Charmander if it put out the flame on it's tail. Ash rushes to find the Charmander who is still huddled, loyally waiting on the rock, weak and being attacked by Spearow with it's flame almost out. Ash, Misty and Brock are running with Charmander desperately trying to get it to the Pokemon Center before its now very weak flame goes out. They get it to Nurse Joy just in time who is able to save it.

Early the next morning Brock wakes everyone up to find that Charmander has disappeared from the Emergency room. They suspect that Charmander will have headed back to the Rock to wait for Damian so they head back there. Team Rocket have set a trap for them nearby, minus Pikachu our heroes fall into the hole and Team Rocket turn up in shock proof suits to steal Pikachu. With Pikachu captured in a rubber bag and our heroes still trapped in a hole Team Rocket are about to escape but Charmander stops them and saves the day. Damian had been hiding in the bushes and witnessing the events, now seeing that Charmander isn't weak like he thought he tries to claim Charmander and get it back. He says things which it make it clear he is a horrible Pokemon Trainer, Charmander rejects Damian, throws his PokéBall back in his face and joins Ash's Team! Damian runs off crying, burnt and electrocuted. Ash got a Pokemon, and a new friend.
episode012 11100 12 12 "Here Comes the Squirtle Squad"

"Zenigame-gundan Tōjō!" (ゼニガメぐんだんとうじょう!)
(The Zenigame Squad Appears!)
September 23, 1998

June 17, 1997
Ash, Misty and Brock fall victim to a series of pranks set up by a notorious gang called the Squirtle Squad. Later on things get worse and they're actually captured by the Squirtle Squad who it turns out have been tricked into working on behalf of Team Rocket by Meowth. While still being held captive by the Squirtle Squad, Pikachu is lying gravely injured in a cage. Ash begs the Squirtle squad to allow him to go and get a Super potion, their leader releases him and Ash runs off. Meanwhile Meowth is scheming that by the time Ash returns they'll already have made off with his Pikachu. Ash arrives at the shop where Jessie and James of Team Rocket are buying explosives to scare off the Squirtle Squad, aswell as some dental Floss. Ash walks into the shop for a super potion after and has lots of guns pulled on him. Officer Jenny steps in and assures the people in the shop that Ash isn't with Team Rocket. Jenny gives Ash a ride to the cave, but the bridge is out, so he enters it via a secret entrance. Ash uses Charmander's flame to light the way through the tunnel. Ash arrives back at the Cavern to find Misty and Brock have been untied. The Super Potion is administered to Pikachu just in time.

Shortly after Team Rocket attacks from above with their Hot Air Balloon and start throwing bombs at our heroes and the Squirtle Squad who flee into the cave. The Squirtle squad leader fell over and didn't make it to the cave in time, Ash dived on top of it to save it. As more bombs were dropped Ash tells Squirtle to run, but Squirtle picks Ash up and just about makes it to the cave whilst dodging bombs! Squirtle follows Ash's command and attacks the Team Rocket balloon, perforating it, rescuing Pikachu and sending Team Rocket blasting off once more. The blast of the explosives had caused a forest fire which threatened the whole town. Ash suggests to the Squirtle Squad that the combined power of their waterguns might put the fire out and save the town, sure enough it does. The town make the Squirtle Squad honorary firefighters, complete with ourfits. Ash and the gang set off on the road to Vermillion City only to find they have the Squirtle Squads leader in tow, and he wants to join Ash's team, which Ash happilly accepts!
episode013 11101 13 13 "Mystery at the Lighthouse"

"Masaki no Tōdai" (マサキのとうだい)
(Masaki's Lighthouse)
September 24, 1998

June 24, 1997
 When Ash was summarising the Pokemon he'd caught so far Misty and Brock commented that he hadn't technically "caught" most of them, Ash runs off and finds a beach and a beautiful sunset he couldn't care less about. He also finds a tiny Krabby he accidentally insults by calling it Shrimpy, Krabby attacks Ash's finger, then precedes to engage ASH himself in battle who fights it with a stick (wtf) and then manages to catch it in a ball! To his surprise the ball disappears out of his hand. Brock/Misty reappear and explain that a trainer can only have six Pokemon with them at once and that Krabby has most likely gone to Professor Oak's lab for safe keeping.

Ash, wanting to be sure that his new Krabby is safe and has reached Professor Oak wants to find a phone, at this point Pikachu spots a lighthouse shining in the distance and the gang head on over. When they arrive the lighthouse is dark and mysterious looking, the voice inside guides Ash to a videophone and he calls Professor Oak who ash suspects is eating his Krabby (he isn't, fortunately). It turns out that Gary has already caught 45 Pokemon, including a Krabby which absolutely dwarves Ash's one. Bill introduces himself, he appears to be a giant talking Kabuto... but Bill reveals he is actually a Pokemon researcher and his current getup is a result of an experiment gone wrong. With the help of Ash and friends Bill is freed from the costume. Bill then explains it was part of his research into ancient Pokemon.

Bill explains his main research at the minute is to try and find one special Pokemon, the largest of all... Dragonite, whom he says is one of a kind and that he has been communicating with it. At this point Dragonite begins to approach the lighthouse from the ocean. Meanwhile Team Rocket are scaling the cliff to the lighthouse with a plan to steal any rare Pokemon that Bill might have, at this point they notice Dragonite and start firing on it. The dragonite attacks the lighthouse and Team Rocket continue to attack the Pokemon before being belted away by Dragon Tail. Sadly the damage is done, and the Dragonite who had come to befriend Bill leaves, never to be seen again. Bill vows to remain at his lighthouse in the hopes that Dragonite will return some day and the heroes bid him farewell as they continue their journey.
episode014 11102 14 14 "Electric Shock Showdown"

"Dengeki Taiketsu! Kuchiba Jimu" (でんげきたいけつ! クチバジム)
(Electric Shock Showdown! Kuchiba Gym)
September 25, 1998

July 1, 1997
Ash and friends finally arrivev at the Vermillion City Gym, with Ash very enthusiastic to prove he is a strong enough trainer to defeat Lt. Surge but Pikachu and everyone else are exhausted so they head to the Pokemon Center first for a rest. At this point the Pokemon Center is full of badly injured Pokemon who have tried to take on Lt. Surge, another Pokemon is rushed in at which point Nurse Joy says its the 15th one this month. Seeing this makes Pikachu rather reluctant to want to take on the Vermillion Gym Leader.

Ash enters the gym to find several tough looking trainers, before the extremely huge Lt. Surge approaches and assumes Misty to be the challenger, calling her cute. She then points out that Ash is the challenger, Surge then refers to Ash as 'baby' and calls Pikachu a 'baby Pokemon' and it soon becomes apparent why when Surge's massive Raichu comes out of it's ball! Ash and Pikachu, driven by the insults and taunting from Surge and Raichu are intent on battling, Pikachu most of all, wanting to prove it can take on it's evolved form. The battle ensues and Pikachu is swiftly overpowered by Raichu's powerful electric attacks, but manages to get back up before swiftly being knocked down again and defeated. Team Rocket are watching through the window and scheming as usual, contemplating that if Pikachu is defeated then maybe they've wasted their time trying to steal him all along. Pikachu wakes up in the Pokemon Center, angry and upset about how he was overpowered by the Raichu. Nurse Joy overhears the conversation and offers Ash a Thunder Stone which would evolve it into a Raichu. Ash, faced with the decision to keep his pal exactly as he is, or evolve it for the sake of battle decides to give Pikachu the choice; Pikachu thinks for a moment then slaps the Thunder Stone to the ground, intent on beating the Raichu just the way it is! Pikachu and Ash vow to find a way to win. Brock points out something that Surge said, he evolved his Pikachu right away in order to get the strongest electric attacks quicker, meaning Raichu may have missed out on learning some moves that can only be learned in the Pikachu stage.... armed with this knowledge Ash and Pikachu return to the gym to face Lt. Surge once more.

The battle ensues and Ash and Pikachu take on a new strategy, although at the start of the battle it looks bad, Pikachu starts to use it's speed and agility attacks. Raichu is powerful but slow and is quickly outmanouvered, becoming dizzy as it tries to keep up with Pikachu's speed. Raichu completely runs out of electricity as he kept missing Pikachu, and Pikachu manages to defeat a tired Raichu with a quick attack and tail whip finisher. Ash and Pikachu claim the Thunder Badge in their proudest victory yet.
episode015 11103 15 15 "Battle Aboard the St. Anne"

"Santo Annu-gō no Tatakai!" (サントアンヌごうのたたかい!)
(The St. Anne Battle!)
September 28, 1998

July 8, 1997
 Our heroes are excited to head out to the St. Anne, a luxury cruise ship after Ash wins tickets for them to take a trip on it. For a brief period Ash trades his Butterfree for a Raticate but remembers all the time he and Butterfree (Caterpie, Metapod) spent together and feels bad about it (and so he should) and asks for his Butterfree back. Unfortunately it turns out that the entire cruise and competition was yet another Team Rocket scheme devised with the sole aim of relieving all of the 'lucky winners' of their Pokemon!

Meanwhile Jessie, James and Meowth are also onboard the St. Anne and James is tricked into buying a Magikarp by a devious salesman who promises it will make him rich. A short while later a powerful storm rocks the ship, in the panic to evacuate the ship Ash loses Butterfree's PokéBall and tries to locate it, likewise James loses the ball with Magikarp in and tries to find that. Ash and his friends as well as Jessie, James and Meowth are all knocked out and miss the evacuation lifeboats that takes the other passengers to safety. The episode closes with our heroes and Team Rocket on a sinking cruise ship.
episode016 11104 16 16 "Pokémon Shipwreck"

"Pokemon Hyōryūki" (ポケモンひょうりゅうき)
(Pokémon Adrift)
September 29, 1998

July 15, 1997
The episode opens with officer Jenny laying flowers at sea for Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie & James suspecting they are now dead. Meanwhile our heroes and Team Rocket wake up, with Ash witnessing fish swimming outside the windows and quickly using his powers of deduction to realise that the ship has sunk.

Jessie in all her knowledge meanwhile commands Ekans to use his acid to make a hole in the ship so that they can escape, this resulting in the ship taking on water even quicker and them getting trapped in a corridor, drowning. Misty sends Goldeen to try and find a way out, but Goldeen finds Team Rocket and rescues them.Team Rocket attack, Ash and Brock get their Pokemon out to engage them but this inbalances the ship which is resting ominously on a narrow rock, above a huge chasm. Everyone decides that not dying is more important than the battle they were about to have and withdraws their Pokemon. Team Rocket and our heroes agree a temporary truce in order to escape together. Misty, who is relying on the knowledge of the model SS. Anne she had as a kid manages to guide everyone to the Engine room, where the hull is the thinnest, providing the best chance of escape. With the help of Onix, Bulbasaur and Charmander along the way they make it there (just about!) and Charmander burns a hole in the hull. Everyone ties themselvevs to a water Pokemon and makes their escape... errr except Team Rocket who don't have any and are left behind. When James who is laughing maniacally reveals his secret weapon and method of escape; the Magikarp he bought. His plan unfortunately didn't go too well, with Magikarp completely unable to help them. The St. Anne then takes on more water and sinks deeper still. Ash, Misty and Brock are sat on a raft wondering where Team Rocket are, Ash sends Pidgeotto to scout and find out which direction has the nearest land, he finds Jessie, James and Meowth (and Magikarp) floating in the sea. Just as they are about to give Team Rocket a traditional sea burial it turns out they're actually still alive. Both groups spend the night on a raft adrift at sea, with hunger starting to set in. Crazed with hunger Meowth tries to take a bite out of Magikarp and promptly breaks his teeth. James, angry that his Magikarp is good for nothing, not even eating kicks Magikarp off the raft, prompting it to evolve into a Gyarados, a very angry Gyarados based on the way he treated it.

