Pokemon Season 2: Adventures in the Orange Islands
Pokemon Season 2: Adventures in the Orange Islands




Pokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands
Season 2
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General information
 Episodes 36
 Series Original Series
 Region Orange Archipelago (Kanto)
 Previous season Pokemon: Indigo League
 Following season Pokemon: The Johto Journeys
 First Episode Pallet Party Panic!
 Last Episode The Rivalry Revival
 Related Movie(s) Pokemon the Movie 2000
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Adventures in the Orange IslandsPokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands is the second season of the Pokemon animated series. On American network Kids 'WB! it was advertised as Pokemon: Orange Island Adventures.

Similar to the situation with Pokemon Indigo League, the subtitle was not added until the VHS/DVD releases when it was added to differentiate it from other releases.

The season follows the adventures of Ash, Misty and their new friend Tracey Sketchitt who "replaced" Brock in the majority of their journeys around the Orange Archipelago. Ash's main goal this season is to take on the Orange Crew and win the Orange League and then bring back the GS ball to Professor Oak. You can read more about the key events of this season by clicking here.

The opening theme for Adventures on the Orange Islands (Japanese) is "The Rivals" by Rica Matsumoto, where in the English dub the song used is "Pokemon World" by Russell Velazquez.

There were a few different ending themes used:- including "Type: Wild" by Rica Matsumoto, "Pokemon Ondo" by Sachiko Kobayashi as well as "Koffing, and Ekans" and "Riding on Lapras" both of which were by Mayumi Lizuka.

The English Dub Intro & Theme

This season was first aired in Japan on January 28th, 1999 opening with episode J#83 "Pallet Party Panic" and concluded in Japan on October 7th, 1999 with the airing of J#118 "The Rivalry Revival".

The English Dub of Adventures in the Orange Islands also opened its airing with E#81 "Pallet Party Panic" which was aired on December 4th, 1999 with the final episode being E#116 "The Rivalry Revival" which aired on October 14th, 2000.

Interestingly this season was never actually intended to be, it was produced in order to buy more time for Pokemon Gold & Silver to be finished so that it's successor Season; Pokemon: The Johto Journeys could be introduced.

Official Description

Ash’s journey to the top of the Indigo League continues—but will his friendship with fellow Pokémon League competitor Richie endanger his chances? With his Kanto journey completed, Ash finds there’s still plenty to see and do when Professor Oak sends him and his friends to the Orange Islands. Brock falls head-over-heels for the attractive Professor Ivy and decides to stay with her, leaving Ash and Misty alone as a dynamic duo—at least until they meet intrepid Pokémon watcher Tracey Sketchit!

Episode List & Stories

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 episode083 11206 1 E# 81

J# 83
"Pallet Party Panic"

"Masara Taun! Aratanaru Tabidachi!" (マサラタウン! あらたなるたびだち!)
(Masara Town! Setting off on a New Journey!)
December 4, 1999

January 28, 1999
Ash and friends return to Pallet Town to find a party being thrown to celebrate Ash's Top 16 placing in the Indigo Plateau Pokemon League Tournament. The party is hosted by Professor Oak at his lab. The festivities begin and after a speech its time to eat, Misty suggests everyone let their Pokemon out with the exception of Charizard who is a bit of a danger to the party.

Meanwhile Team Rocket are at the party undercover as food vendors, Ash orders some food from them which they sabotage with extra hot sauce, Ash returns to his friends and Pokemon and Brock and Squirtle are the first to dig in, both appearing to have had their mouths incinerated by the food, after Staryu cools them both off a bit with its water gun Ash laughs at how sensitive they are to spice and takes a big, complacement bite of his own before himself dancing around with fire coming out of his mouth. As the chaos continues Team Rocket take the oppurtunity to grab Pikachu and return to their stand, which happens to be one of their hot air balloons in disguise. The balloon starts to make its escape, Squirtle is unable to hit it's watergun attack because the balloon is too far out, Ash's Pidgeotto bursts the balloon but Meowth activates a secondary balloon as Arbok brings down Pidgeotto with it's poison sting, Pidgeotto comes crashing toward the ground but Ash manages to catch it just in time. Team Rocket continue to throw bombs from their balloon as they escape.

Now running out of options Ash decides to take a chance on Charizard, sending him out and ordering him to attack Team Rocket, Charizard however has other ideas and heads straight for the nearest food table, just as he gets there the food is destroyed by a bomb thrown by Team Rocket, a furious Charizard takes flight and heads right at them, Team Rocket throw out a few more bombs which Charizard fires straight back at them, destroying the balloon and sending them blasting off before rescuing Pikachu in mid air and returning to the ground where it celebrates by using it's flamethrower on Ash to demonstrate it's power to the other party guests.

Team Rocket find themselves stuck in a tree surrounded by Pidgey and Pidgeotto. Jessie tries to take a look above the forest's canopy to work out where they are but is attacked by a flock of Spearow being led by a Fearow. At the same time back at Oak's Lab, the Professor has just finished treating Pidgeotto's injuries. While Ash blames himself for Pidgeotto getting hurt, Pidgeotto rubs against him to show that it doesn't blame him. It's just after this point that Professor Oak makes a new request of Ash and his friends; travel to Valencia Island in the Orange Archipelago and seek out Professor Ivy, from whom they should pick up a special type of Poké Ball, said Poké Ball cannot be transported by normal means and Gary isn't available to go and collect it either. Brock and Misty seem excited to see Valencia Island's beaches, Ash is more fixated on what might be inside the Pokéball and they set off on Oak's Errand.

The group find the forest to be strangely quiet, until Pikachu notices a giant flock of Spearow led by a Fearow heading straight for them, the Fearow manages to grab Ash and Pikachu and starts to fly off. Ash instructs Pikachu to hit the Fearow with a ThunderShock, which is effective, the Fearow dropping the two plumetting down int othe forest, where they just happen to land in the same tree that Team Rocket are still stuck in. Jessie tells Ash about the situation and Ash notices the family of Pidgey and Pidgeotto in the tree, he then frees Team Rocket from the tree by jumping on the branches, dropping them to the ground shortly before being chased off by the Spearow.

Misty and Brock arrive as Ash is trying to think of a way to help the Pidgey and Pidgeotto who are scared of the more aggressive Spearow and moreso the Fearow. Ash tells them all to fly away, but they're too scared so he sends out his own Pidgeotto to lead them, once airborne however the group is spotted by Fearow and it's Spearow, Ash's Pidgeotto tries to battle the Fearow but is knocked to the ground quite quickly by Fearows powerful tackle. Ash again manages to catch his injured Pidgeotto, as the two watch helplessly as Fearow begins attacking the Pidgey/Pidgeotto again.

Ash's Pidgeotto lets out a cry before evolving into Pidgeot, Pidgeot gestures for Ash to get aboard so they can pursue the Fearow together, Pikachu joins them and they give chase, quickly catching up to Fearow. Pidgeot knocks Fearow around with a combination of Gust attacks before following up with a Quick attack, while the Fearow is dazed Pikachu takes the oppurtunity to jump onto it and hit it with a Thunderbolt. The Fearow starts to fall to the ground briefly, Pikachu returns to Ash and Ash makes an attempt to catch Fearow with a Pokéball, the attempt fails when Fearow defiantly bats the ball away with it's wing and gets ready to attack again but just as it does the Pidgey and Pidgeotto family return, inspired by Ash's Pidgeot and together they attack the Fearow who, outnumbered badly has no choice but to fly away.

Ash makes the difficult decision to leave Pidgeot with the Pidgey and Pidgeotto family, to protect them should Fearow decide to return. Pidgeot and Ash say their goodbyes before Pidgeot leads it's feathered friends off into the sunset. Team Rocket are still at this point being chased by the group of Spearow, and Ash and friends continue their journey to Valencia Island.
 episode084 11171 2 E# 82

J# 84
"A Scare in the Air"

"Hikōsen wa Fukōsen!?" (ひこうせんはふこうせん!?)
(Blimp Accident!?)
January 8, 2000

February 4, 1999
Ash and friends stock up on groceries and snacks for the journey ahead, which could take up to a month and a half if they have to walk, Brock comments that his guide book says it takes less than a day if they go via Blimp. Just then they notice the store they're outside is running a competition, present your checkout receipt to enter for free and you can win anything from a fridge magnet to an all expenses paid Blimp flight to Valencia Island. Ash heads straight over and presents his checkout receipt, and luck would have it that he won the Blimp ride to Valencia Island.

Meanwhile Jessie, James and Meowth are in a forest nearby talking to Giovanni via Videolink, he states that with immediate effect they will be transferred to Team Rockets "Daredevil division", which Jessie and James seem to know as "The Blimp Brigade". Jessie, James and Meowth are of course honoured to be considered and gratefully accept, the call ends and the scene flips to Giovanni who smiles as he tells his Persian that the Blimp's are not airworthy and haven't been repaired in many years, the only thing he has infact maintained is their insurance policies!

Ash and friends arrive at the airport and see the Blimp, they're initially excited but Misty states that it looks rather old and beat up, just then two crewmen arrive and tell Ash and co that they wouldn't fly in that Blimp if someone paid them a million dollars, they also said some people believe that theres a gang of ghosts living in it. Seconds later Team Rocket arrive disguised as Air Host/Hostesses and joyfully advertise the wonderful blimp before ushering Ash and co onboard.

Jigglypuff has also arrived, and spots a big lever resembling a microphone on the platform, this releases weight from the blimp and causes it to launch, breaking the rope that moored it. The rope starts to rise with the blimp and it catches Jigglypuff, pulling it into the air too!

Meanwhile Ash and co explore the luxuries of the Blimp they've been upgraded to first class on, while being tended to by Team Rocket. Ash unfortunately falls through the creaky old floor of the blimp and nearly plummets to the earth but is saved by Misty and Brock.

As Team Rocket are serving Ash and co cold soup in the derelict dining room that would've once hosted those travelling first class, the blimp is rocked suddenly sending Jessie and James off balance. Ash asks whose flying the Blimp, a question Jessie and James (still in disguise as Air Host/Hostesses) are unable to answer, they head to Meowth who appears to have assumed the role of Chef, he is also non the wiser - the three rush to investigate but find there is no pilot and contemplate how to even the blimp out again, it's been flying unevenly because the back water had some water emptied by Jigglypuff earlier on.

Team Rocket continue letting water out of both tanks trying to stabilise the flight, making a few mistakes on the way which send them and Ash and co sliding back and forth in the blimp. Jessie and James then notice they're heading straight at a storm but decide if they can steal Pikachu the boss won't mind about the destruction of the blimp via emergency landing, Meowth is skeptical. Meanwhile Ash and gang come round after being knocked out briefly when they were thrown around the blimp, Misty finds herself holding a scary looking doll instead of Togepi, who is at this point nowhere to be seen. Ash and his friends go look for Togepi, Jigglypuff has meanwhile managed to get onboard and is seeking an oppurtunity to perform. Jigglypuff heads for a candle on a table which looks a bit like a mic but ends up trapped in a white tablecloth... shortly after it passes Ash and Co who remember what the crewman at the airport said and assume it to be a ghost, hiding in terror. Jigglypuff, still clad in tablecloth then proceeds to terrify Team Rocket.

The storm rages on, continuing to rock the rickety old Blimp. Team Rocket find Ash and co and reveal their true identities before sending out Arbok and Weezing to attack, Pikachu uses ThunderShock on Arbok but Misty warns Ash he could destroy the blimp. Brock steps in by sending out Geodude to fighting Weezing, but Geodude tosses Weezing through the blimps skin, and the storm proceeds to continue to destroy it, then they see Togepi walking high up on one of the beams that make up the Blimp's structure. Misty starts climbing up to pursue Togepi, Ash sends out Bulbasaur to help steady her with it's vinewhip and she crossed the beam to rescue Togepi. Team Rocket watch this situation unfolding and decide its another great oppurtunity for them to sneak in and steal Pikachu, Meowth volunteers to climb along the beam to get behind Ash and gang, but as he's climbing the Blimp leaves the darkness of the storm and the Sun shines in Meowths eyes, knocking him off balance until he falls off and only just manages to cling to the blimp, as Jessie and James try to save him the Blimp rocks once more, sending them all plumetting toward the sea, Meowth scrambles and grabs onto a big sheet of the blimp with his claws, inadvertantly turning it into a parachute and breaking their fall, unfortunately Jigglypuff was also knocked from the blimp and lands atop the parachute before beginning it's song. The song of Jigglypuff renders Team Rocket unable to continue holding on to the parachute, they fall asleep and plumett toward the sea below.

Misty manages to grab hold of Togepi and is returned to relative safety by Bulbasaur, just then gas starts leaking from the tanks and the group realise they need to land quickly. Brock suggests everyone get all of their Pokemon out in an effort to use their weight to steer the blimp, Brock takes the wheel and he and Misty communicate with Ash from the cockpit who leads the Pokemon up and down to try and steer and stablise the blimp, which seconds later comes crashing down at Valencia Islands Blimp port. Miraculously no one is hurt, and our heroes have reached their destination, it's now up to our young heroes to track down Professor Ivy and obtain the mysterious Poké Ball.
 episode085 11172 3 E# 83

J# 85
"Pokéball Peril"

"Nangoku Pokemon to GS Bōru" (なんごくポケモンとGSボール)
(Southern Pokémon and the GS Ball)
January 15, 2000

February 11, 1999
Our heroes are walking around Valencia Island looking for Professor Ivy's lab, when they realise no one actually knows where it is, they then come across a tropical looking Pokémon Center that is operated by a Nurse Joy, she tells them how they get to Professor Ivy's lab.

Ash and friends arrive shortly after at Ivy's lab which initially appears desserted before a couple of her assistants pop open a trapdoor and startle them, asking them who they are and what they're doing there. Ash and co explain their task, and the assistants tell them that the Professor is in the bay working with the Pokemon, before taking them to her. As they arrive in the bay the heroes are setupon by a Gyarados that emerges from the water, but it turns out Professor Ivy was just training it, and it wasn't really going to attack them.

Professor Ivy comes over and introduces herself before taking the group back to her lab and showing them the Poké Ball, a golden and silver ball which appears to have the letters G S inscribed on it. Ivy then proceeds to tell Ash and co that they've tried EVERYTHING to open it, but they can't, and she's run out of ideas so she wants them to take it to Professor Oak to see if he can uncover the balls secrets.

Now in possesion of the "GS Ball" Ash calls Oak and tells him that he has it, Oak is surprised to see Ash has already made it there as he was unaware of the Blimp situation in the previous episode. Ivy joins the call and talks to Oak before Ash interrupts, Oak is excited to see this mysterious Poké Ball for himself. Meanwhile Team Rocket are assessing the ruins of the blimp and decide that because Ash and co are on a round-trip they'll rebuild the blimp, in order to try and steal Pikachu again on the way back, so they set about with repair work.