The group tries to escape with Gyarados hot on their heels, with three of Misty's best water Pokemon pulling the raft and everyones combined rowing effort. Sadly to no avail, as Gyarados summons numerous other Gyarados and hits the group with a Dragon rage attack, throwing everyone violently into the distance.
episode017 11105 17 17 "Island of the Giant Pokémon"

"Kyodai Pokemon no Shima!?" (きょだいポケモンのしま!?)
(Island of the Gigantic Pokémon!?)
September 30, 1998

July 22, 1997
Following the Dragon Rage attack they were hit by at the end of last episode Ash, Misty and Brock find themselves regaining consciousness on a beach, with Ash alarmed to find no sign of Pikachu and that he only has two of his Pokemon with him, meanwhile elsewhere on the same Island Jessie & James are gently woken by a vicious attack from a Krabby. It turns out that Team Rockets Pokemon, Meowth and Ash's missing Pokemon are also all together elsewhere on the Island. But thats not where the trouble ends, the Island is inhabited by Giant Pokemon!

After losing the trust of all the other Pokemon (including fellow TR Pokemon Ekans & Koffing) Meowth is tied up while the rest of them eat, when a giant Rhydon starts to approach. All the Pokemon start running and leave Meowth tied up, Pikachu reluctantly goes back and frees him. The lost Pokemon stick together but begin to get upset at the thought of their masters not returning. The next day the sun is shining and all groups leave cover to find each other, once more encountering numerous giant Pokémon and being pursued around the Island, eventually by chance all finding each other and eventually reuniting on a runaway rollercoaster cart!

After inadvertantly destroying all of the giant Pokemon, the gang realise that the Pokemon are mechanical, and it turns out to have been a Giant Pokemon Theme Park, owned by Giovanni and Team Rocket. Our heroes escape the theme park and arrive at the beautiful beaches of Porta Vista.

Note: Subtitles are used in the episode for the scenes when the Pokemon are talking to each other about how to find their trainers. This episode is to this day unique in that sense.
episode018 11106 18 18 "Beauty and the Beach"

"Aopuruko no Kyūjitsu" (アオプルコのきゅうじつ)
(Holiday at Aopulco)
June 24, 2000

July 29, 1997
Ash and Brock are start the episode by playing in the sea before taking a moment to admire Misty and point out how weird it is to see her "looking like a girl". They then take a Boat Trip on a boat they saw Brock on, who Ash assumed had borrowed it. They take the boat for a spin and crash into a Team Rocket Gyarados themed sub, sending them out of control and crashing into the pier. With the Boat and the pier badly damaged the group are approached by an angry old man called Moe who wants them to pay for the damage.

Meanwhile Jessie, James and Meowth are washed up on a restaurant's private beach area and are asked to leave by the restaurant owner, but they instead offer to work for her despite the restaurant owner describing herself as "Brutal", apt as her name is Brutella. It turns out that Ash, Misty and Brock are working to promote a rival restaurant to the one Jessie and James work for and initially Team Rocket are winning the business, until Ash gets all his Pokemon involved to help advertise the old mans restaurant, handing out flyers etc. Team Rocket set out to sabotage our heroes efforts, quickly damaging the number of customers it takes. Ash and the gang, their Pokemon and Moe sit in his restaurant and reflect on what could've gone wrong.

Brutella and Team Rocket turn up to taunt Moe, with Brutella reminding Moe that he owes her money and that she wants it by tomorrow or she's taking his boat. Moe pleads that she take anything but the boat, as he has always dreamed of cruising around the world in it before he dies. Ash convinces Moe not to give up on his dreams and vows with his friends and Pokemon to help get the money by tomorrow. Professor Oak turns up with Ash's mom in tow and suggests they promote the restaurant at the annual Porta Vista Beach Beauty and Pokemon costume contest which is due to happen the following day.

The gang set out on promoting it to the revellers at the contest. Things are looking really good and Brutella watches on angrily as Moe looks set to make enough money to keep his boat. Meanwhile Brock serves as an announcer for the Pokemon and Beauty contest and Misty enters, with Squirtle and Starmie dressed up as extra terrestrials. The Team Rocket entry is interrupted by Gary Oak who turns up with six beautiful fans in tow all entering the beauty competition. Brutella fixes up Team Rocket's Gyarados sub, making it amphibious on the proviso that they use it to destroy Moe's restaurant which they set about to do. Ash calms the crowds by reassuring them its not a real Gyarados which just rose from the ocean and sends their heatseeking missle back at them, sending Team Rocket packing - all while being ridiculed by Gary who wasn't forthcoming in actually helping the situation himself.

Moe paid his debt and sets off on fulfilling his dream of cruising around the world. Moe sails off into the distance, Ash promises to make his mom proud and the trio set off on their journey once more. Note: This episode has only been shown on a ONCE in English and that was heavily edited. Click here to see why.
episode019 11107 19 19 "Tentacool & Tentacruel"

"Menokurage Dokukurage" (メノクラゲドククラゲ)
(Menokurage, Dokukurage)
October 1, 1998

August 5, 1997
Ash and friends are running late as always and miss the boat they were meant to be on from Porta Vista, while sat around waiting for the next one they see an injured Horsea who Misty is about to capture when there is a huge explosion only to discover that it was caused by a huge number of Tentacool attacking a Ship and paralyzing the sailors. The distraction means Misty leaves the injured Horsea and dispatches her water Pokemon to help rescue the people who had been on the ship. One of the sailors they rescue is insistant on informing "the boss" what has happened. The boss is an unpleasant character called Nastina who thanks the heroes for their help and offers them a stay at her hotel, she advises them that she's building a massive hotel resort - to do this she needs to destroy the reefs. Nastina asks the trio to exterminate the Tentacool and offers to pay them well with luxury feasts, 1 million dollars and more but there'd be a lot of murdering to do first. Misty strongly objects and walks out.

Misty must have rescued the Horsea behind the scenes as it's then seen in a paddling pool with Pikachu and Brock notes that the Super Potion they gave it is working. Nastina turns up in a tank offering a million dollars to whoever exterminates the Tentacool, just as Jessie and James show up. Nastina hires Team Rocket to exterminate the Tentacool and they board a boat, setting a course for the construction site of Nastina's new resort with a plan to pour Tentacool stun source in the water, catch them all and sell them at market (unknowing that they aren't really edible). They quickly encounter 10,000 Tentacool who fire on the ship, knocking TR's barrell of substance onto one of the Tentacool to crazy effect.... it becomes a giant Tentacruel and begins to attack the resort. Nastina and her crew start firing at Tentacruel, but the shells simply bounce off him - meanwhile Tentacool's start to take over the Island, and the giant Tentacruel too begins its approach bringing with it a giant tidal wave.

Tentacruel lays waste to Nastina's resort entirely and the group realise what Horsea had earlier been trying to communicate to them. Tentacruel captures Meowth and uses his speech ability to communicate what they are doing, telling people that they are attacking and destroying their homes and cities exactly the way their own homes have been devastated by the construction work. Horsea pleads with Tentacruel to stop the destruction and begins to argue with it, Tentacruel hits Horsea hard and Ash's Pidgeotto rescues it just in time. Ash, Misty and Brock send ALL of their Pokemon to battle the Tentacruel and Tentacool sending many of them back to the sea but Tentacruel is strong and begins to overwhelm the much smaller Pokemon. Pikachu tries to reason with Tentacruel where Horsea failed, Misty appears atop a building and continues to plead with Tentacruel stating that the humans understand they have hurt them, and that they won't destroy their homes anymore and they are sorry. Tentacruel warns everyone that if this happens again they will not stop, discards Meowth and begins to return to the sea. Nastina emerges from under a pile of rocks and starts to fire on Tentacruel, who promptly knocks her into the sunset and submerges beneath the waves.

A short while later Nastina lands on someone who is building the frame of a new building, it turns out to be Brutella, the restaurant owner from the previous episode who is infact Nastina's cousin!

episode020 11108 20 20 "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak"

"Yūrei Pokemon to Natsumatsuri" (ゆうれいポケモンとなつまつり)
(Ghost Pokémon and the Summer Festival)
October 2, 1998

August 12, 1997
Ash and friends finally manage to catch a boat from whats left of Porta Vista, finally arriving in the port city of Maiden's Peak where they attend the Summer's End Festival. Team Rocket as usual aren't far behind and are up to their usual schemes. However something strange is afoot when both Brock and James fall for a beautiful girl that they keep seeing visions of near the Sea. It's revealed later on that the beautiful girl they are seeing is the legendary 'Ghost of Maidens Peak', a young woman whose lover went off to fight in an ancient war, she vowed to wait for him to return as he sailed off into the sunset, vowing never to move from the clifftop, and she didn't... eventually she turned to stone still atop the cliff.

Brock and James are entranced by their visions of the maiden. An old woman suggests that the use of anti ghost stickers might help Brock and James, but that it'll come at a price. She sells the gang a lot of seemingly worthless anti ghost stickers and makes a quick buck. The ghost of the Maiden arrives with a gust, promptly blowing the stickers away and taking James and Brock away. Jessie interrupts the maiden from taking them, and the Maiden doesn't take it very well. Sending a scary illusion of skulls at Ash and the gang before Ash's Pokedex reveals it as a Gastly. Gastly reveals that not only is he the ghost of Maiden's peak but he was also the old woman who sold them the stickers. Everyone tries to battle the Gastly, whom I might add has an exceptional grasp of the English language. Everyone is defeated, and Misty turns up wielding a cross, some garlic etc.

Luckily the festival ends and the sun begins to rise, repelling Gastly who tells them not to forget the ghost of the Maiden and promises to return next festival. Ash and his friends participate in the festival of Summer's End tradition of sending out little boats with laterns on to guide the spirits of lost sailors home. Gastly and the Maiden's real ghost communicate and basically say see you same time next year, she thanks Gastly for keeping her legend alive. Gastly promises that if he as a Ghost Pokemon should ever encounter her lover, he will remind him that his Maiden is waiting. Ash and his friends enjoy whats left of the festivities.
episode021 11109 21 21 "Bye, Bye Butterfree"

"Bai Bai Batafurī" (バイバイバタフリー)
(Bye Bye Butterfree)
October 5, 1998

August 19, 1997
As Ash and his group continue their journey to Saffron City they see a large number of Butterfree flying above the sea. Brock then tells Ash and Misty that its the mating season for the Butterfree, Ash releases his Butterfree so it can go and find a mate. It returns to their Hot air balloon and doesn't seem particularly bothered about finding a mate, that is until he sees a unique looking pink Butterfree... Ash's Butterfree despite all his best moves, and his new scarf it just couldn't get this female Butterfrees interest and he left beaten and dejected.

Team Rocket show up shortly after as they've decided that a massive load of Butterfree would be a great gift for the boss. They approach the flock in a helicopter with a giant net attached to it and start capturing massive amounts of the Butterfree. With no realistic chance of anyone in a Hot Air Balloon catching a helicopter it's all up to Ash's Butterfree who is about the only one not trapped in a net at this point. Ash's Butterfree sees the pink butterfree trapped in it's net and starts to tackle the net but to no avail, it tries stun spore on the chopper also to no effect and Team Rocket get away with Ash's Butterfree hot on their tail.

Ash, Misty and Brock can't keep up in the Hot Air Balloon but follow in the direction that TR and Butterfree left in. Eventually they find Ash's butterfree who leads them to the compound where Team Rocket are holding the 100 stolen Butterfree. Ash's Butterfree sees the Pink butterfree he loves trapped in the net and with his most powerful tackle manages to break it. All the Butterfree flee except Ash's one and the Pink one who is now starting to like him back!

Team Rocket set off to try to recapture all the Butterfree again, this time Butterfree with Pikachu on his back head straight at their chopper, Pikachu jumps on and completely destroys it with a thundershock, Team Rocket are defeated once more. The Butterfree mating season goes ahead as planned, with the Pink Butterfree doing the courtship dance for Ash's Butterfree! It's only now that Ash and the gang realise that Butterfree will be leaving to start his family across the ocean. After a tearful goodbye Butterfree and his new mate head off into the sunset, while Ash reminisces about their time together.
episode022 11110 22 22 "Abra and the Psychic Showdown"

"Kēshii! Chōnōryoku Taiketsu!" (ケーシィ! ちょうのうりょくたいけつ!)
(Casey! Psychic Showdown!)
October 6, 1998

August 26, 1997
Ash and his friends have arrived in Saffron City and Ash makes no secret about the fact he's there to challenge the leader of the Saffron City Gym. As he makes haste for the gym he bumps into a mysterious man who warns him not to go in. Ash enters the gym to find that it's a psychic training centre as well as a Pokemon gym and see's many people trying to bend spoons with the power of their minds. Ash demands an official match, Sabrina accepts but states that if she wins that they have to be her friends and stay to play with her. The two agree to a one on one all out match with Sabrina choosing Abra and Ash choosing Pikachu. After toying with Ash and Pikachu a little Sabrina's Abra evolves into Kadabra, turns Pikachu's thunder attack against him then uses its psychic powers to make Pikachu dance for it, before continuing to hammer a defenceless Pikachu with psychic attacks.

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu find themselves in a strange abandoned town and try to find someone to find out where they are. Just as they realise they are infact in a dolls house Sabrina takes the roof off and tries to grab them. Brock points out that Sabrina must have shrunk them using telekenisis. Just as it looks like Ash and the Gang are going to be crushed by a toy ball the mysterious guy who warned them not to go there teleports in using his own psychic power and teleports them out just in time.

He then warns Ash and gang they should leave Saffron City and never come back, Ash sees that this guy has psychic abilities and begs him for help. After being initially rather adverse to the idea of helping, the mysterious man advises Ash to go after a ghost Pokemon in Lavender Town as it's the only type that can battle a Psychic type and then he teleports, appearing in a tree behind the gang where he then watches them and says to himself "With some luck that kid may be the one who can rescue Sabrina." The journey to Lavender Town begins.
episode023 11111 23 23 "The Tower of Terror"

"Pokemon Tawā de Getto da ze!" (ポケモンタワーでゲットだぜ!)
(Got It at the Pokémon Tower!)
October 7, 1998

September 2, 1997
Team Rocket got wind of where Ash and his friends were headed and beat them to the Haunted Tower in Lavender Town in order to set a trap for them, however they were promptly scared away by the spooky events that happened inside the tower. Ash and the gang arrive at the tower shortly after, while Ash and Pikachu enter the Tower, Misty and Brock remain outside as they're too afraid to enter.

Ash and Pikachu befall many scary pranks at the hands of a trio of ghost Pokémon; Gengar, Haunter and Gastly. I say pranks loosely, one of them involved them being crushed by a huge falling Chanedelier so I'm not sure if that qualifies as attempted murder or a prank. Nonetheless Haunter then turns Ash and Pikachu into ghosts and they fly together and have some fun, they then return to the room where his body is to find Brock and Misty crying at the sight of Ash and Pikachu's lifeless bodies. Ash asks Haunter to please bring him and Pikachu back so Brock and Misty won't be upset, which he does. Haunter decides to follow Ash and become his friend and Pokémon, for now.
episode024 11112 24 24 "Haunter vs. Kadabra"

"Gōsuto Tai Esupā!" (ゴーストVSエスパー!)
(Ghost vs. Esper!)
October 8, 1998

September 9, 1997
Despite the previous warnings Ash and friends arrive back at Saffron City to face Sabrina once more. Both Ash and Haunter sound and look extremely confident and the challenge to Sabrina is issued, she accepts on the same terms as she did previously and sends out Kadabra. Ash chooses Haunter but it's nowhere to be seen... Ash tells Pikachu then Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur respectively to take his place in battle none of which seems enthusiastic.

Ash tries to make a run for it and Sabrina locks down the gym using her psychic powers, then turns Ash and Misty into dolls. Just as Ash and his Pokemon are about to meet the same fate the mysterious man teleports in and rescues them (minus Brock and Misty who are still dolls). Ash talks to the man and learns more about Sabrina and how she became the way she is, and how she split into two people; the mean and powerful Pokémon Trainer and the lonely little girl who just wants to make friends is represented by the doll Sabrina holds. We learn that the mysterious man is infact Sabrina's father.

Ash sets off to find Haunter and bumps into Team Rocket who are as usual out to steal Pikachu but instead find themselves hanging on to a tall building, Haunter makes Jessie laugh and she in turn releases her grip. All of them fall to the ground, right next to Ash. Haunter and Ash are reunited and Ash begs Haunter to help him defeat Sabrina and save his friends, Haunter agrees. Meanwhile the doll forms of Brock and Misty are back in the toy box, and meet Sabrina's mother who has also been turned into a doll.

Just as Sabrina is about to start playing with her new toys Ash returns, and again Haunter appears to be nowhere in sight. Pikachu volunteers to fight because he doesn't want Ash to become a doll, and faces Kadabra once more. This time managing to clip Kadabra with a thundershock before it could teleport, but it just uses recover and continues. At this point Haunter appears and starts playing tricks on Sabrina, one of which included a bomb. Sabrina smiles and starts laughing with Haunter, due to Telekensis her Kadabra is rolling on the floor laughing and unable to battle, Sabrina then returns her mother, Brock and Misty to their human forms. Sabrina's father declares Kadabra unable to battle and awards Ash with the Marsh Badge. Our heroes continue their journey, setting a course for Celadon City.
episode025 11113 25 25 "Primeape Goes Bananas"

"Okoranai de ne Okorizaru!" (おこらないでねオコリザル!)
(Don't Get Angry, Okorizaru!)
October 9, 1998

September 16, 1997
While on the route to Celadon City Ash and his friends encounter a rather mischevious Mankey. This Mankey starts chasing Ash and then steals his cap, Ash tries his best to retrieve it but to no avail. Turns out Ash had to send in some serious tokens to win that official Pokémon League cap. Team Rocket catch up to the group and try to steal Pikachu, when they encounter Mankey, James kicks it away and while they are doing their Team Rocket intro a very angry Mankey evolves into Primeape behind them.

The newly evolved Primeape has not forgotten what James did to it and stomps around angrily, Team Rocket choose to ignore it and continue trying to steal Pikachu. At this point Primeape launches Jessie into a distant rock head first, Jessie and James turn their Pokemon on Primeape and a commotion ensues. Ash and the gang use this as an oppurtunity to try and run away when Pikachu spots Ash's cap and tries to grab it, Primeape beats him there and puts the cap back on. Pikachu hits him with a powerful thundershock which makes him even angrier. Brock theorises that Primeape just wants a bit of attention and thats why he stole the cap, Brock goes over to befriend him and Primeape disproves the theory by beating him up and throwing him into the distance.

Primeape begins it's thrash attack and chases Ash, Misty and Pikachu relentlessly. Team Rocket also give chase, Misty and Ash split up to try and lose Primeape and it continues after Ash and Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu, along with Team Rocket fall into a ditch dug by TR themselves, after Pikachu electrocutes everyone including Ash, Primeape jumps into the hole with them all. Ash remembers advice Professor Oak gave him about not being able to become a Pokémon master without more Pokémon. Ash challenges Primeape, first hitting him with a water gun attack from Squirtle, then a razor leaf from Bulbasaur followed by a flamethrower from Charmander. Primeape starts attacking Charmander badly and Charmander learns rage, one of it's most powerful attacks, Charmander then uses rage on Primeape, but not before Pikachu runs in and saves Ash's cap. Ash then captures a weakened Primeape!

Team Rocket rear their heads from their hole and ask where Primeape is, Ash send Primeape into the hole with them and he gives them a good thrashing, shortly before giving Ash a black eye. Over the ridge Pikachu spots Celadon City in the distance!
episode026 11114 26 26 "Pokémon Scent-sation!"

"Erika to Kusaihana" (エリカとクサイハナ)
(Erika and Kusaihana)
October 12, 1998

September 23, 1997
Upon arriving at Celadon City, Brock instantly decides he's going to like it there after he spots a number of beautiful girls. Ash wants to head straight to the gym but Brock wants to check out girls and Misty wants to buy perfume. After causing great offence in a perfume store Ash is asked to leave and is eventually ejected.

Ash continues to the Celadon City Gym where he is told he can't enter because of what he said about perfume, and it turns out the gym is where the perfume is manufactured! In the meantime Team Rocket are breaking into the back of the gym in order to find the secret formula they use to make their perfume, in yet another scheme to become rich. They bump into a Gloom on the way who was completely immune when Koffing hit it with Poison gas, Gloom releases some stinky gas of its own and defeats Team Rocket who are then promptly kicked out by gym staff and hung from a tree. Then Ash finds them 'hanging out' outside. Team Rocket want Ash to help them out of the tree, he's reluctant but they appeal to him by saying they can get him into the gym to challenge the gym leader. They all dress up, Ash posing as a little girl called Ashley and Jessie and James posing as his parents. Ash registers while Team Rocket run off to try and again steal the secret perfume formula.

"Ashley" is introduced to Erika and her class who are all learning about Perfume. Brock, Pikachu and Misty all happen to be in the class too. Erika tells the class the tale of how she met Gloom, and how it rescued her from a Grimer when she was a little girl. Pikachu shocks Ash and his disguise falls off, Ash challenges Erika who is duty bound to accept.

A three on three battle commences with Ash choosing Bulbasaur and Erika sending out Tangela who quickly defeats Bulbasaur with stun spore. Ash sends out Charmander next who promptly defeats Erika's Weepinbel but is then defeated by Gloom. Pikachu volunteers to face Gloom next but then Team Rocket interrupt the battle, setting off bombs throughout the gym and stealing the secret perfume formula before blasting off (again). With the gym on fire an evacuation effort begins with all the trainers trying to rescue the Pokémon.

Ash, Misty and Brocks Pokemon help to try and fight the fire, Erika runs out and says she can't find Gloom anywhere, Ash reacts by running into the flames (don't try this at home) and going to find Gloom. Gloom releases it's vile scent preventing Ash from getting near, Ash holds his breath, and approaches Gloom - Gloom stops releasing the horrible smell when he see's Ash just wants to help. Ash grabs Gloom and runs out of the burning building getting it to safety. Erika presents Ash with the Rainbow badge for saving her Gloom. Erika reveals that the 'secret formula' Team Rocket stole was infact just a vial of essence of Gloom, which by the way, stinks.
episode027 11115 27 27 "Hypno's Naptime"

"Surīpā to Pokemon Gaeri!?" (スリーパーとポケモンがえり!?)
(Sleeper and Pokémon Hypnotism!?)
October 13, 1998

September 30, 1997
While pounding the pavements of Hop Hop Hop Town trying to work out where they are Ash is grabbed by a woman who is overjoyed to see "her Arnold", mistaking him for her missing son. The woman then explains to Ash, Misty and Brock that many children have gone missing recently, and points out all the missing posters nearby.

Ash feels sorry for the woman imagining how his own mother would feel if he was missing. Detective Ash Ketchum steps up to try and help the towns Officer Jenny find out what happened to the kids, they begin asking questions in the Pokemon Center but no one seems to know anything. It turns out that the Pokemon Center is full of sleeping/overtired Pokemon. Officer Jenny picks up strong readings on a Sleep Wave detector and Pikachu is put to sleep, Officer Jenny, Ash and friends deduct that the sleep waves and missing children may be connected. They track back the sleep waves to the top of a tall building and head up to investigate. There they find a rooftop mansion along with a terraced garden, and appear to have found the source of the sleep waves. Ash and Brock burst in to find some sort of event taking place, and a Drowzee and Hypno sat together on a table in the middle of it.