Ash and friends accompany Professor Ivy on a tour of her rather extensive Pokemon facility and encounter lots of different species of Pokemon, especially at feeding time. All of the Pokemon are slightly different looking to the ones that Ash and co are used to seeing, Ivy explains that this is because the conditions on Valencia Island are much different to those on the Kanto mainland, resulting in variations in the Pokemon's mannerisms and appearances when compared, Ivy then tells Brock that not only does she make all of the food for the Pokemon; a different type for each different species, but she also bred all the Pokemon on the island, Brock is captivated by this. Just then Ivy's assistants spot a Butterfree who seems sick, and hasn't eaten in days despite them trying lots of different recipes. Brock starts eating a piece of the food they're giving to Butterfree and then runs off into the woods and starts milling some stuff to make the food taste nicer, he adds the flavour to the food and the Butterfree immediately begins eating. Brock learned that Butterfree like sweet stuff in their food so he mushed up some berries for them, it's assumed he learned this from his exposure to Ash's butterfree. Ivy and her assistants are very impressed with Brock's knowledge.

Later on the gang arrive at Ivy and her assistants house which is a complete dump, it seems they are so wrapped up in their research that they haven't tidied the place in ages. This sends Brock into overdrive who frantically begins washing up, vacuuming and polishing, he even cooks dinner while he does it all, quickly presenting an impressive meal and a shiny house. Everyone digs into the meal, Ash and friends then retire for the evening. The Professor and her assistants however are in the meantime monitoring the behaviour of some Vileplume outside as they're doing some research about their nocturnal habits, Brock arrives to offer them a midnight snack and Ivy explains that the Vileplume come out at night to spread pollen to prevent other Pokemon coming into their territory. At this point a Raticate wanders in and is quickly rendered unable to breathe by the pollen, Ivy goes to retrieve the Raticate and is also badly affected by the Pollen, she instructs Brock to save the Raticate. Ivy and Raticate end up in the Pokemon Center, where Nurse Joy declares that the Raticate will be OK because Ivy acted so quickly.

Ash and Misty say goodbye to Professor Ivy and realise Brock isn't there, they then see him charging about fixing things at Ivy's Lab. Ivy declares that Brock has decided to stay there with them. Brock tells Ash and Misty that Ivy and her assistants need him a lot more than they do.

Ivy and her assistants, Brock and his Pokemon wave goodbye to Ash, Misty and Pikachu. Ash and Misty arrive back to the airport as they still have the return tickets, where once more they are ushered onto a blimp, this ones a little more solid looking. As Ash and Misty are waiting for food and service, Jessie and James reveal that it is infact them again and cage Misty and Ash, shortly after they realise that Brock is missing and begin to insinuate that Ash and Misty are "lovebirds". This winds up both Ash and Misty, Ash commands Pikachu to use ThunderBolt, but Team Rocket quickly advise that using it will detonate the gas and destroy the blimp and everyone in it. Jigglypuff then appears and bursts into song, as everyone is put to sleep Team Rocket are sucked out of the emergency door, parachuting to the ground along with Jigglypuff. Ash and Misty are still onboard the blimp, asleep and in a cage, where is the unpiloted blimp now heading? who knows.
 episode086 11173 4 E# 84

J# 86
"The Lost Lapras"

"Rapurasu o Tasukero!" (ラプラスをたすけろ!)
(Save Laplace!)
January 22, 2000

February 18, 1999
Ash and Misty are still stuck in a cage on an unpiloted Blimp which has headed rather badly off course, they come crashing down on an unknown island, the crash tips their cage up, enabling them to escape it, finding themselves amongst the wreckage of the Blimp in what appears to be the middle of nowhere. Ash and Misty walked through the forest for miles and didn't see a single person, just then a huge group of what appear to be tourists turn up and start taking pictures with Pikachu. They walk a little further and go under a gate signposted "Pokemon Park!", a vacation destination and the worlds first Pokemon theme park. As the duo start to explore the island they see a group of guys on the beach being nasty to a Lapras, even threatening to hit it. Ash and Misty confront the three, who then tell them to buzz off because they're getting ready to take on the Orange Crew and it's none of their business, the three then send out their group to attack Ash and Misty; a Spearow, Beedrill and Hitmonchan. The battle is about to ensue when someone shouts "Hold it!" and walks over and starts measuring and analysing all of the Pokemon, stating that the Beedrill, Hitmonchan and Spearow could be in better shape, but he seems impressed by Pikachu's shiny coat. He takes Pikachu and proceeds to take a sketch of him before the three guys on the beach take offence to being ignored and resume their attack. Pikachu drops a thunderbolt into them, their Pokemon and the guy who initially interrupted the battle. The stranger then points out that Lapras needs help quick and hands Ash a potion before running off to get help, Ash tries to administer the potion but Lapras rejects his help, nearly knocking the potion on the ground.

The group manage to get Lapras to Nurse Joy and her Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy states that there weren't any serious injuries, but that there is a problem... the Lapras is frightened to have any sort of human contact at all. It turns out that this Lapras is a baby, and it may have been seperated from it's group in the last storm. Their new friend goes on to explain that he is a Pokemon Watcher, before he, Ash and Misty vow to help Lapras find its group.

Just then a group of young Pokemon trainers come in asking Nurse Joy to care for their Pokemon, one states that he just wants a check-up for his Starmie before he takes on the Orange Crew. Ash overhears and is interested to know more about the Orange Crew, their new friend Tracey the Pokemon Watcher explains that "The Orange Crew" is formed by the gym leaders of each of the islands within the Orange Archipelago, he then goes on to say that trainers can't enter the Orange League unless they can defeat all of the trainers in the Orange Crew.

Tracey then goes on to state that Tangelo Island where they are now is where everyone starts their training before continuing the challenge. Misty states that you must have to be a pretty strong trainer to compete in the Orange League, Ash see's it as his oppurtunity to forget Oak's errand and decides he wants to compete in the Orange League, but he does have a job to do in getting the GS ball back to Oak, so the two go to call him. Tracey seems to know the name Professor Oak, uttering to himself "THE Professor Oak?", Tracey see's Ash talking to Oak on the videophone and seems really excited to see that they know Professor Oak, to the point where he even invites himself to go with them on their journey in the hopes of meeting his idol someday.

Nurse Joy approaches the group and tells them that Lapras is now awake and OK. Ash, Misty and Tracey try to befriend Lapras, and tell it they want to help it find it's group, but it's too scared of humans and won't come to them. Ash decides to sing it a Lullaby but just as he gets his mic out Jigglypuff appears and bursts into song, Tracey starts to sketch it, but like everyone else, promptly falls asleep. Jigglypuff angrily decorates it's sleeping audiences faces and even ruins Tracey's drawing.

The group wake up later, and Ash is intent on helping Lapras return to the ocean, but in his frustration scares it, it dives into the water and he dives in after it, nearly drowning in the process.

Just as Ash appears to be making Lapras understand that they only want to help, Team Rocket fire a smokebomb at Lapras and Ash in the water before commencing with their motto. When the smoke clears Team Rocket are standing on Lapras's back and have attached it to a truck, they use Weezing's Smokescreen and escape with a terrified Lapras still on the back of the truck.

Tracey uses his Venonat to track them, and Ash and friends chase on a bike, Ash manages to get close enough to jump from his bike to the back of the truck and he and Pikachu get into the cabin and start fighting Team Rocket, who lose control of the vehicle and accidentally release the trailer carrying Lapras. Team Rocket realise they're heading toward a cliffedge and slam on the breaks, but not quickly enough, and they go off the edge, Pikachu Ash and Lapras however on the trailer are just about saved and end up hurtling back down the ramp, Ash uses his weight to steer the trailer a few times but eventually they all fly off a cliff edge into the Ocean.

Misty, alongside Tracey and Venonat spend hours searching for Ash, as the sun sets Venonat detects that they are near a beach, and Ash, Pikachu and Lapras can be spotted heading toward shore. Nurse Joy tells Ash that Lapras has decided it wants to go with him.

Still with the G S ball in his possession, and with a new Pokemon and a new travelling companion Ash continues his journey to face the Orange Crew.
 episode087 11174 5 E# 85

J# 87
"Fit to Be Tide"

"Orenji Rīgu! Natsukan Jimu!" (オレンジリーグ! ナツカンジム!)
(Orange League! Natsukan Gym!)
February 5, 2000

February 25, 1999
Today our heroes are on a new adventure exploring the Orange Islands, as Ash sets out to qualify for the Orange league. As the group are sailing the seas aboard a notably speedy Lapras everyone decides that they could do with something to eat, Tracey points out that Mikan Island is nearby and they could get something from there, plus it's also home to one of the toughest Gym Leaders in the Orange Crew!

Lapras and the gang set a course for Mikan Island, little do they know they're being watched and followed by Team Rocket in their sub, unfortunately for them however James and Meowth who have been pedalling after them this whole time ran out of Steam, meaning their sub sunk to the ocean floor.

Upon arrival to Mikan Island Ash and co take Lapras for a rest at the Pokemon Center and then they make a call to Professor Oak, Tracey hijacks the call briefly to say hi to the Professor (who is his hero) and after the call he is still in awe of the fact that he has friends, who are friends with Professor Oak! The group continue their journey toward the Mikan Gym when Ash spots the gym ahead, but before that he notices a coconut on the ground, stopping to pick it up he's then hit with a torrent of water from above - it seems the coconut was a trap. A sinister looking kid called Senta running over and starts laughing, tensions ensue and the pair are about to battle, just then Cissy the Mikan Island gym leader appears and gives her little brother an ear bending for "causing trouble again".

Ash issues his challenge to Cissy, the leader of the Mikan gym while Tracey makes some 'observations' of her, Cissy accepts and the groups go inside the gym. It turns out that in order to win her badge, its not a battle but a challenge of the Pokemon's athletic skills.

The first challenge is a water gun challenge, Cissy sends out Seadra and Ash uses Squirtle, whoever can knock over the most cans wins. Seadra hits every can with every shot, but Squirtle matches it's skill and hits everything too, making this part of the challenge a draw. For the next part of the challenge Cissy's brother Senta presses a button and the whole gym opens up, theres a device outside firing frisbees into the air and the challenge is to try and hit moving targets; Cissy's Seadra takes out every frisbee flawlessly, even with multiple targets but again Squirtle is able to match it. Cissy then declares that Squirtle and Seadra should now aim for the same target and the first one to hit it wins, but again it's a tie and Seadra/Squirtle hit at exactly the same time, Cissy now declares that the way to break the tie is with a Pokémon waveride. The groups head outside and Cissy explains that it'll be a race out to sea and back, and chooses Blastoise as her Pokemon, Ash chooses Lapras... but there's a bit more to it than that, the trainer has to stand on the Pokémon the whole time! Just as they're about to start this final challenge Team Rocket emerge in their Magikarp sub and start their motto, before James explains how terrible it was when their sub got stuck on the seabed and caught in seaweed.

Team Rocket then proceed to attack everyone, opening with a smokescreen from Weezing and then catching Cissy's Blastoise in a net fired from their sub, quickly dragging it out to sea. But Cissy didn't seem at all concerned, while trying to pull Blastoise away in it's net, Team Rocket break the pedals in their sub and as they get out to try and push, just then Blastoise who is still trapped in a net attached to their sub leaps out of the water and breaks free from its net, dragging them all to the surface. Ash tells Pikachu to thundershock Team Rocket and it hapilly obliges, sending them blasting off, and at last it's time for the race to begin!

The race begins and Ash & Lapras are neck and neck with Cissy and Blastoise, Ash tries to take the inside but Blastoise is too strong for Lapras and keeps barging them away, it then barges Lapras so hard that Ash nearly falls off but is caught BY Lapras, again the race is neck and neck but a huge wave appears behind them all, Lapras uses its Ice Beam to freeze the portion of the wave that would otherwise have hit her and Ash. Cissy however is hit by the wave and knocked off Blastoise but it manages to catch her before she falls into the water, it's the final straight and Cissy takes a lead, but Ash's quick thinking for Lapras to fire an ice beam all the way to shore and then slide along the ice negates her lead and Lapras wins by a nose!

Cissy (and Senta) congratulate Ash and award him the Coral-eye badge of the Mikan gym. The heroes board Lapras and continue their adventure around the Orange Islands.
 episode088 11175 6 E# 86

J# 88
"Pikachu Re-Volts"

"Kieta Pokemon-tachi no Nazo!" (きえたポケモンたちのナゾ!)
(The Mystery of the Missing Pokémon!)
February 5, 2000

March 4, 1999
After his victory over the Mikan gym leader Ash is searching for his next challenge with the burning question of a true adventurer in his heart and on his lips "When are we gonna eat"? Just then Tracey spots Mandarin Island ahead, which looks more like a bunch of giant buildings floating in the ocean than a tropical island, and so Ash and friends set sail straight toward Mandarin Island. Little do they know however they're being watched by Butch and Cassidy from Team Rocket. Ash and friends land on the pier and call Lapras into it's Pokéball, all of a sudden they notice some trouble... a couple of Pokemon trainers being attacked by their own Pokemon.

Ash and Pikachu start running to investigate with Tracey and Misty just behind, suddenly Pikachu stops running and turns back, looking pretty angry and evil, Togepi jumps from Misty's arms looking pretty angry and the two walk away from Ash and friends towards the other angry looking Pokemon (the ones which were attacking their trainers when they arrived). Pikachu shocks Ash and his friends knocking them to the ground but Ash gets back up and starts trying to approach Pikachu and Togepi, but is then attacked by Magnemites and a Voltorb. The Voltorb self destructs and once the smoke clears Pikachu and the other Pokemon are gone. The Mandarin Island Officer Jenny pulls up on her Motorcycle, Ash petitions her for help and Jenny explains that its been happening a lot lately, she has a Gastly with her and she said she suspects its a psychic attack affecting the Pokemon, because Ghosts are strong against Psychic types and Gastly doesn't seem to be affected. Ash and his friends volunteer to help Jenny and Gastly find out whats causing the problem, because they're sure it would lead them to Pikachu.