It turns out that the Hypno is the one responsible for the sleep waves, and that he evolved from Drowzee 3 days prior, exactly when the kids started going missing. The Pokémon Lovers club has a lot of members that struggle to sleep at night and suffer insomnia, they had been using Hypno's powers to help them get a good nights sleep. And it turns out that the Pokemon across the town being put to sleep is a side effect of Hypno's powers being used in this way. Misty falls under this side affect hynosis and thinks she's a Seel, she runs out of the building, into a park and sits by the side of a lake. Everyone follows her and there they find not just Misty but all the missing children from the town, who also think they're Pokemon!

The Pokemon Lovers Society upon realising what's happened use Drowzees Dream Waves to restore Misty to normal. Team Rocket who have also followed the sleep waves attack on the rooftop and are fended off by Ash's Pidgeotto. Then Ash and friends set out with Drowzee to return all the kids to normal before heading to the Pokemon Center to wake up all the sleeping Pokemon. One Pokémon however still seems to be having trouble; a Psyduck who Misty inadvertantly manages to catch despite really not wanting to.
episode028 11116 28 28 "Pokémon Fashion Flash"

"Rokon! Burīdā Taiketsu!" (ロコン! ブリーダーたいけつ!)
(Rokon! Breeder Showdown!)
October 14, 1998

October 7, 1997
After arriving in Scissor Street, Ash and Misty are a bit bemused as to why they're there, Brock is looking for something but doesn't answer - Misty realises that Scissor Street is also known as Breeder Street, and it's revealed that Brock wanted to come here to see the latest Breeder stuff!

Not long after arriving they encounter a Pokemon beauty salon called "Salon Roque", a name which sounds a little too familiar to them all. Misty is about to join the queue as Brock finally finds the place he's been looking for, it's a comparatively non descript storefront with no queue outside.

Inside they find a really cute looking Pokemon called Vulpix, Misty takes it upon herself to pet it and is promptly annihilated by a flame attack. Brock asks Suzie the Salon owner if he can become her student and explains to Ash that Suzie has been awarded the trophy for breeding excellence for three consecutive years at the World Pokemon Breeders contest, amongst other accolades.

It seems that "Salon Roque" is taking a lot of custom away from Suzie's salon, with Roque being about tacky looking fashions and Suzie's place being about natural stuff and inner Beauty. Suzie starts to doubt her own methods, and Brock and Ash convince her to keep going, coming up with an idea to help promote Suzie's salon - she begins to give lectures on Pokemon care and with the right promotion quickly gets all her customers back from "Salon Roque". Salon Roque's management soon discover that their massive queues have gone and only one customer remains; Misty and her Psyduck. Meowth inadvertantly reveals that the owners of Salon Roque are Team Rocket, who hold Misty hostage threatening to paint her face like Frankenstein, Psyduck is nowhere to be seen and had actually gone back to Suzie's to tell Ash/Brock about the situation who promptly come running.

Meowth reveals that the whole Salon idea was just a plan to scam money out of trainers with ridiculous PokéFashion's and if any rare Pokemon come in they were just going to steal them. Ash and Brock proceed to battle Team Rocket but lose, Suzie and her Vulpix step in and defeat Meowth, Ekans and Koffing convincingly, Team Rocket blast off again. The massive group of trainers who had been watching the whole time realised how shallow they'd been, Suzies belief in what she does is restored and she decides she needs to travel and find out more about Pokemon breeding; Vulpix takes a liking to Brock and Suzie asks Brock to take care of her as his own Pokemon.

With a new friend, a new Pokemon, and a quick laugh at Misty's very fashionable makeup our heroes say Goodbye to Suzie, and Team Rocket are run out of town by their angry former customers!

episode029 11117 29 29 "The Punchy Pokémon"

"Kakutō Pokemon! Dai Batoru!" (かくとうポケモン! だいバトル!)
(Fighting Pokémon! Huge Battle!)
October 15, 1998

October 14, 1997
Ash and his friends happen upon a Hitmonchan in the road which appears to be wild. Ash tries to convince Pikachu to battle Hitmonchan, Pikachu is initially not enthused but then Ash gives him boxing tips and the "battle" begins, Hitmonchan is toying with Pikachu until Pikachu hits Hitmonchan with "the Rocket punch", which bruises Hitmonchans cheek a little and annoys it. Hitmonchan turns out not to be wild,, and his trainer turns up and orders Hitmonchan to a) not drop his guard and b) knock that little pipsqueak out.

After the battle, a girl called Rebecca jumps from behind a tree and begs Hitmonchans trainer to come home (its her father), but it's clear that he isn't going to go home until he wins the P1 Grand Prix. He tells the group and his daughter that he'll be in the gym taking on challengers, and points out which direction the gyms in before running off. The group get introduced to Rebecca who asks them to defeat her fathers Hitmonchan, they arrive at the Fighting Spirit Gym that her father runs and Rebecca explains about the P1 Grand Prix fighting Pokemon Tournament, she says that if her fathers Hitmonchan is defeated he might see sense and go home.

Brock volunteers Ash and Primeape to join the tournament, and himself decides he'll enter with Geodude. Meanwhile Team Rocket are also eyeing the P-1 Championship belt and prize money, but they don't have any fighting Pokemon so decide to 'borrow' a passing Hitmonlee after taking its trainer hostage.

The Pokemon Numberone Grandprix begins, Rebeccas father Anthony and his Hitmonchan enter, as do Jessie, James and Hitmonlee under the guise of 'Giant' and of course Ash, Brock and a whole host of other competititors. The first battle opens with Ash's Primeape taking on Machop, it looks initially like Primeape is in for a beating but after Machop throws Primeape with a Seismic toss and Ash saving it from hitting the deck, it has a new found will to fight, and to listen to Ash - coming back fighting and defeating Machop with a Mega kick. Brock then takes on Hitmonlee with his Geodude, the battle is looking bad and Anthony advises Brock to throw in the towel, which he does, forfeitting the match.

Anthony, Ash and Team Rocket still in their disguise fight their way through various stages of the tournament until Anthony and his Hitmonchan face Team Rocket and their Hitmonlee in an epic battle. Team Rocket not being ones to fight fair stick Hitmonchan to the ground with glue giving Hitmonlee the edge to win, Rebecca jumps in the way of Hitmonlee's final kick to save Hitmonchan and Anthony jumps in front of her, forfetting the match. Leaving Ash and Primeape to take on Hitmonlee and Team Rocket in the final. After the battle starts Primeape is taking a lot of hits but manages to get close to Hitmonlee and deliver a flurry back, meanwhile Pikachu spots Meowth messing with the ring and tries to tell Ash, who doesn't listen. Pikachu goes under the ring to investigate and stops Team Rockets plan to shock Primeape, with the plan foiled Primeape defeats Hitmonlee with a Seismic Toss and becomes the P-1 Champion by knockout!

Anthony tells Ash that Primeape has a great natural fighting ability and asks if he can train him to become a real P-1 Champion (even though he already is). Ash agrees and lets Anthony, who has now promised to spend more time with his family train Primeape. Ash and friends say goodbye to Rebecca, Anthony and Primeape and continue on their journey.

episode030 11118 30 30 "Sparks Fly for Magnemite"

"Koiru wa Denki Nezumi no Yume o Miru ka!?" (コイルはでんきネズミのユメをみるか!?)
(Do Coil Dream of Electric Mice!?)
October 16, 1998

October 21, 1997
Ash, Misty and Brock arrive in the very industrial and aptly named Gringy City, where everything is dark and miserable and theres no one around. Pikachu immediately starts to look sick and collapses, Ash grabs him and is electrocuted, a Magnemite watches on from the Shadow's.

Ash in his pink rubber gloves rushes Pikachu to the Pokemon Center, and on arrival to the gringiest Pokemon Center they ever saw, they are little to their own knowledge being watched from afar by Team Rocket, who themselves are choking on the stench. Meowth instructs Jessie and James to get their suits on and go through the Sewer Pipes to the Pokemon Center.

On arrival to the Pokemon Center it seems that even the Nurse Joy there isn't particularly helpful compared to her cousins from other cities. To make matters worse the generator is taken offline by a lot of Grimer, taking away power from the Pokemon in intensive care at the Pokemon center, plus of course the Air Supply to Jessie and James. Ash, Misty and Brock set off to find out whats wrong and get the power back on, their first stop being to officer Jenny who doesn't know anymore than they do, but directs them to the power plant. Pikachu, despite being sick follows them.

Meanwhile Jessie and James narrowly avoid suffocating in their suits. Ash, Misty, Brock and a Pikachu who has seen better days enter the dark corridors of the seemingly deserted power plant, but it feels as though they're being followed. Something appears from the darkness, fortunately it's only a Magnemite who is more concerned with accosting Pikachu than doing anything particularly evil. Magnemite hovers around Pikachu a while longer before making a swift exit, seconds later a big group of Grimer drop from the ceiling and it becomes apparent why Magnemite fled.

Misty causes great offence to the Grimer group as well as the giant Muk that accompanies them and Muk orders that the Grimer pursue the group, a chase ensues around the dark corridors! Running into (literally) the factory workers who had left their control room to see what was up. They make it safely to the control room and Ash begins questioning whats going on, finding out that Grimer are blocking the water intake and that theres too many so they can't get the power back on. The grimer that were chasing them finally catch up and break into the control room. Apparently Pikachu is the only one who can fight all the grimer despite being sick (he forgot his other Pokemon?), Pikachu gives it his best shot but fails, it looks bad and then an army of Magnemite and a Magneton who are all for some reason fans of Pikachu come flying through the ceiling and chase the Grimers away, even clearing the water intake and getting the plant back online! Power is restored to the city.

But the Muk stays behind and Pikachu and it's Magnemite admirer manage to defeat it between them. Ash then captures it, and much to his discontent finds that Muk's aroma can still be smelt when he is outside of the Pokeball. Pikachu is no longer sick, and the power station guys advise that he didn't have a cold, he just felt ill because it's body had built up too much electricity that it's body had become magnetised, hence why the Magnemite liked it so much.

Team Rocket emerge from the filthy water in their Gyarados sub wielding a giant magnet to try and take advantage of Pikachu's not longer valid magnetised state. Unfortunately for them a massive amount of magnemite stuck to their magnet and sunk their sub, sending them.... sinking off... again? Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny of Gringy City vow to clean the place up and bring the city back to life. Professor Oak disdainfully recieves Ash's Muk.
episode031 11119 31 31 "Dig Those Diglett!"

"Diguda ga Ippai!" (ディグダがいっぱい!)
(Full of Digda!)
October 19, 1998

October 28, 1997
It's now been months since Ash began his journey from Pallet, and the gang decide to head for the Fuschia Gym next, but not being surrounded by mountains not knowing entirely where they're going they get lost and start walking anyway. They hear an explosion in the distance and they run over to it to investigate. Team Rocket's dinner was also interrupted by the blast so they head over to investigate too. Ash and friends find a massive convoy of construction vehicles, but they're all piling up and getting destroyed.

As Ash and his friends watch on, a Diglett emerges and communicates with Pikachu while Meowth watches on. The construction sites foreman, clearly stressed out reveals that the Diglett are stopping him from getting the Damm built, by disrupting his supply convoys. The foreman then says they are recruiting Pokemon trainers to help fight off the Diglett, as Gary arrives with a whole lot of other Pokemon trainers who quickly starts insulting Ash. Brock takes a liking to Gary's fanclub. Gary vows to the site foreman to get rid of the Diglett and sets off. Jessie and James hear about the luxury holiday they could win for fighting off the Diglett and decide to go for it themselves.

The site foreman addresses the big group of Pokemon trainers, thanking them for coming to help him fight off the Diglett. Ash meanwhile is wallowing in self pity following Gary's abuse earlier on. Team Rocket are watching them all from afar and scheming, suddenly the Diglett attack the trainers, Gary throws a Pokéball to sort it out but the Pokémon fails to come out, Gary tries his next Pokémon which also doesn't come out, he and the other trainers all start throwing Pokéballs, no Pokemon is willing to fight the Diglett. The Diglett all return the Pokéballs to their trainers.

It turns out that the Pokémon didn't want to fight the Diglett, Pikachu, who spoke to one of them earlier confirms this theory. Gary fires off one final round of digs and insults to Ash before he and his fan club depart, along with the other trainers. Ash, Misty and Brock take advantage of a hotspring, still troubled by the fact that the Pokemon wouldn't fight them. Team Rocket's Ekans and Koffing evolve into Arbok and Weezing respectively. Some Diglett visit the hotspring, Pikachu and the gang follow them and realise that this place is the home of the Diglett and Dugtrio, Ash and his friends realise that the construction work is disrupting and destroying their homes. The construction sites foreman overhears and realises the damage it would cause to their environment if the Damm was built, he decides not to build the Damm.

Team Rocket appear in a Tree above them and attack with their newly evolved Pokemon, Arbok uses a dig attack to go underground and Weezing follows, they both get beaten up by the Diglett who then blast Team Rocket off and destroying the damm in the process. With the Digletts home now safe, the damm construction cancelled and Fuschia Gym not far away our heroes continue onto their next adventure.
episode032 11120 32 32 "The Ninja-Poké Showdown"

"Sekichiku Ninja Taiketsu!" (セキチクにんじゃたいけつ!)
(Sekichiku Ninja Showdown!)
October 20, 1998

November 4, 1997
The group arrive... somewhere, and find themselves deep in the Forest, stopping for a short break. Ash is enthusiastic to get moving to find and take on the Fuschia Gym. Meanwhile something is watching our heroes from the undergrowth.

While still trying to find the Fuschia gym the group happen upon a large Mansion in the middle of nowhere and it's revealed that it's a Venonat who has been following them, it then proceeds to run through the giant mansion, which turns out to be rigged with traps including angry voltorbs and invisible walls, much to the dismay of Ash.

Eventually they encounter Venonat and it's trainer Aya, who is a Ninja and leader of the training camp that they've stumbled upon. Ash challenges her to a battle and sends his Bulbasaur to face Venonat, with Bulbasaur eventually victorious by use of leech seed. Aya's older brother arrives saying no one can leave this mansion unless they battle him, he turns out to be Master Koga of the Fuschia Gym.

The first battle is Ash's Pidgeotto vs. Koga's Venonat, which immediately evolves into Venomoth at the start of the battle, quickly defeating Pidgeotto. Charmander is called out next but the Battle is then interrupted by Team Rocket. Ash and Koga agree to work together to fight them off but Team Rocket use a sticky goo to pin everyones Pokemon, Misty tries to help by sending out Starmie but gets Psyduck instead. Koga uses one of the traps and a group of Voltorb are released from the ceiling, one of which self destructs on Team Rocket who aren't quite beaten yet.

After Team Rocket reject Psyduck and are quite nasty to it, Psyduck manages to emmit a powerful attack which turns out to be Disable, followed by Confusion which it uses to blast Team Rocket off! It then even uses its psychic power to remove all the sticky stuff off everyones Pokemon. Koga and Aya both ask to trade their Venomoth and or Venonat respectively with Misty's Psyduck. Ash and Koga head outside to finish their battle, Koga sending out Golbat against Charmander, and Charmander managing to win the match with Fire Spin after a shaky start. Koga awards Ash with the Soul Badge and admits that he too has a lot to learn about battle.

Our heroes continue their journey, Ash has a new badge and the group have a newfound respect for Psyduck and the powers they never knew it had.
episode033 11121 33 33 "The Flame Pokémon-athon!"

"Honō no Pokemon Dai Rēsu!" (ほのおのポケモンだいレース!)
(The Big Fire Pokémon Race!)
October 21, 1998

November 11, 1997
Ash and friends arrive at the Safari zone in search of some new Pokemon when a herd of Tauros charges right nearby. Ash decides he wants to catch one, Pikachu pretends to be asleep so Ash sends in Charmander instead, who is then jumped on by a Growlithe who then proceeds to battle Charmander, Ash is about to send out Squirtle when a trainer on a Ponyta tells them to stop, because its a Pokemon reserve and illegal to catch Pokemon there. It turns out shes Lara Laramie and this is the Big P Pokemon Ranch that is owned by her family. After seeing that Ash and his friends aren't actually Pokemon thieves she invites them to a party at the ranch that night and telling them about a big race taking place tomorrow.

Another trainer; Dario the Dodrio trainer arrives and taunts Lara that he's going to beat her in the race tomorrow. During the evenings festivities Dario approaches Lara and tells her the Tauros are going crazy at the ranch, she rushes to sort it out when something startles Ponyta and he throws her off, breaking her elbow. Realising that shes not going to be able to ride Ponyta in the race tomorrow she watches how Ash manages to calm Ponyta.

In the meantime its revealed that Dario did a deal with Team Rocket to cause the disturbance that led to Lara breaking her arm. Later on Lara begs Ash to try and ride Ponyta at the race tomorrow in her stead and he accepts, before having his hand badly burned again. Lara talks to Ponyta and convinces it to let Ash ride it at the race the next day.

Many competitors enter the race on all sorts of different Pokemon but it soon becomes apparent that it's a two horse race; Ash & Ponyta vs. Dario and Dodrio. But Team Rocket and Dario aren't there to play fair and one by one racers are sabotaged. Dodrio is the fastest, and due to an electrode exploding thanks to another of Team Rocket's traps Ash and Ponyta are knocked out briefly. Pikachu shocks them back into action but despite being back in the race they were quite far behind. A PokéPitStop slows Dario and his troublesome Dodrio down a little and Dario prompts Team Rocket to again delay the other racers, Jessie and James start fighting Ash and Misty while Dario races off. Misty tells Ash to go, and he does but not before blasting Team Rocket off with a fire attack. Victory for Dario and Dodrio looked certain, but when Ash and Ponyta managed to draw level, Dodrio pecked Ponytas head and slowed it down, flying ahead once more.

Ponyta reacted to this provocation by evolving into Rapidash, the fastest of all Pokemon and clinched victory by a nose at the finish. An angry Dario and Dodrio attack Ash and Rapidash before Rapidash kicks them into the sunset. Lara directs Ash and his friends to the Safari Zone which is nearby and they say their goodbyes.
episode034 11122 34 34 "The Kangaskhan Kid"

"Garūra no Komoriuta" (ガルーラのこもりうた)
(Garura's Lullaby)
October 22, 1998

November 18, 1997
This time Ash and his friends arrive at the real Safari Zone, but at a small protected part of it which still counts as a Pokemon reserve. As they are about to start catching Pokemon an Officer Jenny disguised as a Chansey, wielding an assault rifle jumps out of the bushes and arrests them for poaching!

She takes the group to her outpost and explains that its still part of the reserve, after they explain that they didn't know she lets them off but another Poacher Alert is sounded on her systems and she with Ash and Gang in tow heads off to check it out. They arrive at a field filled with Kangaskhan just in time to see Team Rocket getting ready to poach them, Team Rocket startle the Kangaskhan with explosions who then charge at Ash & the gang, unknowingly charging into one of Team Rockets nets.

Jennys jeep is burned out and they're unable to get to the Kangaskhan in good time to save them, Jessie tries to capture the first Kangaskhan and her Pokéball is knocked out of the way by a Boomerang thrown by some kid in a tree. He frees the Kangaskhans who surround and attack Team Rocket, giving them a pounding and then sending them blasting off again. The kid then jumps into the pouch of the largest Kangaskhan and they all go back into the woods. Shortly after a Helicopter arrives a couple arrive, with the gentleman introducing himself as the father of a kid who got lost in the Safari Zone when they visited years ago. They searched for years but couldn't find him, and after hearing reports he has been seen with a pack of Kangaskhan they're back to look for him, this time enlisting the help of Ash, Misty, Brock and Ranger Jenny.

As they set out to find it they find an injured baby Kangaskhan on it's own. Brock starts to treat the injured Kangaskhan when Tommy appears and throws a Boomerang which proceeds to hit Ash in the face, Tommys parents catch up and start trying to explain to Tommy who they are. Tommy starts to remember, but rejects the idea that the Kangaskhan he knows as his parents aren't truly his parents, his father promptly hits him with a plank of wood which seems to kickstart his memory and he finally remembers. Ranger Jenny arrives and asks for the groups help against Kangaskhan Poachers, Tommy rushes off ahead through the trees.

Team Rocket use a big mechanical Kangaskhan and make the noises of an injured Kangaskhan to attract the group, before hitting them all with tranquilisers. Tommy arrives first and Team Rocket start to attack him but then Ash and Co also arrive and engage them! TR's Mechanical Kanga is then set alight, but isn't beaten and it begins to chase Jenny and the group. A helicopter appears, flown by Tommy's parents who fly into the mechanical Kanga to save Tommy and the group, everyone assumes then dead and Tommy begins to cry. His parents arise from the wreckage dressed like Tommy and tell him they've decided to join him and his Kangaskhan family and live in the wild to help protect them. Our heroes say goodbye, journey on, eager for more adventures and more new Pokémon.
episode035 j only 11123 E# N/A - Banned

J# 35
E# N/A - Banned

J# 35

"Miniryū no Densetsu" (ミニリュウのでんせつ)
(The Legend of Miniryu)

November 25, 1997
Ash and friends now enter what is hopefully the ACTUAL Safari Zone, and are still yet to catch a single Pokemon. Ash, Misty and Brock are hapilly singing about catching Pokemon when an old guy pulls a gun on them and shouts SHUT UP aggressively. It turns out he is Kaiza, the caretaker of the Safari Zone. For some reason Ash and Co enter the building with this obvious nutcase, still with their eyes on the prize of catching lots of Pokemon. The caretaker gets a box out filled with Safari balls and a rod, Ash reaches out to grab it and the guy again pulls a gun on him (lol wtf) stating that if Ash breaks the rules (use only Safari Balls and Rod to catch Pokemon) then "Thunderbolt" will get him, Thunderbolt being the name of his gun.

The gang spot a picture of a younger Kaiza with a Dratini and get excited about the prospect of such a rare Pokemon being here, Kaiza angrily states that there isn't one, Ash begins to argue that there's one in the picture and Kaiza again starts to squeeze the trigger of his gun, until Ash stops arguing.

Kaiza takes the picture outside and stares at it muttering to himself that he will never bother Dratini again. Meanwhile the gang speak to Professor Oak to ask why he's like this, turns out Oak does know Kaiza and that 30yrs prior Kaiza found Dratini but this attracted so many trainers to the zone trying to catch Dratini that all the vast majority of Pokemon there were captured, and the landscape was destroyed and left barren. Dratini was never found. This is why Kaiza does not want talk of the Dratini to start again.

Team Rocket were on the roof listening in on the conversation and they too want to get Dratini and every other Pokemon in the zone, as Kaiza is sending Ash and friends off to get some Pokemon TR appear behind them on a wooden arc in the air. Kaiza does not appreciate their motto and opens fire on them with two guns, they eventually fall off their platform. Team Rocket promise a fair fight and say that if Ash wins they will not bother him again, but if they win they get all of his Pokemon.

The Tauros charge again, Ash vows to catch one and throws a safari ball, as does Brock. They both catch a Tauros. Later, Ash throws a Safari ball at a Rhyhorn and captures a passing Tauros.

Meanwhile Team Rocket have taken Kaiza captive and pulled his own gun on him, as well as an extra gun. When he realises what bad people they are he attacks them, but Jessie uses Arbok to restrain him. She even then offers to go out with him if he tells them where Dratini is. Team Rocket unveil their "ultimate" weapon which is a robot that tickles people until they give information; Kaiza then yields the info on Dratini. Meanwhile Ash, Misty and Brock are fishing and Misty gets a Gyarados up but it snaps the rod and dives back beneath the water. Kaiza turns up, still tangled in Team Rockets machine and Pikachu shocks it off him, he tells Ash and co that TR has gone after Dratini in the Dragon Valley.