Meanwhile Jessie, James and Meowth are doing a bit of sightseeing in Mandarin Island when Meowth starts to run away, Jessie and James chase him and arrive at a strange facility with a huge satellite dish on top of it. Meowth goes through a small hatch and into the facility, Jessie and James squeeze through and follow, where they find Butch and Cassidy stood over them. After some rivalry and a comparison of the two duo's different versions of the Team Rocket motto, Butch and Cassidy then reveal all the Pokemon they've stolen, as well as the Drowzee that they've been using to do it. Jessie and James try to send their Pokemon to attack, but Drowzee has already taken control of them all and Arbok, Lickitung, Weezing and Victreebel turn against them. Butch then reveals that the machine Drowzee is linked to amplifies it's psychic power and transmits it via the satellite dish above the building.

Butch and Cassidy decide that Jessie and James know too much and send their own Pokémon to attack them, including their dear friend Meowth, they wake up a while later in a Pokemon Center with Ash and gang plus Officer Jenny and Gastly there with them. Jenny suspects Jessie and James might have something to do with the Pokémon disappearing and acting strangely but it soon becomes apparent that they are genuinely upset, having had their own Pokémon stolen, and even Meowth not being with them. Jenny, Ash and co petition the two to help them find the people who are doing this but Jessie declines saying she doesn't want to blemish her perfect criminal record by helping the police, just as they are about to leave Ash blocks the door and emotionally tells them that they have to help or they can't leave, Jessie and James agree to help just this once.

And so the plan begins, Jessie and James approach the facility via the front door, stating that they want to be friends and offering them a big cart of PokéBalls as a "peace offering". Butch and Cassidy seem confused at their sudden change of heart and Jessie and James shove the cart of PokéBalls at them; Misty Tracey Ash and Jenny then emerge and Jenny tells Butch and Cassidy that they're under arrest; Butch replies "Lets see if our Pokemon will agree", Ash and co work out that it's been Drowzee controlling the Pokémon all along, Gastly who is strong against Drowzee fires off an attack but Drowzee is strong enough to repel it. All of the Pokemon under Drowzee's control then begin to aim their attacks at Ash and friends, Jenny, Jessie and James... Ash runs out straight into the path of the attacks and Jenny commands Gastly to save him, Gastly getting hit by a massive amount of combined attacks. Gastly continues to absorb the attacks from all of the posessed Pokemon except Pikachu, who Butch and Cassidy command to attack Ash, Ash taunts Pikachu and runs around the lab laughing dodging the attacks, he runs at all of the machinery that is powering Drowzee and Pikachu launches a thunderbolt at him, destroying the machinery and shocking Drowzee, this releases the psychic Pokémon's grip on all the stolen Pokemon.

Butch and Cassidy are about to try and prevent the escape of all the Pokémon they caught and James uses Weezing's smokescreen to slow them down, in the mean time Jenny uses Gastly to destroy the gate and frees the Pokémon. Everyone flees into the facilities front courtyard, but Butch and Cassidy aren't done yet and appear standing above them, they specifically want to settle a score with Jessie and James and as a 2 on 2 battle is about to begin Ash steps in and joins forces with Jessie and James, making it 3v2; Butch and Cassidy are using the stronger than normal Drowzee that they bred themselves at the TR breeding center in Season 1. Ash immediately opens with a thunderbolt which Drowzee teleports away from, appearing next to and terrifying Pikachu, Jessie orders Arbok to attack Drowzee from behind but again it manages to evade the attack. James sends Weezing, Lickitung and Victreebel to attack Drowzee but it repels all three with a powerful mega punch. Butch instructs Drowzee to bounce it's psychic waves off the satellite dish to re-establish control of all the Pokemon on the island. Ash and Pikachu run at them and Drowzee begins to use the Metronome, it looks as though Togepi is also doing the same if not a very similar attack. The facility explodes, Butch and Cassidy are arrested and carted off in a truck.

Back in the main town, outside the police station crowds of people have gathered to thank our heroes, Jessie and James for getting them their Pokemon back. Officer Jenny awards Ash with a certificate of distinguished achievevment and makes him an honorary citizen of Mandarin Island, Jenny states that she also has a special award for Jessie and James, but they are nowhere to be seen. Jessie and James are on a rooftop watching, Jessie vows that their job is to be bad and that they can't imagine accepting a reward for doing something good and they renew their vow to steal Pikachu.

Ash and friends board Lapras once more and set sail once more.
 episode089 11176 7 E# 87

J# 89
"The Crystal Onix"

"Kurisutaru no Iwāku" (クリスタルのイワーク)
(The Crystal Iwark)
February 5, 2000

March 11, 1999
Once again we find our heroes sailing through the sunny surf, they didn't know it yet but a new adventure was drifting their way; they discover a message in a bottle and Lapras picks it up and passes it to Ash.

The letter reads "If you know anything about a Pokemon called the Crystal Onix, let me know right away" Signed by Marisa from Sunburst Island. Our heroes head to Sunburst Island which happens to be nearby to investigate, they are immediately met with a multitude of markets which sell all sorts of goods made from sparkling, shiny crystal glass. Ash and friends then overhear a guy telling a little girl she should just give it up because they have no merchandise, and that her big brother should just give it up, the girl starts to cry as Ash and friends arrive, the guy states that being next to a shop with no merchandise or customers is killing his business and then walks off. Ash and friends talk to the girl who explains that her big brother Matteo helps her run the shop but now he feels really bad and doesn't want to make glass anymore, it turns out the girls name is Marissa.

Ash reveals that he found her letter adrift at sea, and Marissa excitedly asks them if they know about the Crystal Onix, but is quickly disappointed when Ash questions if its even definitely real or not, none the less Ash and friends accompany Marissa back to see her big brother Matteo. Matteo explains that his grandfather was the best Pokemon glass sculpture artist ever and people would travel from across the world to buy his stuff, but that he just can't make them good enough himself - Ash and friends then notice the selection of glass sculptures of Pokemon on the table and note how good they look, but Matteo insists they aren't as good as the ones his grandfather would do. Matteo then goes on to say he just needs some kind of inspiration, to give him that spark to make his statues look amazing, like they might come alive, Matteo then follows up by saying if he could just capture the Crystal Onix that would inspire him and he'd be able to make statues like his grandfather used to - it's said that his grandfather saw the Crystal Onix when he was young and thats what inspired him.

Ash and his friends vow to stay for a while and help Matteo and Marissa find the Crystal Onix. Meanwhile Team Rocket have arrived on the island and are browsing the stalls, when they unfortunately break a number of items by accident and end up chopping wood to pay for what they broke, while they are working away the store owner and another guy walk past and mention that Matteo and a bunch of kids went off looking for the Crystal Onix again. Jessie, James and Meowth of course overhear and think about how rare and valuable that Pokémon would be to the boss.

The search for the Crystal Onix has begun, Tracey sends out Venonat who scans the sculpture of the Crystal Onix and leads them to a clearing, unfortunately the Crystal Onix isn't there, just a rock formation which resembles it, Tracey recalls Venonat and sends out his Marill which tries to find the Crystal Onix by sound and the group, led by Marill run along the beach. Marill points to a small Island covered in trees where it believes the Crystal Onix is, there is only one way to get across - via a sand bar which seems to connect the two islands. The group runs toward the sandbar to try and cross but fall into one of Team Rocket's traps, Jessie and James state their intentions to steal it before they can get there. Ash and co escape the trap and find Jessie, James and Meowth caught in their own traps - Marill then senses the Crystal Onix nearby and the group head inside a cave, inside the cave is a pool of glistening water and lots of shiny crystals. Marill dives into the water and swims around for a moment, before jumping out and alerting everyone to the Crystal Onix's precense, Tracey thinks he sees it and shortly after it emerges from the water, Matteo sends out Cloyster as he specially prepared a water Pokemon as he thought the Crystal Onix (who lives in err, water) would be weak against it, Cloyster takes a beating and then Jessie, James and Meowth turn up.

Jessie and James sent out their Pokémon, Ash sends Pikachu and Misty sends Staryu in response, Team Rocket begin to flee and run into the Crystal Onix, who smashes them with it's tail, sending them blasting off. Matteo then sends out his glass making partner; Charmeleon to battle the Crystal Onix, and this seems to be more effective. The Crystal Onix becomes superheated and sparkles red, Matteo stares at it and something seems to change, he seems to have got the inspiration he requires. The Crystal Onix falls to the ground in a shallow pool of water, Matteo had the oppurtunity to capture it but didn't. The Crystal Onix comes back around and dives beneath the water once more. Matteo returns home, and he and Charmeleon begin to craft items again, seeming excited about things once more, Marissa too seems happier.

Ash and friends say goodbye and leave with the glass model Pikachu which Matteo gave them as a gift. It's time for our heroes to move on but the friends they've made and the things they've seen will sparkle in their memories forever.
 episode090 11177 8 E# 88

J# 90
"In the Pink"

"Pinku no Pokemon-jima" (ピンクのポケモンじま)
(The Island of Pink Pokémon)
February 12, 2000

March 18, 1999
Today our friends are enjoying another day on the tropical seas as they continue to explore the Orange islands with their friend Lapras. Tracey is playing with Togepi and he states that it’s weird that Togepi hasn’t learned any attacks by now… just as they are discussing it the group is caught offguard by a giant Whirlpool.

The group wake up some time later on the shore of an island, Tracey observes its sheer cliffs, whirlpools etc and concludes that they must be on Pinkan Island and rushes toward the cliffs to begin climbing them, excited that there might be new types of Pokémon here, as it’s largely unexplored. Once the group reach the top of the cliff they spot a Pink Rhyhorn which Tracey manages to make careful observations of before Ash attempts to pet it, causing it to attack the group; sending Ash flying before running at the whole group and chasing them to a cliff edge, just as it looks like Rhyhorn’s takedown is going to knock them all off the cliff the group is teleported by Togepi to safety (although they don’t know it was Togepi). The group head back to the cliff to see where the Rhyhorn went and find its fell off the cliff edge, and only a small tree has stopped it from falling into the water.

Officer Jenny arrives and tells them it’s a protected Pokémon reserve, the group explain about Rhyhorn and together they focus their efforts on saving it, Team Rocket are in the waters nearby in their sub, watching the rescue unfold on their periscope but they get caught in a whirlpool (they are unaware of the fact that Jigglypuff is also sat on their periscope). Meanwhile Rhyhorn has been hoisted back up the cliff after having ropes secured to it by Ash and Tracey, Rhyhorn is fine and returns to the wild.

Just then Tracey points out that Pikachu’s tail and electricity sacs have turned pink after it ate the Pinkan berries, Ash looks a bit panic’d, but Jenny explains that the Pokémon will only stay pink if they eat the berries all the time, so Pikachu won’t be “Pinkachu” for long. Team Rocket find themselves washed up somewhere on the island, on the lookout for Pink Pokémon (which they believe to be rare and valuable compared to their normal counterparts), Jigglypuff emerges from the sub and then they run away from it into the forest, where they discover an abundance of different types of pink Pokémon from Pidgey’s to Nidoran, to Paras to Diglett and many more. Jessie uses her imagination to think about what they could do with hall the pink Pokémon; including opening their own Pink Pokémon theme park and musical shows.

Team Rocket decide to start attacking the wild Pokémon, James sends his Victreebel but as usual it just attacks him, Jessie’s Lickitung however tries to attack a pair of Pink Nidoran, it pursues them into a cave but is then chased out by their very angry father (a giant, pink and very angry Nidoking). The Nidoking charges at Team rocket, pursuing them through the forest. Meanwhile at Officer Jenny’s Island Station she explains to Ash and co that Pinkan Island is protected and no one should be there, but says she won’t press charges against them as they at least helped her save the Rhyhorn. The group call Professor Oak to tell him about the Island, but he already knew about it, he explains to Ash and gang that they should keep it quiet about the Island or the whole place will get swarmed by poachers who simply want to make money from exhibiting the Pokémon etc. Just then an alarm is sounded and Officer Jenny reports that someone; probably poachers, have landed on the island and she has to go and stop them, Ash and co of course volunteer to help her and she agrees.

Meanwhile the Nidoking caught up to Team Rocket who surprisingly manage to defeat it using a combination of Weezings and Lickitungs attacks, a few moments later Officer Jenny plus Ash and co arrive in the jeep, and Pikachu immediately opens with a thundershock on team Rocket and their Pokémon, this thundershock also awakens Nidoking who sends Team Rocket blasting off, but then angrily turns on Officer Jenny and the group, giving chase to the jeep. Misty tries to send out Staryu to slow Nidoking down but Psyduck comes out instead, and it quickly turns its tail and run, Tracey’s Marill doesn’t fare much better. The group reach a dead-end with Nidoking just behind them, it powers its most powerful attack; a hyper beam, but a mysterious shield appears over the group saving them. The Nidoking is shocked that its attack didn’t destroy the group, Jenny tells the group to get out of the Jeep and then performs a risky lasso manoeuvre; restraining Nidoking without harming it.

Later on the group are on Officer Jenny’s boat and she’s taking them out to sea past the whirlpools, Ash and friends vow to keep the secret of Pinkan Island and Misty seems to suspect that Togepi was the one who saved them from both the Rhyhorn takedown and the Nidoking’s hyperbeam but Ash and Tracey laugh it off.
 episode091 11178 9 E# 89

J# 91
"Shell Shock"

"Kabuto no Kaseki no Himitsu!" (カブトのかせきのひみつ!)
(The Secret of the Kabuto Fossils!)
March 4, 2000

March 25, 1999
Our heroes are once more drifting toward another tropical adventure in the Orange Islands when two ships rush past aggressively, coming quite close to Lapras, Ash & friends. The group wonder why they were in such a hurry and follow them to the nearby Island they went to.

On the coast it seems the press are there and there’s a reporter doing a news report on something that’s happening at the island; an archaeological team is about to explore the island to try to uncover the Kabuto mystery. Ash and friends overhear and decide it could be interesting, so they follow them and find their camp, it’s there that they overhear the reporter stating talking about what has prompted this expedition; it’s an ancient kabuto fossil they discovered that was dislodged from its ancient resting place on the island and then drifted into the international spotlight.

Tracey explains what a major find this fossil is to Ash and Misty who didn’t immediately understand its significance, Ash checks out the Kabuto entry in his PokeDex, just then the leader of the expedition starts an interview with the reporter; it’s Nurse Joy, who explains that they are there to find out about the habitat of the ancient Kabuto as well as to do research into Kabuto oil, which is fabled to not only have fantastic health benefits but even to make people live forever. Ash and friends volunteer to Nurse Joy to help with the expedition. Team Rocket are offshore in their sub watching events unfold with their periscope.

As the expedition begins venturing deeper into the undergrowth of this uninhabited island the group is being followed by a strange figure in the shadows. Suddenly something startles the pair of Growlithe who are leading the expedition up the mountain path, and sure enough a giant boulder starts rolling toward the group. Ash tells Nurse Joy to use her Machoke who are part of the expedition to stop the boulder, the two super powered Machoke stop the boulder in its tracks and throw it off the side of the mountain.