Dratini reveals itself to Jessie who in her excitement cuts off the air for Meowth and James (who are already under water) while she tries to catch it. James and Meowth scare Dratini off at the last second when they come up for air and then improvise an electric underwater bomb to shock everything in the water and bring all the Pokemon to the surface, it works. Just as they are about to start catching them all Ash, Misty, Brock and Mr. Kaiza arrive.

Team Rocket throw another electric bomb into the water and Kaiza dives in to try and stop it exploding, closely followed by Ash. Staryu takes Kaiza back to the surface as he was old and unable to make it. Ash picks up the bomb and starts swimming toward the surface, but runs out of air, sinking to the bottom. Still no explosion and heavy rain begins, it all looks rather grim, that is until the Legendary Pokemon Dragonair rises from the water, saving Ash and restoring the good weather. Ash lands Team Rockets own bomb on them just in time and sends them blasting off. Mr. Kaiza approaches the Dragonair, who turns out to be the evolved form of the Dratini he spent the last 30 years protecting, after an emotional reunion Dragonair then reveals it's Dratini children!

Ash, Misty and Brock vow to never tell anyone of the Dratini and Dragonair living in the Safari Zone and continue their journey, meanwhile Professor Oak gets stampeded in his own lab by all the Tauros that Ash caught.

Note: This episode was aired in Japan but banned in the rest of the world. Click here to find out why it was banned.
episode036 11124 E# 35

J# 36
E# 35

J# 36
"The Bridge Bike Gang"

"Arashi no Saikuringu Rōdo" (あらしのサイクリングロード)
(Stormy Cycling Road)
October 23, 1998

December 2, 1997
With fond memories of the Safari zone still fresh in their minds our heroes arrive in a nearby City and while looking for the Pokemon Center they find the biggest bridge they've ever seen. Brock seems to know about the bridge and tells them it straight leads to Sunnytown on the opposite side, which will save them lots of time. Sadly it turns out that a) the bridge isn't completely finished and b) the bridge is only for cars because its 10 miles long.

Just then some cyclists pass by, it seems that the bridge is open to cyclists but not to cars yet. The mention of bikes opens old wounds between Ash and Misty. They can't afford a bike and are sat around at the Pokemon Center trying to think of a solution, at this point Nurse Joy asks them to help her take some urgent medicine to the Pokemon Center in Sunny Town. She offers to borrow them some bicycles to cross the bridge and the problem is solved. They set off on their long cycling journey across the bridge, Jessie and James meanwhile are on an inflatable boat beneath the bridge watching them.

The group stop for a break, and a huge Bicycle gang approaches and surrounds them, their leader states that they can't cross the bridge without an introduction, and by that he means a battle. Ash agrees to battle him, the biker gangs leader sends out Golem and Ash chooses Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is taken out by a powerful tackle attack and Ash sends out Charmander whose heat is too much for Golem to take, and Ash wins, another member of the gang steps up and sends out Cloyster to battle, Misty decides to battle her instead as Cloyster is a water Pokemon and thats her speciality. While Misty tries to decide which Pokemon to use, Psyduck jumps out of it's ball and the gang start to laugh at it, followed shortly by Ash. Misty orders Psyduck to attack Cloyster but it all goes rather badly. Cloyster clamps Psyducks head briefly before the battle is interrupted by Team Rocket on unicycles.

It seems that the gang members know Jessie and James who used to have 'quite a reputation' from back in the day, knowing them as Big Jess and Little Jim. Jessie and James reveal themselves as members of Team Rocket and ask for the gangs help to capture everyones Pokemon. The police then arrive, chase the gang and Team Rocket away and the trio continue on their journey to deliver the medicine.

A terrible storm begins and the trio continue. Meanwhile Jessie and James are watching from the safety of being behind a window when the gang pressure them into riding into the eye of the storm! The drawbridge begins to open but Ash won't wait because theres a sick Pokemon who needs the medicine. He speeds up and jumps the gap in the bridge, at the same time Team Rocket are jumping over. Ash, Misty and Brock bounce off Team Rocket's heads to make it across where they are confronted once more by the Biker gang, but to our heroes surprise once the bikers realise what their mission is they actually help them reach the Pokémon Center.

With the medicine delivered, Ash and Misty taking on the gang names "Awesome Ash and Mighty Misty" respectively and Brocks advances on a female gang member firmly rejected our heroes continue their journey.
episode037 11125 E# 36

J# 37
E# 36

J# 37
"Ditto's Mysterious Mansion"

"Metamon to Monomane Musume" (メタモンとものまねむすめ)
(Metamon and the Copycat Girl)
October 26, 1998

December 9, 1997
As our heroes continue their journey a sudden rain storm comes out of nowhere. Desperately seeking shelter they head over to an isolated mansion in the woods, they enter and announce themselves but no one appears to be home.

Another Pikachu appears, Misty picks it up but its face is distorted, Ash concludes that its a new type of Pikachu and tries to catch it. A girl called Duplika arrives dressed as Ash and reveals that the Pokemon was infact not a Pikachu, but a Ditto. Duplika reveals that Ditto is unable to get its face right when it transforms into another Pokemon, she then challenges "Ashy-boy" to a match. She takes on Ash's Bulbasaur with a Ditto transformed into a Bulbasaur and wins by default when Ash gives up. She heads into the dressing room in the Theatre of Imite (Imitation, which is clearly her and her Pokemons specialty) and imitiates Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy and Misty. Ash isn't amused however and is stood around trying to figure out how to beat Ditto.

Duplika states that she wants to become the greatest Ditto master and a big star, and isn't set to rival Ash, but the only thing getting in the way of her dreams is that Ditto can't replicate faces properly!

Team Rocket turn up in the Imite House and try to steal Ditto, they then ask Ditto to transform into a Dratini so they can give it to the boss as a present. But Jessie has other ideas and wants Ditto to transform into what her first love would look like as an adult, but she notices the quality problems with the face transformations right away.... Pidgeotto and Zubat find where Team Rocket are holding Ditto and they set off to save it.

Team Rocket have spent a lot of time threatening and pressuring Ditto into transforming properly, and in the end it paid off with Ditto replicating Meowths face perfectly. The group demand they give Ditto back, Jessie and James give Meowth over to Duplika and fly off with Ditto who uses a Meowth bite and escapes their balloon, but Team Rocket not knowing when to quit send out a net cannon, Duplika orders Ditto to replicate it, and returns fire, firing Pikachu and one of his thunderbolts straight at the balloon and blasting Team Rocket off. Duplika tests out her Ditto's now perfect transformation abilities. The Imite House is now reopened and Duplika's dreams are now a reality.

The group say their goodbyes to Duplika and Ash (dreaming of a Ditto of his own) and gang head off on their journey.

 episode038 11126 E# N/A -Banned

J# 38
E# N/A -Banned

J# 38

"Dennō Senshi Porigon" (でんのうせんしポリゴン)
(Cyber Soldier Porygon)

December 16, 1997
At last our heroes have arrivevd at Matcha City, it's been a long journey and the group, particularly Pikachu needs a rest. They set off for the Pokemon Center for a hard earned break, when they get there they find the Pokemon Center phones ringing off the hook and Nurse Joy talking about Pokemon that transferred but didn't arrive at their destinations.

The rather stressed out inventor of the transporter machine states that its impossible and that theres no problems with the machines hardware or its programming. Ash and the gang approach Joy and ask whats happening, she says that when a rare Pokemon is transported its exchanged when it reaches its destination for something like a Magikarp, and she deems it the fault of a system bug. Meanwhile the inventor of the machine Akihabara-hakase thinks he sees a problem in the system. Brock theorises that it could be a computer virus, meanwhile Ash tries to get his head around what one of those is and the inventor of the transfer system gets up and runs out of the room shouting that it couldn't possibly be.

Ash, Misty and Brock head to Akihabara-hakase's lab to see if they can help him find answers. After entering his lab uninvited and walking around the dark corridors they encounter a virtual reality device which leads them into a huge Pokéball transporter and locks them in, a strange Pokemon appears inside with them which he announced as "The True Form of the CG Pokemon, Porygon", he then declared himself a genius. Misty took exception to him calling himself a genius as he couldn't work out the fault with the Pokemon Centers transporter. Akihabara-hakase then explains that he knows what the problem is, a strange group had stolen his Prototype Porygon and used it to enter the virtual electronic world, from within the very computer systems themselves this group is stealing Pokémon and replacing the ones that should've been transported with more common ones. Ash and the gang quickly deduce that this is probably Team Rocket, and Akihabara-hakase states that if he uses an antivirus now it will blow anything alive inside the system to pieces. *An image of jessie james and meowth with a whirly flashing explosion animation plays*.

Ash asks if there is any way of doing this without blowing them up, he tells them that theres one way, if people go inside the system and get Team Rocket out manually. Ash and friends aren't enthused by the idea and want to go, but it's quite apparent that Akihabara-hakase isn't going to let them leave unless they do it. It's concluded that humans have never been sent to the electronic world in this way and that Ash, Misty and Brock will be the first, a risky and frightening prospect for our heroes, what if they can't come back being the main concern, he wishes them luck and beams them along with Porygon and Pikachu to the electronic world. The trio find virtual versions of themselves plumetting through the inside of a computer, Porygon flies beneath them, becomes larger and catches them. They discover the main network highway where Pokemon transfers take place and follow it until they find Team Rocket. *There are lots of flashing lights etc to indicate computer communication signals*. It doesn't take long before they find a massive amount of stolen Pokeballs and then Team Rocket. Ash, Misty and Brock ride Porygon into battle and Team Rocket send out Arbok and Weezing. Porygon wields it's Conversion move and quickly defeats Arbok and Weezing, however Team Rocket send out the Prototype Porygon they stole, and the two Porygon engage in a seemingly endless battle. Ash, Misty and Brock unblock the transfer highway and many balls begin getting transported, Team Rocket run to stop them but Pikachu shocks them. Real Porygon wins the battle against the Prototype version. Akihabara-hakase panics and leaves communications, noting that the Pokemon Center seems to be accessing his program, he calls Nurse Joy to see whats happening and Pokemon Center HQ have sent someone to fix the problem with a strong anti virus, if it gets installed while Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket are inside they'll all be blown to bits.

Just as Akihabara-hakase is telling our heroes about this, the anti virus arrives and comes to attack and ultimately terminate them. Porygon swoops in and starts trying to transport them out. Team Rocket want to fight still but Ash tells them if they don't run they'll never see the real world again. Meowth turns up on the Porygon prototype which still appears a bit worn out from losing the battle and grabs Jessie and James. The Antivirus is shooting at both of them as they try to get out, it gets a hit and Porygon is shaken but quickly retrieves Ash and friends and helps them escape just in time. Team Rocket regain consciousness in a dark virtual world with their Porygon knocked out, Ash and friends contemplate whether to go back and help Team Rocket but the anti virus is looming near and about to take them out. Just as the anti virus fires Team Rocket and the knocked out Porygon prototype are rescued by Bulbasaurs Vine whip. Unfortunately the weight of all the passengers slows the remaining Porygon right down and now the anti virus is right behind them. Pikachu shocks the antivirus missles and they escape through the exit back to the real world, unfortunately so does one of the missles and it destroys Akihabara-hakase's lab and inventions in the process.

With the Pokemon Centers transfer machine back online, and everyone completely unaware of the risks out heroes took to fix it, or how mad that Scientist guy was the gang finally take a rest in the Pokemon Center before moving on with their journey.