Team Rocket meanwhile are also walking the mountain path but are much lower down the mountain and the groups are unaware of each other, unfortunately for them they’re just beneath the ledge that the Machoke threw the giant boulder off, it knocks James into a ravine but misses Jessie and Meowth. The main expedition finally reaches its destination; an isolated Bay on the islands desolate northern shore, where experts believe the recently discovered Kabuto fossil may have come from. They are still being stalked by a mysterious figure.

The expedition and it’s Pokémon begin digging for fossils on the bays shore, but again boulders begin to come at them from the ledges above, this time a dozen or more! Nurse Joy commands her Rhydon to horn drill some of the rocks to stop them and crisis is again averted. Misty suggests that the ‘accidents’ that keep happening might not necessarily be accidents and just then Pikachu spots a mysterious figure running off and gives chase, closely followed by Ash.

Ash catches the mysterious figure who turns out to be a tall, fairly old man who warns he and Pikachu to leave the island before it’s too late. Tracey, Nurse Joy, Misty and the reporter all then arrive, he warns them to get off the island too and admits that it was he who sent the boulders at them both times. The old man goes on to state that he was trying to do them a favour by getting them to leave before it’s too late, needless to say the group didn’t appreciate the nature of his favours but they decide to hear him out anyway; he goes on to tell of an ancient prophecy which goes as below:-

“When the scavengers arrive the moon will glow an angry red, the land itself will vanish and be swallowed by the sea.”

Nurse Joy says she isn’t here to hurt anything they just want to study the fossils, but the man insists they need to leave to avert great danger. Just then another member of Nurse Joy’s expedition runs up shouting that they found another Kabuto fossil, the group head back to the isolated bay and inside a cave where it’s confirmed to be a genuine Kabuto fossil. It soon becomes apparent that the Cave on the shore has got walls completely made of Kabuto fossils.

One of the expedition guys is about to go get Rhydon to start drilling, the old man warns them again that this will cause grave danger when suddenly the cave begins to crumble and is filled with smoke, as the expedition scramble to safety Team Rocket make their entrance and state that they’re going to steal all of the Kabuto fossils, the old man warns them of the danger it will cause but they ignore him and throw a bomb at him. This bomb is passed around until it lands with Ash who stands there hesitating for a moment before throwing the bomb in the cave, it explodes and sends lots of ancient Kabuto fossils crashing down. Team Rocket grab a massive amount of Kabuto fossils in a net and fly off in their balloon. The moon begins to glow an angry red, and the ancient Kabuto fossils start to come to life; the ones in the cave and the ones in the net attached to Team Rockets balloon.

The Kabuto begin a rampage, bursting Team Rockets balloon, eating the reporters videocamera and all of its footage and driving the expedition out of the cave. Nurse Joy realises that the prophecy must be true and that they do indeed now need to get off the island urgently. It seems that the entire island built up around the fossilised Kabuto, they were infact holding it together, but now that they are awakened by the red moon, the island is beginning to crumble. The old man goes on to quote another part of the prophecy:

“When the sea comes to swallow you, flee to the forest, build rafts and save yourselves”

The whole expedition flee to the forest and begin using all their means to build rafts from the trees there. The sea begins to swallow the island and the rafts are built just in time. Ash and Misty send out their water Pokémon to pull the raft out to sea. The group escape just in time to see the entire island crash beneath the waves.

Nurse Joy and the rest of the expedition realise that the old man, and the prophecy he told them of were right and true all along and are regretful of their actions. Nurse Joy and even the reporter apologise to the old man, the reporter even promising that its best that the world never learns what went on there. The Kabuto swim off in the ocean, looking for a new home where they can rest in peace undisturbed until they come alive again. 
 episode092 11179 10 E# 90

J# 92
"Stage Fight"

"Odoru! Pokémon Shōbōto!" (おどる! ポケモンショーボート!)
(Dance! Pokémon Showboat!)
February 12, 2000

April 1, 1999
Ash and friends are watching a Pokemon stage production all about a Hitmonchan defeating his rival, Machoke in boxing and its partner, Clefable hoping it would then get out of fighting forever. Togepi decides it would like to get a closer look and runs backstage, their Ash and co find the voice actors behind the movie but are then approached by a member of the stage crew who angrily tells them to keep their voices down backstage, she also asks Ash if thats his Pikachu and states it must be nice to be so close.

Meanwhile on the stage the PokéCast of the production thank everyone for watching and begin a dance. The crew member who approached Ash and co tries to call out her Raichu to go on stage and dance with the other Pokémon, but the Raichu seems sad and doesn't want to go on stage.

The production team allow Ash and friends to accompany them on their boat to the next Island, Ash asks if theres anything he can do to thank them and the production manager, Roger asks if Ash could give Kay (the owner of Raichu) some advice on how to have a better relationship with Raichu, Ash agrees. Team Rocket are following the ship in their sub.

Ash begins giving Kay some advice, and asks to see them perform together but Raichu isn't forthcoming and gently shocks Kay away, Ash approaches and pats the Raichu but is then shocked quite hard as thanks.

Later on Ash finds Kay looking sad and asks her if maybe her Raichu is afraid of her, but Kay says its her fault because she's the one whose afraid, she explains that the day her and Raichu met she was so happy and gave Raichu a big hug, Raichu got excited too and accidentally gave her a little shock causing her to fling Raichu and it fell on the floor and then started to cry, since then Kay has been afraid of Raichu and as a result Raichu is constantly nervous around her. Ash convinces her that she can make it work and Kay agrees.

Suddenly Team Rocket begin attacking the ship, disabling it with Torpedos. The group see Raichu hiding on deck behind some boxes, but Team Rocket hit the ship with another Torpedo, knocking Raichu into the air, Kay dives and saves Raichu from the fall and holds onto it, she doesn't seem afraid anymore. Team Rocket then interrupt and tell Ash to do what they say, he disagrees, but then Roger tells Ash to just do as they say because otherwise Jessie and James will blow up the Showboat, and thats all they have. Team Rocket tie everyone up and begin to pick which Pokémon to steal first.

Roger and the rest of the production team all get up and walk together, still bound. They peer through the stage area and start doing voice acting like they'd do in their show, to Team Rocket's eyes their Pokémon are actually talking, none the less they continue to battle them, using a smokescreen they get away from all of the actor Pokémon, Ash and co get free just in time to catch up to them and attack with Marrill and Pikachu. Kay finds Raichu cowering in a corner and approaches it, despite getting an initial shock Kay holds onto Raichu and tells him it's ok, and it seems the pairs troubles are behind them!

But Team Rocket aren't done yet, and come back one last time to get shocked by Pikachu and finally to be sent blasting off by a Mega Punch from Raichu. The showboat continues its journey to the next port and Ash and co call Professor Oak to tell him about all the stuff that happened, Kay then comes running down the pier and shouts Ash, telling him that something has happened to Roger, one of the voice actors and because Weezing's smokescreen has damaged his voice he can't perform, and the show is about to start! It sounds as though the imminent show is going to be cancelled unless they get another voice actor, but Raichu volunteers Kay to take the main role and Ash and Pikachu even help the performance.

Once again Ash and friends help save the day and the show is a great success, their Pokémon journey continues.
 episode093 11180 11 E# 91

J# 93
"Bye Bye Psyduck"

"Sayonara Kodakku! Mata Kite Gorudakku?" (さよならコダック! またきてゴルダック?)
(Goodbye Koduck! Come Back Golduck?)
February 26, 2000

April 8, 1999
Our heroes are headed back to Pallet Town to bring Professor Oak the mysterious G.S ball, but decided to stop at an Island for some rest and relaxation on the way. Pikachu and Psyduck are enjoying a ride on Lapras in the shallows, Psyduck falls asleep and rolls off, sinking into the water. Pikachu sounds the alarm, Togepi dances alongside him, fortunately Misty is able to decipher what Pikachu is saying and all the water Pokémon are sent out to search for Psyduck, but to no avail.

Meanwhile however Psyduck has been rescued by a Tentacool and a young woman called Marina in a boat, they arrive at the bit of beach Ash and gang are on and return Psyduck to them. Psyduck seems really pleased to see Misty and runs straight over to her, it's tail glowing, which Marina seems to think could mean its getting ready to evolve. Ash mentions Golduck and it seems both Misty and Marina are water specialists and both their favourite Pokémon is Golduck, they even both make their own lures.

Marina challenges Misty to a Pokémon battle to see who is the better water trainer. Team Rocket as normal are stalking the Island in their sub looking for Ash and co with a view to stealing Pikachu, they set eyes on them just as Misty and Marina's battle is starting.

Misty sends out Goldeen to face Marina's Tentacruel, but after a promising start Misty's Goldeen is beaten by Tentacruel's poison sting. It turns out that Marina's secret is that all of her Pokémon are dual types, and that is her advantage in battle, Misty sends out her Staryu and immediately uses its Swift attack, quickly beating Tentacruel. Next up Marina sends out a very focused, strong looking Psyduck, Misty orders Staryu to attack with watergun, but the Psyduck deflects the attack using its confusion. Misty then attempts to send out Psyduck but throws out an empty ball instead, Ash attempts to throw her backpack over so she can find the ball with Psyduck in, he misses and it lands in the water. As Misty pulls her backpack out of the water, she finds a golduck stuck to the bottom of it, and everyone is amazed at how quickly her Psyduck evolved!

Golduck flexes and showboats while Misty expresses her love for it, the battle then resumes, Marina's Psyduck sends a huge wave at Misty and Golduck, Golduck turns the wave and sends it straight back their way whilst riding the wave. Team Rocket create a whirlpool underneath it and send it crashing into the water, they capture Marina's Tentacruel and Psyduck in the process. Misty offers to rescue Marina's Pokemon from Team Rocket but she declines and says she can get them back herself, Marina sends out Starmie and Misty sends Golduck to help. Team Rocket send their sub straight at Golduck, who uses a powerful psychic attack to pick it up and fling it onto land, Marina rushes over to Team Rocket and their crashed sub and Team Rocket begin their motto.

Team Rocket state that if Marina wants her Psyduck and Tentacruel back then Ash will have to give them Pikachu. Pikachu can't attack because it would shock Marina's captive Pokemon. Marina runs to get her Pokemon back herself but Arbok blocks her path, just as Arbok is about to attack her a powerful watergun comes out of nowhere and smashes Arbok against a tree, it's Golduck, he strides boldly toward everyone, destroys Team Rockets sub, rescues Marina's Pokémon whilst protecting them from the flames surrounding the subs wreckage and then returns to shore and gives a thumbs up.

Marina and Misty prepare to finish their battle, Marina's Starmie vs. Golduck, Starmie starts well hitting Golduck with tackle and bubble, Misty commands a hyperbeam attack but Marina uses lightscreen to try and block it, unfortunately for her the lightscreen was put down and Starmie is beaten, Golduck winning the match for Misty. Misty gets a Pokéball out and tells Golduck to return for a rest, but then Psyduck pops out and it turns out that Golduck wasn't hers at all and it was just a wild one that likes to show off to girls. She declares Golduck as "the Pokémon version of Brock".

Misty has a psyduck sized headache, her and her friends wave goodbye to Marina and set sail once more.
 episode094 11181 12 E# 92

J# 94
"The Joy of Pokémon"

"Seiringu Jōi! Aranami o Koete!" (セイリングジョーイ! あらなみをこえて!)
(Sailing Joy! Cross the Raging Waves!)
March 4, 2000

April 15, 1999
Our heroes are aboard Lapras, sailing the peaceful sea when they see splashing in the distance that looks a little like a motorboat, it zips past so quickly that Ash and Misty can't even see who or what it was, Tracey however seems convinced it was someone who looked like Nurse Joy rowing the boat. Ash and friends give chase on Lapras, they land on the coast and find a boat and two sets of footprints leading away from it, Tracey concludes that one set is from Nurse Joy and one is from a Chansey. Ash, Misty and Tracey continue to follow the footprints, but then reach a point where the footsteps stop at the waters edge, as they're discussing whether or not it was Nurse Joy, a giant Magikarp leaps out of the water and almost lands on them, its the biggest one they've ever seen.

Misty worries that the big flailing Magikarp will run out of air if they can't get it into the water. A rather muscular, tanned Nurse Joy then appears and tells them they should stay back from it, she comforts the Magikarp whom she says is low on calcium, she feeds it some calcium tablets and using her sheer brute strength returns it to the water. Magikarp swims away happily.

Tracey guesses that Nurse Joy doesn't actually run a Pokémon Center on this island, but instead travels between the islands with Chansey treating injured Pokémon, a guess which she confirms to be true; her and Chansey cover all of the minor islands in the Orange Archipelago that are too small to have their own dedicated Pokémon Center's.

The group all introduce themselves to Nurse Joy, and Ash's stomach begins to rumble, she invites them to her little hut she uses as a clinic on the Island for lunch, which they gratefully accept. Tracey volunteers the group to help Nurse Joy check up on the Pokémon.

Nurse Joy takes Ash and co out on boats and tells them to keep an even pace, she paddles quickly off into the distance at super speed with Ash and gang struggling to keep up and they go island to island treating Pokémon. Eventually between islands, Nurse Joy and Chansey completely disappear and Ash and co happen upon their empty Kayak. A pink blob surfaces from the water, they think its Chansey and approach it to get a closer look, but it turns out instead to be Jigglypuff, who the group flee from. Nurse Joy and Chansey then pop up out of the water and it seems that they had been on the seabed treating a sick Cloister, Nurse Joy offers to show Ash and co how she treats sick Pokémon underwater and together they dive toward the seabed, Nurse Joy begins treating a sick Shellder, but Ash runs out of air and is then grabbed by a Dewgong who wants to play (and holds him under the water), he is however rescued by Nurse Joy and taken back to her little clinic hut.

Tracey suggests that it would be much easier for Nurse Joy to work out of a Pokémon Center like the other Nurse Joy's, but she tells the story of how as a little girl she found an injustred Magikarp and took it home to take care of it until it was better, before releasing it into the ocean once more, then one day she was at sea with the other Nurse Joys and fell into the water, she was then rescued by the Magikarp she once helped. It looks as though a hurricaine is coming, and strong winds start to hit the Island, but Nurse Joy is still going to go and finish her rounds, needing just to treat some baby Seel who aren't doing too well. She paddles off in her Kayak despite Tracey's warnings, as Joy paddles off Tracey (followed by Ash and Misty) follow her but are then all knocked into the water by a big wave. Nurse Joy tells them all to get their water Pokémon out to help them get to a small island nearby, she guides them there in her Kayak.

Ash and co find themselves washed up on the little island with Nurse Joy. They apologise for being more trouble than help, and Nurse Joy tells them its OK and that they'll take a little rest and all go and treat the baby Seel's together.

Team Rocket meanwhile are watching events unfold from their sub and are excited at the prospect of catching not only Pikachu, but Chansey too. Meowth unveils his new secret weapon and fires a torpedo that catches Nurse Joy, Chansey + Ash and friends in a net. Team Rocket emerge from the water and begin their motto.

Nurse Joy knows that the sick baby Seel are waiting for her help and starts to cry, a giant Magikarp then rams Team Rocket's sub, its the one Joy had rescued. Magikarp begins ramming Team Rocket's sub, but isn't strong enough to beat it, it sees Nurse Joy crying and in its frustration it evolves into a huge Gyarados, quickly sending Team Rocket blasting off into the distance. Gyarados now towers above our trapped heroes and Joy who are all in the net, and it looks as though its going to attack, but infact it just wanted to rub against Nurse Joy, who it firmly remembers. Gyarados rescues everyone from the net, and Joy along with Ash and co go and treat the sick baby Seel.

As Joy continues to pet her old friend Gyarados (Who still has the personality of the Magikarp she saved) she recommends that Ash and co make their next stop a visit to Navel Island because it has a gym where he can compete for a badge. And so as our heroes head toward Navel Island another exciting adventure has come to a close, but one things for sure... a new one is bound to begin.
 episode095 11182 13 E# 93

J# 95
"Navel Maneuvers"

"Nēburu Jimu! Yuki Yama no Tatakai!" (ネーブルジム! ゆきやまのたたかい!)
(Navel Gym! Snowy Mountain Battle!)
March 11, 2000

April 22, 1999
Today our heroes are travelling with new purpose; they're heading to Navel Island where Ash intends on battling for his second Orange League badge. They spot the island in the distance, with a huge mountain in the centre of it and land on the shore shortly after. The whole place seems really quiet, no ones around, until a few moments later they spot a guy windsurfing, he lands on the coast and greets them all, his name is Danny.

Team Rocket are once more stalking our heroes from beneath the waves and are watching from their sub.

Danny leads Ash and gang through the island and eventually they arrive at a huge set of doors, on the other side of which they find a sign welcoming them to the island and instructing all who wish to challenge the Navel Island gym to climb to the top of the mountain on their own without assistance from Pokémon, visitors however can take the cable car.

So Ash, Danny and Pikachu set about scaling the epic mountains, Ash finding it notably more difficult than Danny or Pikachu, Tracey and Misty then whizz past in the cable car on their way up. Just then Ash slips and falls a short way down the mountain but manages to hold on without using a Pokémon (the rules on the sign forbid the use of a Pokémon in scaling the mountain, under penalty of disqualification from the gym challenge). As Ash and Danny reach a point near the top and spend a moment admiring the view Team Rocket appear and snag Pikachu with a plunger on the end of a fishing rod, Danny however casually unhooks it from Pikachu and sends it flying back at Team Rocket, as Team Rocket try to retaliate they fire the plunger at Danny who sticks a boulder to it, fires it back at them and sends them blasting off. Danny and Ash continue their climb, the conditions are now snowy and freezing, Pikachu collapses in the cold and Ash takes off his jacket and gives it to Pikachu, they continue their journey and reach the top shortly after. Misty and Tracey are already waiting at the top in blankets, Misty and Tracey rush toward Ash who is celebrating making it to the top, Misty runs immediately past Ash and greets Danny instead. At the mountaintop Danny finally reveals whats been apparent the entire time; he is infact the Navel Island gym leader!

Danny begins to explain to Ash what he has to do to win a Sea-Ruby badge; basically he has to compete against Danny in three different challenges and has to win two of them. The first challenge is to see who can freeze hot water the fastest, Danny sends out Nidoqueen and Ash chooses Lapras who both use their Ice Beam attacks- Nidoqueen takes the first round for Danny, despite a valiant attempt by Lapras. The second round will be decided by crafting the piece of ice they just froze into a Sleigh, each trainer chooses three Pokemon to help them; Ash chooses Charizard, Pikachu and Bulbasaur and Danny uses Machoke, Nidoqueen and Scyther. Charizard seems to have little to no interest in helping, as expected. Ash starts pulling on Charizards tail and begging him to use the flamethrower, Charizard obliges and incinerates Ash whilst also inadvertantly crafting the sleigh in record time and winning the second round for Ash. The final challenge is a race; The trainer and three of their Pokémon riding in the sleigh's they just crafted!

The race begins and Misty and Tracey take the cable car to meet them at the bottom. Team Rocket have taken offence to Danny's attitude and are watching him in the distance, having just set a trap for him which knocks him and his Pokémon out of his sleigh. Danny suspects that this was no accident, Ash confirms it was probably Team Rocket, and they appear shortly after and activate another trap which Ash and Danny fall into. Team Rocket then grab Pikachu with one of their traditional mechanical arm grabbers and begin flying off in their balloon. Some quick thinking from Ash and Danny results in them using all their Pokémon to throw Snowballs into Team Rockets balloon, preventing it from ascending any further, they then launch Danny's Electrode into the balloon which knocks the captive Pikachu back into the care of Ash and co, and a self destruct then sends Team Rocket blasting off.

Ash and Danny resume their race from the half way point, Ash's sleigh goes badly off track and almost hits a huge rock, Danny is on course for the finish and seems to be the clear winner when out of nowhere Ash and co fly through the air and overtake him, on whats left of their sleigh.

Danny awards the Sea-ruby badge to Ash, as the sun sets out heroes say goodbye to Danny and they continue on their journey.
 episode096 11183 14 E# 94

J# 96
"Snack Attack"

"Ōgui Kabigon! Dai Panikku!" (おおぐいカビゴン! だいパニック!)
(Gluttonous Kabigon! Huge Panic!)
March 25, 2000

April 29, 1999
Ash and friends are sailing with Lapras, when they happen upon a group of Islands which Tracey tells them are called the Grapefruit Islands, so they decide to stop by, they head to the island not knowing that Jigglypuff isn't far behind. Once they arrive on the shore Ash starts picking a grapefruit but a rather angry woman turns up and attacks him with a stick thinking him to be a grapefruit thief, after the group explain they aren't grapefruit thieves the woman, whose name is Ruby explains that a lot of their grapefruit have been getting stolen from her groves lately and explains what a massive amount of work goes into growing them.

Just then a guy runs up and shouts Ruby telling her that the thieves just struck again, Ruby goes running off with him and Ash and gang decide to go and help, they arrive at a scene to find the trees stripped bare, even of branches, and the thief has been located - its a Snorlax!

Ruby instructs the other workers to stop the Snorlax, but it just bats them away. Ruby realises that they are unable to stop Snorlax, so her and her team begin picking all of the grapefruit to try and get them to safety before Snorlax gets to them. They make a giant pile of Grapefruit but Snorlax rushes over, knocks Ash aside and starts eating them.

Ash tries to weaken Snorlax with a battle and attacks with Bulbasaur, Snorlax basically ignores and then bodyslams Bulbasaur before continuing its eating rampage, stripping the island bare! Misty and co console Ruby by telling her that at least it's an Island so Snorlax won't be able to get to the other six islands meaning their grapefruit will be safe, just then Snorlax proves that theory wrong when it starts to swim to the next island. Meanwhile Team Rocket are already on the next island cutting down some grapefruit for themselves, just as they think of the idea to start stealing grapefruit themselves Snorlax arrives and steals what Team Rocket had already stole! Ash and gang arrive and confront Team Rocket.

Ruby radio's her HQ and tells all the islands to start picking grapefruit urgently before Snorlax arrives. Meanwhile Ash makes another attempt to capture Snorlax, this time with Squirtle who also ends up on the wrong end of a body slam. Misty too tries to stop Snorlax firstly with Staryu and then with Goldeen, the latter of which nearly gets eaten! Team Rocket turn up and too try to defeat Snorlax, with Arbok, Lickitung and Victreebel falling to Snorlax one by one. Ash then commands a thundershock attack but it only seems to invigorate Snorlax who then eats faster. The group then decide that they can't defeat Snorlax in battle, so try other mean's including massages, and a little bedtime story from Misty - none of it works.

Team Rocket show up again with Jessie dressed as Snorlax's mother and try to sing Snorlax a lullaby, he doesn't enjoy it and punches them away, sending them blasting off. Ash and co reach the processing plant and catch up to Ruby, there they find all the plant workers are asleep with familiar markings on their faces. Ash and co know that the best way to stop Snorlax is with the song of Jigglypuff, the same one that put all the workers to sleep, so they set up a stage and start cheering for Jigglypuff. Snorlax is charging toward the processing plants warehouses, and is in range of the song of Jigglypuff, as Snorlax becomes drowsy Pikachu uses it's Thunder attack and weakens it, Ash throws his Pokéball and is able to capture Snorlax shortly before being put to sleep himself.

Later on when everyone wakes back up Ruby thanks our heroes for their help and hands Misty a big bag of Candy Grapefruit peels. One of Ruby's workers comes over and shouts her to come and see something - all the places where Snorlax ate the grapefruit have got new trees growing!

So as the sun sets like a giant glowing grapefruit our heroes sail on to their next Orange Island adventure.
 episode097 11184 15 E# 95

J# 97
"A Shipful of Shivers"

"Yūreisen to Yūrei Pokemon!" (ゆうれいせんとゆうれいポケモン!)
(Ghost Ship and Ghost Pokémon!)
March 25, 2000

May 6, 1999
As our heroes are sailing the seas, Ash is admiring his two Orange Island gym badges wondering how many more he'll need to get into the Orange League, Tracey tells him he needs two more. Just then the gang spot and island in the distance; its Moro Island, the group set a course toward the Island and find a Pokémon center to stay in for the night. The group make a call to Professor Oak who tells them they've arrived just in time because that Island is in the news right now, because some divers recovered a 300 year old Orange Island Champion trophy from a shipwreck just recently, Professor Oak tells them they can go see it at the Moro Island museum if they like.

Our heroes retire for the evening, but the same can't be said for everyone; as Jessie and James are currently in the museum looking for the trophy themselves, thinking of the riches and celebrity status that stealing it might bring. They eventually find the trophy but Meowth stops them approaching it because he knows that Museums use security measures like laser activated alarms, he uses his special glasses and sure enough there are invisible lasers everywhere! Meowth and Jessie guide James down on a rope to steal the trophy and escape via the roof, running off into the night, but James then trips over a rock leaving an imprint of himself and the trophy in the earth before they all disappear into the night.

The next day Ash and co arrive at the museum to take a look at the trophy for themselves but find a load of people stood outside, and a police line not allowing anyone into the museum. As Ash and friends walk away disappointed Ash trips over a leg sticking out of the bushes, its Team Rocket who have slept in the bushes and just woken up. Misty overhears Meowth talking about "a good nights heist" and immediately realises that it must've been them who stole the trophy. Team Rocket begin to run off with the trophy whilst being pursued by Ash and co, they find an unmanned boat at the waters edge, board it and start pedalling, Ash sends out Lapras and he and the gang give chase. Team Rocket enters a veil of thick fog and mist, there they find a creaky, abandoned old ship and decide to hide out on it. Ash and gang are still navigating through the mist in pursuit.

Team Rocket take a look at the ruined old ship they're on and realise they might well be on a haunted ship, in their panic they fall below deck on the ship, just then Ash and friends find the decrepit old ship, and the boat that Team Rocket stole just alongside it. Ash and Tracey decide they have no choice but to get on board the ship because its obviously where Team Rocket are hiding with the stolen trophy, they contemplate that this ship could well be the one that was recently discovered on the seabed, the ship rocks and Togepi is knocked into the same hole that Team Rocket fell down into. The group head below decks to try to find Togepi, who is exploring the ship itself - as are Team Rocket, who are pursued around the lower decks by ghosts who seem intent on taking the stolen trophy from them. The ghosts take the trophy back from Team Rocket and begin flying around the room with Togepi in it.

Meanwhile Tracey sends out Marill to help them find Togepi, and they quickly locate him in a room with Gastly and Haunter, who appear to be playing with Togepi. Ash and co realise that in the same room they also have the trophy and state that they're going to take it back, but Gastly and Haunter block the way, Team Rocket then burst in stating that its them who are taking it back because they put so much work into stealing it. Team Rocket then send their Pokémon to attack Gastly and Haunter but it goes rather badly, with Victreebel being defeated entirely, Arbok being turned against Jessie and James and Meowth being used as a means for Gastly and Haunter to communicate with the group. Meowth communicates that Gastly and Haunter have guarded the orange islands trophy for centuries, as it belonged to their master, who was the captain of this ship, he goes onto explain that one night they were caught in a terrible storm and their ship sunk to the bottom of the sea and they have guarded it ever since, until last week when some humans came and stole our masters most prized treasure, it was then that Gastly and Haunter took control of the ship and raised it to help search for their masters trophy. Gastly and Haunter then show Ash and gang how their master won the trophy in the Orange Islands league, and that they hope Ash and co can understand why the trophy should remain here on their captains ship. Ash and friends agree that just because the Captain isn't around anymore it doesn't mean the trophy shouldn't still be his, and that the memory of their master will be alive in them forever.

Team Rocket then come round and try to grab the trophy again before being shocked by Pikachu and blasted off by Gastly and Haunter. Ash and co get back aboard Lapras, and watch as the old ship ascends and flies off into the night sky, Haunter and Gastly are taking the ship to a place where no one can find it and remove their masters trophy. Ash vows to win an Orange League trophy for himself, just like the captain did.

With a new sense of wonder our heroes watch the haunted ship as it drifts off into the night.
 episode098 11185 16 E# 96

J# 98
"Meowth Rules!"

"O Nyāsu-sama no Shima!?" (おニャースさまのしま!?)
(Lord Nyarth's Island!?)
March 25, 2000

May 13, 1999
Our heroes are continuing their journey through the Orange Islands as always, and as usual they're being pursued by Team Rocket. Although Team Rocket have crashed their sub, and the pursuit is not going well. As Team Rocket squabble amongst themsleves they spot Ash and co in the distance aboard Lapras. Ash and friends notice something coming toward them, and Team Rocket emerge from the waves atop their Magikarp Sub, but just as they finish their motto their sub begins to sink, Ash sends out Squirtle to blast off Jessie and James with a watergun attack, Squirtle then goes up close and blasts off Meowth too.