Note: This episode was banned permanently due to the Pokemon Shock incident in Japan affecting 685 Children. Read more: Why Electric Soldier Porygon was Banned
episode065 11153 E# 37

J# 39
E# 37

J# 39
"Holiday Hi-Jynx"

"Rūjura no Kurisumasu" (ルージュラのクリスマス)
(Rougela's Christmas)
December 11, 1999

October 5, 1998
This Christmas special episode opens with Jessie dreaming in bed, James dressing as Santa, entering the room and promptly being caught in a trap. This was a test run, because Team Rocket are plotting to kidnap Santa in order to steal everyones presents. Jessie then explains that as a kid she witnessed Santa Claus, who is infact a Jynx coming down the Chimney and stealing one of Jessies toys, then leaving.

Meanwhile Ash and gang spot a Jynx on the bank of a lake with Ash setting hits hopes on capturing it, immediately attacking Jynx with a thundershock. Jynx isn't beaten however and picks up Pikachu and subjects him to a lovely kiss, sending Pikachu to sleep. Ash attacks with Charmander and tries to capture Jynx who still doesn't really retaliate. The Jynx is holding a boot which they suspect might belong to it's trainer, to their surprise they find the boot appears to belong to Santa Claus. Jynx projects the story of how it got lost from it's home and trainer into Ash, Misty and Brocks minds, turns out Jynx drifted away from the North Pole on a piece of ice while it was polishing one of Santa's boots. Team Rocket of course were watching the whole time and want Ash and friends to lead them to the North Pole so Jessie can get revenge on Santa and steal everyones toys. They make their way into the ocean on a raft, pulled by the water Pokemon who eventually get worn out. Ash jumps in and starts pulling the raft, something communicates with Ash using it's psychic power telling him he's going the right way, a big wave knocks him under the water and he starts to drown, the origin of the psychic communication, a Lapras then appears and rescues Ash, reuniting him with the group.

It turns out that Lapras was sent by Santa to try and find the missing Jynx, she thanks the group for their help and says she will now take them the rest of the way to Santa's workshop. The temperature starts to drop as they arrive near the North Pole. Team Rocket's sub emerges in front of them, Jessie see's the Jynx, still thinks that it's actually Santa clause and they begin to attack them. Putting a net over Lapras, Ash, Misty and Brock and kidnapping Jynx Team rocket then continue to Santas "lair" and find a whole lot more Jynx and the real Santa Claus. Jessie contemplates for a moment that it might not actually have been Santa who robbed her all those years ago. Team Rocket take Santa hostage as Ash and co arrive, while issuing a threat to the Jynx. Team Rocket start stealing the presents and Santa reasons with Jessie. Jynx then uses psychic communication to replay the scene of what Jessie thought was her doll being stolen, it turns out Jynx was just taking Jessies favourite doll back to Santa to be repaired, Jynx then gives the doll to Jessie. Jessie asks why the doll never got bought back in ten years, and Santa explains its because Jessie didn't believe in him anymore, and he is powerless to go where people don't believe in him.

After a tearful reunion with her doll, Jessie still decides to steal all the presents and they start to make off in the sub. Lapras communicates with them using her Psychic power and tells them that Christmas is for everyone and they shouldn't steal it. Lapras freezes the sub but Charmander unfortunately defrosts it. Santa seems unconcerned and tells everyone not to worry, before commanding his helpers (the Jynx) to all use Psywave, the sub is lifted from the water, the presents shaken out of it back to safety and Team Rocket are blasted off again.

Santa has a busy night ahead of him and sets off to deliver the presents. The snow begins to fall and a Jynx brings everyone their presents. A defeated Team Rocket lie in bed hoping Santa will visit them, Jynx puts them to sleep with a lovely kiss before delivering their presents.
episode066 11154 E# 38

J# 40
E# 38

J# 40
"Snow Way Out"

"Iwāku de Bibāku" (イワークでビバーク)
(Iwark as a Bivouac)
December 18, 1999

October 5, 1998
episode039 11127 E# 39

J# 41
E# 39

J# 41
"Pikachu's Goodbye"

"Pikachū no Mori" (ピカチュウのもり)
(Forest of Pikachu)
November 20, 1998

April 16, 1998
Our hero Ash along with his friends Misty and Brock are tired from their adventures and decide to take a break in a quiet forest. Well Misty and Brock do, Ash uses the time to imitiate Tommy the Kangaskhan kid and swing from trees, as Ash is collapsed on the floor Pikachu see's another Chu and runs after it into the bushes; Ash and friends give chase.

Eventually they all arrive at a clearing, which is completely full of Pikachu's. Pikachu greets them but the other Pikachu aren't friendly toward him, except one little one which approaches him, as the other Pikachu watch on in horror, the two shake tails and the other chu's are then happy to approach and start to become friends. Ash runs over because he too wants to be friends, but it scares off all the wild Pikachu, much to his own Pikachu's dismay.

As Ash, Misty and Brock are discussing what happened, the little Pikachu who first befriended Ash's falls out of the tree it was using to hide in to eavesdrop and lands in the water. Ash's Pikachu jumps in to save it, and both he and the small Pikachu are rescued right at the last minute by the Chu gang. After regaining consciousness Ash's Pikachu is given an apple and celebrated as a hero, now truly accepted as part of the group. Unfortunately during this wonderful moment Team Rocket are watching and rubbing their hands together at the thought of Catchin em' all.

Ash and friends continue to watch the Pikachu' interact, Brock drops the line "I think it's the best thing in the world for Pikachu to be here with its own kind" with a rye smile, this sets Ash's mind racing and he's clearly deep in thought. That night Ash stays awake while Brock and Misty sleep, still troubled by what Brock said and how happy Pikachu looked with it's new friends. Ash hears something, and with Brock and Misty goes to investigate, finding all the Chu's trapped in a net. It becomes quickly apparent that Team Rocket are behind it. Pikachu tries to shock his way out of the net but it doesn't work, James announces that its their new Pikachu "seizure" net (really, after episode 38 Lol). Team Rocket also capture Ash and friends in the net, then Pikachu starts to gnaw through the net and all the others do the same. The Pikachu can now leave the net but are still quite high in the air, Ash, Misty and Brock hold out a net to break their falls and they all jump out to safety, Ash's Pikachu stays aboard the balloon to send Team Rocket blasting off by biting through the balloon. Ash and Pikachu celebrate briefly then Pikachu runs back to the Pikachu group to celebrate with them instead. Ash looks as though he decides something and begins to walk away, telling his friends that he is leaving Pikachu and his mind is made up. Pikachu arrives at their camp and Ash tells him to stay there and that he'll be much happier with the others of his kind, Ash runs off alone crying, remembering his time with Pikachu.

Ash finally stops running and Misty/Brock eventually catch up to ask him why he's doing this, Ash explains he thinks that Pikachu will be happier this way. Just then Pikachu appears on the horizon, with the whole gang of Pikachu, Ash's Pikachu shakes tails with the small Pikachu that he befriended and all of the other Pikachu cheer.... for Ash and Pikachu. The audience continues to taste their own salty tears, Ash and Pikachu are reunited and our heroes continue on.
episode040 11128 E# 40

J# 42
E# 40

J# 42
"The Battling Eevee Brothers"

"Ībui Yon Kyōdai" (イーブイ4きょうだい)
(The 4 Eievui Brothers)
October 27, 1998

April 16, 1998
During their travels through the forest, Pikachu senses something nearby and heads into the bushes where he finds an Eevee tied to a tree abandoned. The Eevee has an address tag 'Stone 3-14 Town', a nearby town at the foot of Evolution mountain. So they all set off to take Eevee home.

They arrive at the house, a huge and impressive Mansion where theres a garden party taking place and lots of Pokemon are being evolved by the use of special items. Witnessing a Poliwhirl evolve into Poliwrath. There are lots of fully evolved Pokemon all over the party infact, and it seems stones were used to achieve this. I guess the clues were in 'Stone' Town, and 'Evolution' mountain huh?

The three brothers who appear to be the hosts of the party are pleased to see Eevee and approach the group, taking Eevee back and calling their younger brother Mikey over. Eevee runs to Mikey who is his trainer and his brothers tell him off for losing Eevee, little Mikey seems angry that they bought Eevee back. Each of Mikey's older brothers specialise in the evolved Eevee forms; Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon who each push Mikey to evolve his Eevee into their preferred type. But it soon becomes apparent that Mikey doesn't want Eevee to evolve at all, because he likes his friend how it is. It's also revealed that the whole point of this garden party was for Mikey to evolve his Eevee. The Eevee brothers present a collection of their Evolution stones to Ash and friends, even offering them one. The brothers offer Ash and Brock a thunderstone and fire stone in order to evolve Pikachu and Vulpix respectively but they both reject the offer of forcing their Pokemon to evolve.

Team Rocket are watching events unfold in the background. Mikey tells Misty he tied Eevee up (with food and water) in the forest to stop him having to be evolved at the party and that he was going to come back for Eevee later, Mikey just wants Eevee to be his best friend, and isn't concerned about battling. Misty persuades Mikey to tell his brothers how he feels, and after some hesitation he's about to tell them when Team Rocket interrupt by attacking the party.

While eating as much food as possible, Team Rocket smoke screen the party and Ash uses Pidgeotto to clear it, when the smoke clears all the peoples Pokemon have disappeared, as have the evolution stones (and the food). Psyduck however was left behind. Ash's Pidgeotto had been in the air at this point and wasn't taken, it attacks the balloon and brings it down, but theres no one in the balloon. Team Rocket meanwhile are escaping by road, Misty's horsea spits a trail of ink to help lead our heroes to where its been taken. Team Rocket sit around eating and celebrating their haul, but then they decide it's time to Evolvev Eevee using the stones.... but start arguing amongst themselves as to what they should evolve Eevee into. They decide to use all three stones on Eevee at the same time to turn it into something "Really evil".

Ash and friends arrive just in time to intervene, Misty calls Jessie an "old hag" and Jesssie and James attack, Ash is about to battle them but the Eevee brothers step up and say they should save Eevee because they're Mikey's brothers. Team Rocket appear beaten, and can't escape because of Flareon's fire spin blocking their path, Arbok and Weezing however surprise attack Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon and knock them out claiming victory, that is until Misty's Horsea ink's Jessie so she drops the cage with Eevee in, Mikey catches it. Pikachu then drops thunder on them all, but Team Rocket still want to fight. Mikey see's Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon badly hurt and Mikey sends Eevee to fight Team Rocket, Eevee uses rage tackle attack and sends Team Rocket blasting off.

Mikey's brothers see that he managed to win his first battle despite not even evolving his Pokemon. He tells his brothers that he is going to become an Eevee trainer, his brothers understand and say he should've just told them sooner, they make the party a celebration party for Eevee's first victory. Mikey and Misty are now friends forever, Team Rocket are defeated once again.
episode041 11129 E# 41

J# 43
E# 41

J# 43
"Wake Up, Snorlax!"

"Okiro! Kabigon!" (おきろ! カビゴン!)
(Wake Up! Kabigon!)
October 28, 1998

April 23, 1998
Ash, Misty and Brock continue along on their journey, bumping into a strange hippy type guy playing a PokéFlute, he plays them a tune and then says "now that you've heard my music, you have to give me some food" but they don't have anything to give him. They continue on to the town, Team Rocket then encounter the same guy, he plays them a tune, but they disrespect him and walk off.

Our starving heroes meanwhile arrive in town to find that there is no food in the whole town, no ones around and all the restaurants are closed due to lack of ingredients. An old man happens upon them and takes them back to his house, and gives them some food, explaining that the river has completely dried up and now they can't make any produce. He and his family however have reasonable food stores. The old man, who is the towns Mayor takes them to where the river used to flow. Ash and gang vow to try and find out the source of the problem to thank the Mayor for his kindness. They find a load of thorns at the end of the river and start crawling through them, they use their Pokemon to cut through all the thorn bushes. On the other side they find a spring, which is also starting to dry up... and a huge Snorlax, they notice water trickling from behind the Snorlax, it's blocking the spring and is the source of the problem!