Meanwhile on the Island they've landed on a group of people are worshipping the "Great Meowth of Bounty" next to a golden statue of a Meowth, just then Team Rocket's Meowth crashes to the ground in the middle of the ceremony and is picked up by the worshippers and placed afront the greater golden statue. Two of the lead islanders greet Meowth and present him with offerings, Meowth speaks and the islanders are all amazed, because their prophecy doesn't mention that the Meowth of Bounty can talk, they decide that because the Meowth of Bounty is a special creature that it probably can talk.

The worshippers bow down before the Pokémon they believe to be The Great Meowth of Bounty and continue to present him with offerings. Meowth continues to take full advantage of the islanders hospitality, but he kind of misses Jessie and James and just as he is atop a cliff thinking about them he spots Ash and co on the way toward the island and realises they could completely ruin his setup.

The Islanders spot the children and the Pikachu coming, but Meowth tells them they must not allow them to land on the island, the people agree and send out "The Meowth of Bounty Guard" who arrive in a giant golden Meowth statue to repel Ash and friends. But as Ash and friends are repelled, the islanders find Jessie and James washed up, Meowth denies knowing them and tells the islanders to get rid of Jessie and James, who are then promptly thrown into the sea. Meowth feels conflicted to have cast aside his own friends but feels as though he has to for his own happiness.

Jessie and James re-approach the grounds of worship and hide in the bushes, there they overhear that soon it's time for the ceremony where the Great Meowth of Bounty must use Payday to bring riches to the islanders, Meowth is a bit worried about this since he hasn't learned Pay day and tries to leave. He is grabbed by the giant golden Meowth which begins to shake him around in the hope that gold coins will come out, Meowth explains that he can't use payday no matter how much they shake him.

The two islanders decide that the Great Meowth of Bounty may have just not used Payday for a long time, and that a few battles at the stadium might help it remember. A Nidoking is sent out to attack Meowth and after the "battle" the islanders see that still no coins have been produced, next an Onix is sent after him which gives him a bit of a beating. Jessie and James are watching from the audience in disguise as the Onix continues to attack Meowth, and they eventually decide to help. The Onix is smacked in the face by what appears to be a silver coin, and a load more silver coins start falling to the ground, but not because Meowth used payday, because Jessie and James are hiding in the corridors beneath the stadium throwing coins and bottle caps. Jessie and James decide Meowth would be happier there as a hero than as a loser with them and they leave the stadium.

Later on Meowth is back at the ceremony area, and the lead islanders ask him to stay behind and rule them, just then Meowth see's James' favourite bottle cap in the pile of coins that his "pay day" produced, and he realises his friends helped him. Meowth rushes after Jessie and James, who are hiding just around the corner from him, the worshippers then catch up to Meowth and he tells them he isn't the great Meowth of Bounty and he misses his friends. Jessie and James emerge from behind the rock and are very happy to see that Meowth wants to return to them, they rescue Meowth from the worshippers on their sub and dive once more beneath the waves.

Ash and friends are still wondering why the giant Meowth chased them off the island, and continue their journey across the seas.
 episode099 11186 17 E# 97

J# 99
"Tracey Gets Bugged"

"Sutoraiku Senshi no Hokori" (ストライクせんしのほこり)
(The Strike Soldier's Pride)
April 1, 2000

May 20, 1999
Our heroes next stop is Murcott Island, which on the surface looks pretty peaceful! The group arrive on shore and Tracey sends out Marill and Venonat, he seems really excited to be on this island. Tracey then tells Ash and Misty that the island is famous for having lots of bug Pokémon. Both Ash and Tracey are excited to go catch some, Misty however is less enthusiastic but goes with them anyway. As the group continues deeper into the forest they encounter lots of Caterpie, and are then chased by a Pinsir, as they walk a little further Marill and Venonat sense something is nearby and the group head over to investigate, there they find an injured Scyther lying on the ground.

Tracey approaches the Scyther and tries to treat it with a potion, but the Scyther finds the strength to jump up and confront Ash and co. Ash tries to capture the Scyther in order to get it to a Pokémon Center, Scyther bats away the ball and Ash is about to attack it with Pikachu but Tracey tells them Scyther is too weak to fight, so instead Tracey uses his Venonat to put the Scyther to sleep, he then catches it in a Pokéball and the group rush it to a Pokémon Center.

Meanwhile Team Rocket are overhead in their balloon looking for stuff to steal when a Beedrill bursts their balloon, they crash to the forest floor and find themselves surrounded by bug Pokémon, and moments later by a big group of Scyther, the leader of which begins to attack them.

Back at the Pokémon Center Nurse Joy is treating the injured Scyther, which is staring angrily at Tracey. Nurse Joy explains that the old Scyther must have finally lost a battle for leadership of its swarm and that once the leader is defeated it can no longer stay with its swarm, unless it manages to defeat the new leader it can't return. The group call Professor Oak who congratulates Tracey on his catch, but notes that Tracey doesn't look too happy, Tracey tells him that Scyther isn't happy and Oak then goes on to explain its pride is probably hurt because it first lost a battle and then got captured by him. Oak advises Tracey that he needs to help Scyther regain confidence in itself once more. Back in the forest Jessie, James and Meowth have narrowly escaped the Scyther swarm, but Jessie's hair wasn't so lucky, and a good chunk of it has been cut off. Jessie and friends are now out for vengeance on the Scyther Swarm and start to plot.

Tracey tries to explain to Scyther that he only wants to help it, and Ash has the idea that once Scyther has recovered it could go and challenge the new leader to try and take back control of its swarm. Tracey offers to help Scyther train for its battle against the new swarm leader. Team Rocket find the Scyther swarm in a pool in the forest and begin firing glue-missles at them, pinning them all into place before Meowth then captures them all in nets. The swarm let out a cry as they are all captured, the wounded Scyther in the Pokémon Center seems to sense something is wrong and breaks out of the Pokémon Center, flying through the window, it's still weak though and falls to the ground. Tracey chases it but it knocks him away, Ash and co all give chase into the forest after the old warrior.

Team Rocket are still in the forest examining their net full of captured Scyther and Jessie is about to get her revenge on them all. Just then the Scyther are cut down from the net by their former leader, but they're still stuck in the glue. Ash and friends alive and begin laughing at whats happened to Jessie's hair, Team Rocket respond by sending all of their Pokémon out to battle, opening with a smokescreen from Weezing, which the old Scyther quickly dispatches with its Swords Dance move, but its very obvious it's still very injured and weak. The old Scyther communicates via Meowth "I might not be their leader anymore, but I won't let you take them". Everyone realises that Scyther didn't come back to challenge the leader, but to rescue its new friends. Team Rocket ready all four of their Pokémon and Meowth to attack Scyther, Ash sends Pikachu to help but Scyther wants to fight on it's own. Tracey helps Scyther during the battle and Scyther seems to be taking the advantage but is still clearly exhausted, after being initially knocked down Arbok returns and begins its attack on a badly weakened Scyther; just as Arbok's poison sting is about to hit the tired old Scyther, the new leader manages to move in front of it and take the hit, the old Scyther then uses the last of its energy to make short work of Team Rocket, their Pokémon, and their hair!

The Scyther return to the pool they were bathing in and wash off the glue, Tracey's Scyther shakes hands (err sort of) with the new swarm leader and the swarm return into the undergrowth. Tracey's Scyther, with its pride restored is happy to stay with Tracey and returns to it's Pokéball.

Tracey has a new Pokémon and a new friend, Scyther has a new reason to believe in itself.
 episode100 11187 18 E# 98

J# 100
"A Way Off Day Off"

"Minami no Shima da yo! Zen'in Shūgō!" (みなみのしまだよ! ぜんいんしゅうごう!)
(It's a Southern Island! Everyone Assemble!)
April 8, 2000

May 27, 1999
Ash and friends are sailing Lapras across the seas once more when Pikachu spots an island in the distance, Ash decides it might be a good place to get some food and they all head to the Island, unbeknowst to them all Jigglypuff has emerged from the water and is following them. The group arrive on the beautiful, seemingly uninhabited island and find beautiful sparkling waters and beaches.

Something falls out of nowhere and hits Ash on the head, the group spot something flying off and it appears to be a Farfetch'd, seconds later a whole massivev flock of Farfetch'd can be seen taking flight! Pikachu and Togepi return carrying some sort of fruit, and it turns out the whole island is covered in it. Ash and Misty try some fruit but its really sour, Tracey explains they just have to pick the ripe ones and they'll taste good.

The group send out all of their Pokémon to enjoy the fruit and Ash's Pokémon are finally introduced to Scyther, and despite being initially afraid of Scyther, Squirtle Bulbasaur and co all go over and greet Scyther, Charizard however can't be bothered so Ash begins to berate him, Charizard responds with a flamethrower which narrowly misses Scyther, causing them to nearly start a fight.

Meanwhile Jessie, James and Meowth are having a day off too, relaxing on a beach nearby with no thought of stealing Pokémon in their minds. Just then they spot Togepi and Marill go floating by, they work out that the twerp and his friends must be nearby and decide its an oppurtunity that they can't pass up and begin scheming.

Ash and friends gather a big banquet of fruit. They return to their Pokémon to find Tracey's Scyther telling Snorlax off because it was about to eat all the fruit before anyone else could get any, all of a sudden Jigglypuff bursts out from beneath the pile of fruit and begins its song. After everyone has finished sleeping and having their faces decorated they wake up later on that afternoon, they decide its best to leave Snorlax asleep and all the other Pokémon sit down to eat together (Charizard is also asleep next to Snorlax). Just as Ash and friends are about to dig into some tropical fruit sandwiches, Snorlax appears behind them, swipes the sandwiches and eats them all before going back to sleep.

As the gang is washing up their dishes, tensions between Tracey's Scyther and Ash's Charizard begin to rise. As night time draws in Ash is sat on a rock contemplating what might be special about the G.S ball and thinking about how different the Orange Island gym leaders are compared to the ones back in Kanto. Team Rocket are on a ledge above where Ash and friends are camped out, they use Victreebels sleep powder to put the group to sleep and begin trying to steal Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Snorlax, Togepi and Psyduck.. just as they are reeling the Pokémon in on ropes Scyther turns up, closely followed by Charizard - neither of which were in range of the sleep powder. Charizard and Scyther both begin to roar and it wakes up Ash and gang and all their Pokémon, alerting them to Team Rocket's mischief.

Ash arrives just in time to see Team Rocket sliding down a zipwire, straight into a tree. Team Rocket attack with Arbok and Weezing, using Smokescreen first, Scyther clears it with his swords dance before Bulbasaur hits them both with Vine Whip, and Squirtle and Pikachu follow up with Water Gun and Thundershock respectively, as the group of Pokémon is about to finish them off Charizard steps in and uses its flamethrower, Scyther then uses its skull bash to send them blasting off again. Everyone is celebrating the defeat of Team Rocket.... except for Charizard and Scyther who although they looked like they were about to fight each other, actually appear to be developing respect for each other.

While our heroes sail off into the sunset once more, Team Rocket sit on a rock in the sea remorseful that they didn't just enjoy their day off.
 episode101 11188 19 E# 99

J# 101
"The Mandarin Island Miss Match"

"Shitennō Kanna! Kōri no Tatakai!!" (してんのうカンナ! こおりのたたかい!!)
(Elite Four Canna! Ice Battle!!)
April 15, 2000

June 3, 1999
Ash is just finishing a battle against another trainer on the pier of Mandarin Island, infact it's the third straight victory he's won since he got there, but all that battling has made him hungry and the group go for something to eat. As Ash and Misty are open Tracey comes over and says he understands why everyone on the Island wants to battle, apparently theres a Pokémon lecture and Battle demonstration taking place on the island hosted by Prima, just as they're talking about Prima the woman herself approaches and introduces herself. Meanwhile Team Rocket are watching in the bushes, and they recognise Prima from somewhere but can't work out why.

Ash decides to demand a battle with Prima but shes too busy listening to the wind, ignoring everyone and staring out over the ocean. Ash tells Prima shes just scared to battle and rushes off to challenge another nearby trainer, who accepts. Prima moves to a position where she can watch and Ash starts a 2v2 battle, the trainer sends out a Persian and Ash uses Squirtle, unfortunately for Ash the Persian is able to use electric attacks, but Squirtle manages to withstand them and defeats the Persian with a skull bash. The trainer then sends out Tauros which rapidly defeats Squirtle, Ash responds by sending out Charizard, who attacks Ash with his flamethrower. The enemy trainer orders Tauros to use its takedown attack, this prompts Charizard into obliterating Tauros with the flamethrower and then Charizard attacks the other trainer, then Ash, Ash tries to get Charizard to return but it won't. Prima then sends out a Slowbro to try and control it, her Slowbro promptly uses its disable attack on Charizard and lowers it to the ground, instructing Ash to return Charizard to it's Pokéball, Prima has to go, but invites Ash and co to her demonstration.

Prima is ready to begin one of her battle demonstrations and takes on multiple strong opponents in front of a capacity crowd, beating them all with ease. Ash and friends are watching on in the audience and Team Rocket are there working undercover as food vendors. Later on Prima invites Tracey, Ash and Misty back to her house for tea and explains her training philosophy and that the most important thing is truly knowing where your true strength lies. Misty and Tracey are really impressed with her speech, but Ash isn't convinced and challenges her to battle again. Prima and Ash head to Prima's arena and begin a 1v1 match, Primarina sends in Cloyster against Ash's Pikachu and takes advantage of Cloysters powerful defence. Pikachu manages to deal some damage to Cloyster on the second attempt, but gets hit by an Aurora Beam followed by a takedown, and Pikachu is out of the match, Victory goes to Prima. Ash protests that he must be a really good trainer because he already won lots of badges, Prima reminds him that it was his Pokémon that won those battles too, and that they fought so hard for him as a sign that they care a lot for him, she also tells Ash that losing is a very important part of becoming a Pokémon master.

Just as Prima finishes her speech and Ash vows to try to win an honourable trainer trophy by competing in the Orange league, Team Rocket appear in their balloon and interrupt, again trying to steal Pikachu. Just as Ash is about to send Pikachu to battle, Prima sends out Jynx, freezes Team Rocket with an Ice Beam and then sends them flying away with an Ice Beam.

Prima tells Ash that the nearest Gym is Trovita on the other side of the Island, Ash and friends vow to always remember the advice that Prima gave them, and wave goodbye as they continue on the path to their next journey.
 episode102 11189 20 E# 100

J# 102
"Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?"

"Nidoran no Koimonogatari" (ニドランのこいものがたり)
(Nidoran's Love Story)
April 22, 2000

June 10, 1999
We find our heroes passing through a quaint little village as they head toward their next Orange League gym. Just then they spot a young girl running around the old looking streets shouting "Maria! Maria!", the girl asks if Ash and co have seen her but they don't know who Maria is - she explains that its her female Nidoran and that it's been running away a lot lately. Ash and friends agree to help find the girls Nidoran.