Our heroes begin trying to wake Snorlax up, but to no avail, they then try to move it, but as the heaviest species of Pokemon sometimes weighing over 1000lbs, this is a tall order. Even a PokéBall doesn't work. While the group racks its brains as to what to do, Team Rocket emerge from the bushes, and Meowth arrives seperately in a hot air Balloon. It seems Team Rocket want to take the Snorlax, in order to help the Town, Ash and Co actually agree to help them. The plan fails when the cables snap on the balloon and Meowth endures a crash landing. Both groups continue to try and wake Snorlax. When traditional methods fail, they decide that maybe Snorlax is like Sleeping Beauty and that the kiss of a Noble Pokemon might just awaken it, this also fails. Meowth dresses up and kisses Snorlax to try and awaken it, Snorlax looks a little bit sick but doesn't wake up, he turns a little and they find a note underneath it, stating that in the case of an emergency a PokéFlute can be used to awaken Snorlax. Both groups set off to find the old hippy with the flute from the beginning of the episode. Both groups arrive at a similar time and start arguing about who the old guy should accompany, Ash battles Jessie and sends TR packing. The old man reaches Snorlax, reveals he's actually it's owner and plays the Flute to wake it up!

Snorlax awakens as planned and after a series of stretches it moves out of the way, walking off into the forest to feed, but the water still doesn't flow because piles of thorns had grown behind Snorlax and they now block the water flow too. It looks briefly like our heroes have their work cut out, but then Snorlax begins eating ALL of the thorns, clearing the waterway and the river begins to flow once more!

Ash and friends return to town and tell the Mayor who throws a special banquet to celebrate. The old hippy guy's Snorlax alarm goes off, it seems that he has another Snorlax he needs to wake up and he heads off to do his thing.
episode042 11130 E# 42

J# 44
E# 42

J# 44
"Showdown at Dark City"

"Taiketsu! Pokemon Jimu!" (たいけつ! ポケモンジム!)
(Showdown! Pokémon Gym!)
October 29, 1998

April 30, 1998
episode043 11131 E# 43

J# 45
E# 43

J# 45
"The March of the Exeggutor Squad"

"Nasshī Gundan Daikōshin!" (ナッシーぐんだんだいこうしん!)
(The Huge March of the Nassy Squad!)
October 30, 1998

May 7, 1998
episode044 11132 E# 44

J# 46
E# 44

J# 46
"The Problem with Paras"

"Parasu to Parasekuto" (パラスとパラセクト)
(Paras and Parasect)
February 13, 1999

May 14, 1998
episode045 11133 E# 45

J# 47
E# 45

J# 47
"The Song of Jigglypuff"

"Utatte! Purin!" (うたって! プリン!)
(Sing! Purin!)
February 20, 1999

May 21, 1998
episode046 11134 E# 46

J# 48
E# 46

J# 48
"Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon"

"Fukkatsu!? Kaseki Pokemon!" (ふっかつ!? かせきポケモン!)
(Resurrected!? Fossil Pokémon!)
February 27, 1999

May 28, 1998
episode047 11135 E# 47

J# 49
E# 47

J# 49
"A Chansey Operation"

"Rakkī no Karute" (ラッキーのカルテ)
(Lucky's Clinical Records)
March 6, 1999

June 4, 1998
 episode048 11136 E# 48

J# 50
E# 48

J# 50
"Holy Matrimony!"

"Gādi to Kojirō" (ガーディとコジロウ)
(Gardie and Kojirou)
March 13, 1999

June 11, 1998
episode049 11137 E# 49

J# 51
E# 49

J# 51
"So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd"

"Kamonegi no Kamo" (カモネギのカモ)
(Kamonegi's Easy Mark)
March 20, 1999

June 18, 1998
episode050 11138 E# 50

J# 52
E# 50

J# 52
"Who Gets to Keep Togepi?"

"Togepī wa Dare no Mono!?" (トゲピーはだれのもの!?)
(Whose Is Togepy!?)
March 27, 1999

June 25, 1998
episode051 11139 E# 51

J# 53
E# 51

J# 53
"Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden"

"Fushigidane no Fushigi na Hanazono" (フシギダネのふしぎのはなぞの)
(Fushigidane's Mysterious Flower Garden)
April 3, 1999

July 2, 1998
episode052 11140 E# 52

J# 54
E# 52

J# 54
"Princess vs. Princess"

"Gekitō! Pokemon Hinamatsuri" (げきとう! ポケモンひなまつり)
(Fierce Fighting! Pokémon Girls' Festival)
September 4, 1999

July 9, 1998
episode053 11141 E# 53

J# 55
E# 53

J# 55
"The Purr-fect Hero"

"Kodomo no Hi da yo! Zen'in Shūgō!" (こどものひだよ! ぜんいんしゅうごう!)
(It's Children's Day! Everyone Come Together!)
September 11, 1999

July 9, 1998
episode054 11142 E# 54

J# 56
E# 54

J# 56
"The Case of the K-9 Caper!"

"Keisatsuken Gādi" (けいさつけんガーディ)
(Gardie the Police Dog)
April 10, 1999

July 16, 1998
episode055 11143 E# 55

J# 57
E# 55

J# 57
"Pokémon Paparazzi"

"Shattā Chansu wa Pikachū" (シャッターチャンスはピカチュウ)
(Shutter Chance Pikachu)
April 17, 1999

July 23, 1998
episode056 11144 E# 56

J# 58
E# 56

J# 58
"The Ultimate Test"

"Pokemon Rīgu Kenteishiken!?" (ポケモンけんていしけん!?)
(Pokémon League Certification Test!?)
April 24, 1999

July 30, 1998
episode057 11145 E# 57

J# 59
E# 57

J# 59
"The Breeding Center Secret"

"Sodate-ya no Himitsu!" (そだてやのひみつ!)
(The Secret of the Breeding Center!)
May 1, 1999

August 6, 1998
episode058 11146 E# 58

J# 60
E# 58

J# 60
"Riddle Me This"

"Moero! Guren Jimu!" (もえろ! グレンジム!)
(Burn! Guren Gym!)
September 18, 1999

August 13, 1998
episode059 11147 E# 59

J#  61
E# 59

J#  61
"Volcanic Panic"

"Kessen! Guren Jimu!" (けっせん! グレンジム!)
(Decisive Battle! Guren Gym!)
September 18, 1999

August 20, 1998
episode060 11148 E# 60

J# 62
E# 60

J# 62
"Beach Blank-Out Blastoise"

"Kamekkusu no Shima" (カメックスのしま)
(Kamex's Island)
September 20, 1999

August 27, 1998
episode061 11149 E# 61

J# 63
E# 61

J# 63
"The Misty Mermaid"

"Hanada Jimu! Suichū no Tatakai!" (ハナダジム! すいちゅうのたたかい!)
(Hanada Gym! Underwater Battle!)
September 23, 1999

September 3, 1998
episode062 11150 E# 62

J# 64
E# 62

J# 64
"Clefairy Tales"

"Pippi Tai Purin" (ピッピVSプリン)
(Pippi vs. Purin)
September 25, 1999

September 10, 1998
episode063 11151 E# 63

J# 65
E# 63

J# 65
"The Battle of the Badge"

"Tokiwa Jimu! Saigo no Bajji!" (トキワジム! さいごのバッジ!)
(Tokiwa Gym! The Last Badge!)
September 25, 1999

September 17, 1998
episode064 11152 E# 64

J# 66
E# 64

J# 66
"It's Mr. Mime Time!"

"Pokemon Sākasu no Bariyādo" (ポケモンサーカスのバリヤード)
(Barrierd of the Pokémon Circus)
September 27, 1999

September 24, 1998
episode067 11155 E# 65

J# 67
E# 65

J# 67
"Showdown at the Po-ké Corral"

"Raibaru Taiketsu! Ōkido Kenkyūjo" (ライバルたいけつ! オーキドけんきゅうじょ)
(Rival Showdown! Ōkido Laboratory)
September 30, 1999

October 8, 1998
episode068 11156 E# 66

J# 68
E# 66

J# 68
"The Evolution Solution"

"Yadon ga Yadoran ni naru Toki" (ヤドンがヤドランになるとき)
(When Yadon Becomes Yadoran)
October 2, 1999

October 15, 1998
episode069 11157 E# 67

J# 69
E# 67

J# 69
"The Pi-Kahuna"

"Naminori Pikachū no Densetsu" (なみのりピカチュウのでんせつ)
(Legend of the Surfing Pikachu)
October 2, 1999

October 22, 1998
episode070 11158 E# 68

J# 70
E# 68

J# 70
"Make Room for Gloom"

"Shokubutsuen no Kusaihana" (しょくぶつえんのクサイハナ)
(Kusaihana of Botanical Garden)
October 4, 1999

October 29, 1998
episode071 11159 E# 69

J# 71
E# 69

J# 71
"Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!"

"Pokemon za Mūbī!" (ポケモン・ザ・ムービー!)
(Pokémon the Movie!)
October 8, 1999

November 5, 1998
episode072 11160 E# 70

J# 72
E# 70

J# 72
"Go West, Young Meowth"

"Nyāsu no Aiueo" (ニャースのあいうえお)
(Nyarth's A-I-U-E-O)
October 9, 1999

November 12, 1998
episode073 11161 E# 71

J# 73
E# 71

J# 73
"To Master the Onixpected!"

"Shitennō Shiba Tōjō!" (してんのうシバとうじょう!)
(Elite Four Shiba Appears!)
October 11, 1999

November 19, 1998
episode074 11162 E# 72

J# 74
E# 72

J# 74
"The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis"

"Gekitotsu! Chō Kodai Pokemon" (げきとつ! ちょうこだいポケモン)
(Clash! Super-Ancient Pokémon)
October 14, 1999

November 26, 1998
episode075 11163 E# 73

J# 75
E# 73

J# 75
"Bad to the Bone!"

"Garagara no Hone Konbō" (ガラガラのホネこんぼう)
(Garagara's Bone Club)
October 16, 1999

December 3, 1998
episode076 11164 E# 74

J# 76
E# 74

J# 76
"All Fired Up!"

"Faiyā! Pokemon Rīgu Kaikaishiki!" (ファイヤー! ポケモンリーグかいかいしき!)
(Fire! The Pokémon League Opening Ceremony!)
October 23, 1999

December 10, 1998
episode077 11165 E# 75

J# 77
E# 75

J# 77
"Round One: Begin!"

"Pokemon Rīgu Kaimaku! Mizu no Fīrudo!" (ポケモンリーグかいまく! みずのフィールド!)
(Pokémon League Begins! Water Field!)
October 30, 1999

December 17, 1998
episode078 11166 E# 76

J# 78
E# 76

J# 78
"Fire and Ice"

"Kōri no Fīrudo! Honō no Tatakai!" (こおりのフィールド! ほのおのたたかい!)
(Ice Field! Blazing Battle!)
November 6, 1999

December 24, 1998
episode079 11167 E# 77

J# 79
E# 77

J# 79
"The Fourth Round Rumble"

"Kusa no Fīrudo! Igai na Kyōteki!" (くさのフィールド! いがいなきょうてき!)
(Grass Field! Unexpected Rival!)
November 13, 1999

January 1, 1999
episode080 11168 E# 78

J# 80
E# 78

J# 80
"A Friend in Deed"

"Raibaru Tōjō!" (ライバルとうじょう!)
(Rival Appears!)
November 20, 1999

January 7, 1999
episode081 11169 E# 79

J# 81
E# 79

J# 81
"Friend and Foe Alike"

"Sekiei Sutajiamu! Tai Hiroshi!" (セキエイスタジアム! VSヒロシ!)
(Sekiei Stadium! Vs. Hiroshi!)
November 27, 1999

January 14, 1999
episode082 11170 E# 80

J# 82
E# 80

J# 82
"Friends to the End"

"Pokemon Rīgu! Saigo no Tatakai!" (ポケモンリーグ! さいごのたたかい!)
(Pokémon League! Final Battle!)
November 27, 1999

January 21, 1999

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