As the search continues Pikachu doesn't manage to find Maria but does come across a tree covered in Pink ripe berries, meanwhile Ash and Misty spot a kid running around shouting "Tony! Tony!" and he explains that he's lost his male Nidoran whose name is Tony, just then the girl runs up with Tracey and the boy accuses her of stealing his Nidoran and they begin to argue and fight with sticks. Marill then approaches and indicates that it's found something, the boy and girl run off into the undergrowth and find their Nidoran, Tony and Maria together, and they look very friendly... despite both Nidoran owners clearly finding the scene rather cute they then quickly snap into rival mode and snatch up their respective Nidorans and walk away, both of their Nidoran looking most distressed at being seperated.

Later on Ash and friends are eating at a local restaurant and the local chef tells them theres lots of Pokémon trainers in Trovita and they're all friends, Ash tells the chef about the two they met and how they definitely weren't friends. The Chef goes on to say that their names are Ralph and Emily, and not only grown up together, but they've always ended up in competition with one another, infact in this years Pokémon competition in Trovita they tied for first place! The Chef even knew that it was love at first sight for their Nidoran, but because of Ralph and Emily's stubborn natures they are destined to never be together.

Ash and his friends are walking through the streets once more wishing they could do something to help the situation, when they spot Tony, Ralph's Nidoran running by, it then starts talking sweet talk to Emily's Nidoran which is on a balcony above it. Emily appears, pours water on Tony from the balcony and then goes inside. Ralph appears and brings Tony in, and the friends realise that Emily and Ralph are actually next door neighbours.

Misty vows to help the two Nidoran be together, even though as Ash kindly points out it's none of their business. Team Rocket are watching the whole situation unfold from the bushes. Later on Misty is writing two identical love letters, one to Emily and one to Ralph, pretending they are from each other. Jessie is outside hatching a plan of her own by moonlight, saying that they will convince the two Nidoran that the only way they can be together is if they come with them, Jessie tells James and Meowth about all her love problems in the past and how nobody will love her just because shes mean and nasty and evil.

Meowth appears at Emily's door and communicates with Maria the female Nidoran through the glass, telling it what it has to do if it wants to be with its boyfriend forever, he goes and does the same with Tony. Meowth returns unsuccesful to Jessie and James, both Nidoran answered that although they are in love they can't disobey and run away from their masters.

Ash and friends watch to see Ralph and Emily meet after they recieved the love letters Misty wrote, and the gifts she sent. It doesn't go as well as Misty thought and the two begin hitting each other with sticks once more.

Just then a newlywed bride and groom appear and grab Tony & Maria who are in their carriers, it is of course Team Rocket in disguise. A giant wedding cake then appears and Team Rocket's balloon emerges from within it, they begin departing with Ralph and Emily's Nidoran. Misty tells them both off and said it only happened because they were fighting. Ash and Tracey find a trail of cans which dropped from Team Rockets wedding themed balloon, and it does of course lead straight to Team Rocket who are in the woods dressing up the Nidoran to get them looking their best for the boss.

Ash and co confront Team Rocket, Jessie and James send their Pokémon to attack but Ralph and Emily's Nidoran' manage to defeat Arbok, Weezing and Victreebel against all odds. Team Rocket return to their balloon and instead use a suction device to try and steal the Pokémon, but are blasted off quickly by Pikachu and Staryu.

Misty continues to tell off Ralph and Emily, neither of them want to lose their Nidoran, but Tracey tells them they don't have to and because they are next door neighbours they could just build a little house in the middle for their Nidoran. Ralph and Emily agree, and seem to be getting on a lot better. They thank our heroes for the help and wave them goodbye.
 episode103 11190 21 E# 101

J# 103
"Get Along, Little Pokémon"

"Daiheigen no Koiru-tachi!" (だいへいげんのコイルたち!)
(Coil on the Prairie!)
April 29, 2000

June 17, 1999
Bound for the next Orange League gym in Trovita Ash and friends find themselves trekking across the rugged landscape of Trovita. Our heroes are already pretty tired and Tracey says they still have three days ahead of them to the Trovita gym! But there is another town nearby which they could reach by morning. Just then a huge storm begins to approach, and Ash and friends notice a big group of Magnemite who appear to be absorbing the lightning from the storm, as the group watch the Magnemite a Jolteon appears on the Cliffside above them and begins to emit electricity.

A man named Ethan arrives just behind the Jolteon on a carriage being pulled by two Tauros, he invites the group to take shelter on the carriage. The storm section passes and Ethan explains that he runs a Magnemite ranch, he uses his Magnemite to absorb the lightning then he provides the neighbouring towns and villages with electricity.

It becomes quickly apparent that Ethan’s Magnemite group are extremely well trained, with the exception of number 6 which keeps trying to run off, Ethan uses his Jolteon to herd and control the Magnemite.

Ethan and the group get back into the Tauros powered carriage and Ethan tells them he’ll take them as far as the next town, on the way they encounter another lightning storm which Ethan collects all the power from using his Magnemite. The group stop for a rest on the way but are being watched by Team Rocket who are on a ridge above them, plotting to steal not only Pikachu, but Jolteon and all the Magnemite too.

Meanwhile Ethan takes a call from an Officer Jenny who tells Ethan that lightning hit their powerplant and they’re in a complete blackout minus the power from a few of the Pokémon Center’s Magnemites, just then Nurse Joy rushes in and says the Magnemites are out of power and both the Pokemon Center and Hospital are without power, Ethan and co need to get that power there quickly but something goes wrong with the Magnemite and they all start to fly off.

It becomes quickly apparent that the Magnemite all wandered off because of Team Rocket, who have attached a giant magnet to their balloon, which the Magnemite are now all stuck to. Team Rocket then proceed to mock the group and then grab Jolteon and Pikachu with some shock proof grabbers.

Ethan however thinks quickly and uses Jolteon’s pin missile attack which prompts Team Rockets machine to release both Jolteon and Pikachu who both fall to the ground, Jolteon gets straight back up and uses it’s thunder wave to round up the Magnemite even overpowering the force of the magnet, while its doing this its tackled by Arbok and knocked back into Ethan. Ash uses Pikachu to send Team Rocket blasting off once more.

Jolteon is exhausted and Ethan has a broken arm and can’t make the urgent trip they need to make to the town. Ash steps up and says he will do the delivery, he mounts a Tauros, takes Ethans whistle and gallops off toward the town, leaving Ethan and his friends behind.

As Ash is nearly at the town all of the Magnemite wander off, Ash is about to accept defeat but Pikachu has the idea to round them up using its own electricity, exhausting itself in the process. All of the Magnemite are now back with Ash except the rogue number 6 which is notorious for running off. Ash finds it and tries to bring it back but its being dragged toward yet another of Team Rocket’s devices; an electro magnet machine, they have returned for a second round.

Ash manages to escape Team Rocket briefly with Magnemite #6, but Team Rocket catch up to where the other Magnemite group is and they pull in and capture the main group in a big sack. Pikachu uses the last of its strength to try and bring them back but Team Rockets device is too strong, Magnemite #6, the only one that isn’t captured then uses its own built up electricity to bring its friends back and rescue them from Team Rocket, as it then evolves into Magneton!

The group of Magnemite then recharge Pikachu, and together with Pikachu they unleash a giant combined thunderbolt sending Team Rocket blasting off (again). As the sun sets Ash finally sees the town up ahead and finishes the job. Ethan, Misty and Tracey arrive shortly after to see the town lighting up.

Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy thank Ash on behalf of the town, and Ethan asks Ash if he’d like to become his partner in wrangling the Magnemite, Ash politely declines and tells him he has to follow his own dreams. The group wave goodbye to Ethan, Jenny and Joy and hit the trail once more, headed toward the next gym and their next adventure. 
 episode104 11191 22 E# 102

J# 104
"The Mystery Menace"

"Chikadō no Kaibutsu!?" (ちかどうのかいぶつ!?)
(Monster in the Sewers!?)
May 6, 2000

June 24, 1999
Our heroes have finally arrived at the city of Trovitopolis, everything seems normal but beneath the surface a secret looms. As Ash and friends admire the view from a ridge, Team Rocket are on the ridge just behind them stalking them once more with yet another plan devised ready to attempt to steal Pikachu.

They use the device designed to activate the trap that Pikachu is meant to fall into and initially nothing happens, then the ground opens beneath Team Rocket and they all fall into it, a few moments later Ash and gang also fall into the ground below and end up in some dark underground tunnel, spotting a light at the end of it and heading toward it, it seems they’re in some sort of sewer network, they start to look for a manhole cover so that they can climb out.

Ash keeps hearing strange noises and then something taps him on the shoulder, theres some sort of whip coming out of the water , Ash sends Bulbasaur out to battle it but the creature grabs Bulbasaur with its vine whip and pulls him into the water, Ash tries to jump in to help Bulbasaur but is stopped by Tracey, Misty and Pikachu.

Just then Officer Jenny appears peering down from a manhole above them and helps them to climb out with a rope before throwing them in a prison cell. Officer Jenny holds them in the cell for a while and as she is releasing them the Mayor of the town arrives and tells Jenny to hold them in the cell for another week, which the law renders Jenny unable and unwilling to do as they haven’t done anything wrong.

It turns out that the Mayor wants them held there so that Ash and co are unable to tell anyone about the creature in the sewers, which he is very much aware of, apparently a number of people have reported a strange creature reaching out of the sewers stealing food, and nothing serious has happened yet. Jenny goes on to explain that the mayor is worried that people would panic if they heard about the creature and that it would be near impossible to catch it as there are around 500 miles of sewers beneath the city and more than 5000 man holes, the Mayor adds that theres an election next week and if people found out there was a strange creature in the sewers while he is mayor it would be the end of him.

Nurse Joy enters the room and tells the Mayor he can’t go ahead with his plan, which apparently is to send SWAT teams into the sewers to kill the creature, rather than capture it and study and learn more about it. The mayor however is absolutely intent on doing what he needs to do to protect his own political agenda.

Ash and co call Professor Oak, and he too is adamant that the creature should be caught and studied because it could be a new species of Pokémon. Ash and friends have their own agenda, finding Bulbasaur and rescuing it from the creature, as they are about to go into the sewers they overhear the Mayor giving orders to the SWAT Team who themselves are about to embark on their mission to kill the creature.

Nurse Joy shows Ash and co a secret entrance to the sewers and they too start their search. Meanwhile in the sewers Team Rocket are still wandering around trying to find a way out, when they too encounter the creature and run away from it, they then hear footsteps and see a flashlight, they assume it to be a monster but its actually just Ash and friends. James sends out Weezing to use a smokescreen and they flee. The creature then uses its vine whip to grab Togepi who is in Misty’s arms, Misty won’t let go of Togepi and she too is dragged beneath the water.

Ash reveals that he bought his Muk with him to help and sends it out, it seems pleased to see him and immediately jumps on top of him. Team Rocket have been getting chased around the sewers for a long time now and finally decide that its “their turn to do the scaring” so pulling their scariest faces they begin running around the sewers, until they are unfortunately confronted by the SWAT team the mayor sent down. On the instruction of the Mayor the swat team begin firing putty at Team Rocket and chase them off.

Ash, Tracey and Muk find that the sewers underwater tunnel doesn’t end when the corridor does, and they swim underneath it, finding a hidden room where they encounter the sewer monster. Meanwhile the SWAT team is reporting back to the Mayor saying they found three monsters, and that the sewer could infact be packed with freaks. The Mayor states that they have no choice but to seal off every manhole in the city with concrete!

Ash regains consciousness and finds himself alongside Misty, Bulbasaur (who is unharmed) and Tracey, and it turns out the Mysterious creature was none other than a really big Bulbasaur which is wearing a collar. Tracey concludes that the Bulbasaur in the sewers took Ash’s Bulbasaur and Misty’s Togepi because it was lonely down there and just wanted them for company.

Nurse Joy protests to the mayor that his plan to fill up the manholes with concrete is wrong, and tells him that theres three kids down there. The Mayor still insists he’s going ahead with the plan until after the elections which are in a weeks time.

Unfortunately for the mayor a blockage in the sewers caused by the blocked manholes results in Ash and gang, the giant Bulbasaur et al come bursting out of the sewers, the group by now have worked out that the initials on the big Bulbasaurs collar are those of the mayor who it turns out abandoned this Bulbasaur when he was young because it wasn’t evolving.

The Bulbasaur is happy to see the mayor (who is clothed only in a towel) despite this and lifts him into the air. At this point theres a huge crowd of townsfolk gathered watching the situation unfold. The mayors SWAT team arrive and the mayor shamelessly tells them to fire on his old Bulbasaur, Ash commands a thundershock from Pikachu and a vine whip from his own Bulbasaur to send the SWAT team packing, and the mayor is then launched into the sunset.

Officer Jenny thanks Ash and co for what they’ve done, and Nurse Joy vows to take good care of the big Bulbasaur. Ash asks for directions to the Trovita gym, which Jenny points out is on an island nearby, right in their eyeshot, and that theres a ferry out to it once a day.

Ash and his friends set their sights on Trovita Island, and their next adventure. Team Rocket are still trapped in the sewers, and are all washed up.
 episode105 11192 23 E# 103

J# 105
"Misty Meets Her Match"

"Yuzu Jimu! Taipu Batoru San Tai San!!" (ユズジム! タイプバトル3VS3!!)
(Yuzu Gym! Type Battle 3 vs. 3!!)
September 9, 2000

July 1, 1999
Today we find our heroes on a ferry bound for Trovita Island, Ash is intent on challenging the Trovita Gym and winning his third Orange Islands gym badge. As they approach the Island they see a little girl and her Seel caught in a whirlpool and shouting for help. A guy can be seen shouting “Mahri!” from a cliff on the coast, he’s looking out to sea to try and find her after hearing the shouts, he then spots Misty diving into the water with her Staryu, she dives beneath the water and rescues both Mahri and Seel, she then takes them over to Lapras.

The guy watching from the Cliffside has already taken a liking to Misty, Team Rocket are just behind Ash and co in their Sub but they get caught in the whirlpool that Mahri was just rescued from. When Ash and co arrive on the pier Mahri is greeted by her older brother; Rudy. Rudy thanks the group (but mostly Misty) for saving his sister and presents her with flowers etc and then asks to dance with her, Rudy says there are no water trainers on the Island as talented as she is and that he’d be honoured if she’d stay for a while and instruct the trainers at his humble gym, revealing that he is the Trovita Island Gym leader!

Ash issues a challenge to Rudy, but Rudy is kinda busy with Misty. Mahri steps in and tells her brother to listen to Ash because he came here for a gym match. Rudy accepts Ash’s challenge but Rudy tells Ash he needs to pass a little test first; that test being that while sailing on a speedboat down a river Ash’s Pokémon need to hit all the targets that pop out. Rudy’s attention is clearly more on Misty than Ash’s challenge. Ash sends out Charizard by mistake, and it promptly incinerates Misty, before Ash returns it.

Team Rocket emerge from the water, realising they are no longer in the ocean but in Trovita River, they spot Ash and co coming ahead, but a target marker pops out in front of them, Ash orders his Squirtle to attack the marker and accidentally sends Team Rocket blasting off, Ash despite thinking he may have just heard Team Rocket continues his challenge, completing it successfully.

Rudy states that tomorrow they’ll have a match and if Ash wins 2 out of 3 he’ll win a badge, he also states that Ash can pick two Pokémon of any types, and he’ll use the same types himself, Rudy then goes on to invite Misty over for dinner, a request that is echoed by Mahri, and she heads off with Rudy without even saying bye to Ash and Tracey.

Ash and Tracey call Professor Oak who warns Ash not to get overconfident. Tracey then shows Professor Oak a sketch of an unknown Pokémon he saw in the woods, thinking it could be a new type of Pokemon! Meanwhile Misty has enjoyed a delicious meal cooked by Rudy, Mahri reveals that shes always wanted a big sister just like Misty and asks her to stay forever. Rudy changes the subject and takes Misty to the gym to meet their Pokémon, who are all dancing, he goes on to explain that part of his training philosophy is to teach the Pokémon to dance as he believes it helps to unlock their powers even further, he then goes on to ask Misty if she’d consider staying on Trovita for good, but Misty looks unsure and Rudy asks her to think about it and to give her answer after tomorrows match.

The next day Rudy, Mahri, Ash and friends head to the Trovita gym’s battle platform, they are first battling with electric types, Ash sends out Pikachu and Rudy chooses Electabuzz, who it becomes quickly apparent isn’t going to be beaten by electric attacks. Pikachu is defeated by Electabuzz’s tackle and thunder punch, almost knocking Pikachu off the arena into the ravine below, but Ash manages to stop him from falling. Next up Ash sends out Bulbasaur, Rudy sends out Exeggcutor and prompts one of his assistants to turn on the music, the Exeggcutor starts dancing to the music and avoids Bulbasaurs attacks with its dance moves, it then hits Bulbasaur with an egg bomb attack and closes in to finish off Bulbasaur, who manages to put Exeggcutor to sleep just in time.

Team Rocket meanwhile are climbing up the sheer clliffside of the battle platform when they get knocked down by the sleeping Exeggcutor, which itself gets rescued by Bulbasaurs vine whips. Bulbasaur claims victory and its now 1-1 with the next battle as the decider.

For the deciding battle water element Pokémon are used, Rudy sends out Starmie and Ash uses Squirtle, he even arrogantly dedicates the battle he’s about to win to Misty. Both Pokémon use their water guns but it’s a deadlock, Rudy prompts the music again and Starmie begins to dance, and against all odds manages an electric attack, Squirtle is in big trouble as that’s his weakness. Just then Misty shouts to Ash and tells him to do something, showing that her true allegiance is with him, not Rudy. Ash tells Squirtle to aim its water gun at the ground and get out of the way of the electric attack, Squirtle learns hydro pump, one of the most powerful water attacks and knocks Starmie to the ground, it then goes in for a skull bash and finishes the match, claiming victory for Ash!

Rudy awards Ash the Spike-shell badge, and gives Misty some flowers, despite that he already knows that she won’t be staying on at Trovita with him, he tells Ash what a lucky guy he is and our heroes then bid farewell to Rudy, Mahri and co.
 episode106 11193 24 E# 104

J# 106
"Bound for Trouble"

"Pikachū Tai Nyāsu!?" (ピカチュウVSニャース!?)
(Pikachu vs. Nyarth!?)
September 15, 2000

July 15, 1999
After earning his third Orange League badge on Trovita Island Ash and his friends have stopped at a place renound for super sized Pokémon. Just as the group set off to explore the island they see a giant fruit bowl in the middle of the road, Ash and Pikachu run straight at it, Misty shouts at them to come back, and they return to the group just before they reach it. Misty thinks it’s a trap, Tracey agrees and the group stay away from the fruit bowl, instead heading over to a nearby tree which is also covered in fruit, as they approach the tree they do indeed fall into a trap.

Team Rocket appear at the top of the pit and begin their motto, apparently Team Rocket knew Ash and co would think the fruit basket in the road trick would be a trap, and using reserve psychology they set a trap nearby instead, pretty clever stuff from Team Rocket.

Jessie and James send out Arbok and Weezing to begin their attack and Ash throws Pikachu into the air to use a thunderbolt, Jessie, James and Meowth however block the attack with a new patent pending device that absorbs electricity, unable to use its electric attacks Pikachu is then weakened by Arbok and Weezing before being captured by Meowth who attaches himself to Pikachu using some sort of rope, Team Rocket run off and make it back to their balloon, intending to take Pikachu straight to the boss.

A giant Pidgeot then flies over and grabs both Meowth and Pikachu, Pikachu takes advantage and shocks Meowth, then shocks the Pidgeot who drops them both to the ground. Still attached to one another Meowth and Pikachu begin to pull in different directions, Pikachu leverages his electric attacks to take dominance in his and Meowths arrangement.

Ash and co arrive at Team Rocket’s balloon and confront Jessie and James who explain that they were taken by a giant Pidgeot. Team Rocket leave in search of Pikachu and Meowth in their balloon, Tracey meanwhile sends out Marrill and tells it to listen for a giant Pidgeot, Marrill quickly leads the group to a giant Pidgeots nest, unbeknownst to the group that Pikachu and Meowth aren’t there. Pikachu and Meowth continue through the forest, Meowth schemes to take Pikachu straight to the boss by pretending to be its friend but Pikachu sees through the plan and shocks him.

Ash arrives on top of the platform where the giant Pidgeot’s nest is, but its not pleased to see him and knocks him off the cliff. Ash walks off on his own and continues the search for Pikachu. Pikachu and Meowth stop for a moment because Pikachu says he can smell Pokémon, and unfortunately he is right, a giant Rhydon emerges from behind a rock nearby and gives chase, unfortunately due to Meowth and Pikachu trying to run in different directions it catches up to them and knocks them flying, but the Rhydon isn’t done, and continues to chase them until the two eventually reach a dead end. The Rhydon starts its final run at Meowth and Pikachu, Pikachu tells Meowth to get Rhydon’s mouth open and Pikachu will do the rest, Meowth tickles Rhydon and sure enough its mouth opens, Pikachu then shocks it straight in the mouth and knocks it out.

Ash and friends, led by Marill find Pikachu and Meowths footprints, they also realise that they were being chased by a Rhydon. Pikachu and Meowth are both getting very hungry at this point and start fighting over an apple they find, Pikachu wins and claims the apple, but splits it in half, giving half to a tearful Meowth, the two sit together and Meowth contemplates that Pikachu might not be such a bad Pokémon afterall. The two fall asleep and the next morning just as the two wake up they are chased by a giant Pidgeot, who leads them straight into the path of the charging Rhydon, just as it looks like theres no way out for Pikachu and Meowth both Ash’s group and Team Rocket arrive.

Ash sends out Snorlax who stops Rhydon from getting to Pikachu and sends it flying away with a mega punch, Jessie sends out Arbok who fends off the giant Pidgeot. Both Meowth and Pikachu are still stuck together however, Jessie grabs Meowth and pulls him to try and reel Pikachu in, Ash uses Bulbasaur to retrieve the key and free Pikachu and Meowth.

Team Rocket start to ascend in their balloon and have one more trick up their sleeve as a weapon emerges from the base of their balloon, Misty accidentally sends out Psyduck to stop them, who isn’t particularly useful, Team Rocket’s weapon is charging up and things look bad, but then a mysterious attack destroys their balloon, sending them blasting off once more. Misty is starting to suspect that these mysterious attacks really are Togepi’s doing.
episode107 11194 25 E# 105

J# 107
"Charizard Chills"

"Rizādon! Kimi ni Kimeta!!" (リザードン! きみにきめた!!)
(Lizardon! I Choose You!!)
September 2, 2000

July 22, 1999
Today our friends enjoy smooth sailing and Ash is glad he only needs one more badge to get into the Orange League. Just then a boat sails at high speed right at our heroes, narrowly missing them, the guy sailing the boat delivers a subtle insult to Misty, and seems to know who Ash is, and that he just won a badge at the Trovita Gym, his name is Tad and he challenged the Trovita Gym just after Ash did, he overheard Rudy, the Trovita Gym leader saying that Ash won their battle on pure power more than anything else. Tad challenges Ash to a battle, which he accepts and they head to a nearby island to battle on its shoreline. Tad has already stated that he likes powerful Pokémon, the two agree a 2v2 match, and Tad sends out a Poliwrath wearing some sort of a belt against Ash’s Pikachu. Ash goes straight in with a thunderbolt, but Poliwrath avoids it using a double team attack, Pikachu manages to find the real Poliwrath and hits it with some electricity before falling victim to a hypnosis attack and being defeated itself.

Ash sends out his secret weapon… Charizard…. Who has no interest in the battle or obeying Ash, Tad orders Poliwrath to attack and Charizard is hit by a water gun, prompting it to return to the shore and begin attacking Poliwrath with flame attacks that simply aren’t working, Ash tries to tell Charizard to use some other attacks but it just won’t listen. Poliwrath uses an ice beam attack and knocks Charizard out of the sky, freezing it in a block of ice. Ash struggles to free Charizard from the ice, and Tad begins to walk away stating that he’d be happy to have a rematch when Ash learns to control Charizard.

Ash does everything he can to help warm Charizard, who suddenly tries to get up before collapsing again. Misty and Tracey return with firewood and light fires around Charizard and they too try to warm it up. Thanks to Ash and gangs efforts Charizard begins to warm up again and eventually it wakes back up and appears to be getting better. Ash reminds Charizard that they’ve been together since he found it as a Charmander and that all he wants is to be good enough for him so they can battle together as a team… and Charizard seems to remember. The gang continue to warm Charizard with blankets, fires and massage throughout the night.

The next morning as the sun begins to rise Charizard is looking out over the ocean when theres an explosion. Tad rushes over to see what all the commotion is, it is of course Team Rocket who emerge on one of their latest devices and steal Pikachu, they then use the device to burrow back underground and despite the obvious danger Ash gives chase, when to his surprise Charizard flies alongside him and lets him jump on, they pursue Team Rocket together and eventually catch up to them, Charizard is about to incinerate the machine but Ash tells him that would get Pikachu too and suggests Charizard breaks the machines front drill, Charizard does so with a mega kick, it then goes on to rescue Pikachu and return it to Ash.

Team Rocket however aren’t done, and they send a saw blade out which comes straight at Ash, Charizard and Pikachu, knocking Ash and Pikachu to the ground, Charizard learns its rage attack in order to save Ash and Pikachu, sending Team Rocket very much blasting off. Tad, Tracey and Misty rush over, having witnessed the whole thing.

It appears that Charizard is finally on Ash’s side, and Tad gives Ash the rematch he promised, Charizard takes on Poliwrath once more, this time listening to Ash and after a fierce battle managing to defeat Poliwrath with a Seismic toss attack. Tad shakes hands with Ash after a great battle before he sets sail on his own journey once more.

Ash is elated that Charizard will finally listen to him, seconds later Charizard uses a flamethrower attack on our heroes and it becomes apparent that the arrangement may have been temporary.
 episode108 11195 26 E# 106

J# 108
"The Pokémon Water War"

"Hikeshi Taiketsu! Zenigame Tai Kamēru" (ひけしたいけつ! ゼニガメVSカメール)
(Firefighting Showdown! Zenigame vs. Kameil)
August 26, 2000

July 29, 1999
Today our heroes have decided to take a detour and do some big city exploring. As they’re trying to decide where to go to eat they spot a big fire at a warehouse in the distance and lots of crowds gathered around being held back by Officer Jenny. Misty and Ash go rushing over and send out their water Pokémon who both start firing their water guns at the fire but it isn’t enough, the next warehouse is imminent to catch fire when the fire service, a guy named Captain Aidan and a Team of Wartortle arrive to tackle the blaze.

The powerful waterguns of the six wartortle and their excellent Teamwork quickly dispatch the blaze. Squirtle looks a little put out by the situation. Capt. Aidan takes Ash and friends back to the station and introduces them to Team Blastoise who use their hydro pumps to put out large fires, and Team Squirtle who they use to put our fires in tight spots, Capt. Aidan then goes on to state that team Wartortle are the perfect team as they combine the speed of Squirtle and the power of Blastoise.

It becomes apparent that Squirtle is quite upset about what happened at the fire, Squirtle then pulls out the Squirtle squad glasses which haven’t been seen for quite some time. Tracey concludes that as a great firefighter himself, Squirtle must have been pretty hurt that it couldn’t put out the fire on its own. Ash asks Capt. Aidan if Squirtle can take on one of his Wartortle head to head, but Capt. Aidan isn’t convinced that Squirtle would stand a chance, Ash begs him and Aidan agrees to the challenge. Team Rocket are watching the whole thing unfold from the bushes and are plotting to steal, basically everything.

The first challenge is Squirtle vs. the Wartortle in a race. Squirtle starts well and keeps up but eventually slips over on a rock, sending it spinning toward one of the Wartortle who also gets knocked into a spin and the two of them cross the finish together, accidentally setting a new land speed record. Captain Aidan is pretty impressed that Squirtle was able to keep up, and suggests that it joins his Wartortle for a whole day of training.

The next drill involves Captain Aidan releasing Frisbees into the air and Squirtle and the group of Wartortle having to shoot them down. But then a strange Frisbee arrives, dodges their attacks and flies off – with all the Wartortle and Squirtle giving chase.

Captain Aidan, Ash and gang also give chase and discover a hole in the ground, there they find Team Rockets air balloon emerging with all of the Wartortle and Ash’s squirtle captive in a net. Team Rocket then use a mechanical grabber to catch Pikachu and get ready to make their escape, but they aren’t done yet… James sends out Weezing who unleashes a smokescreen, and then Team Rocket begin to escape. Ash is undeterred by the smokescreen and tries to give chase, Tracey sends out Scyther who clears the smoke with swords dance.

Team Rocket have all the kidnapped Pokémon at a hut in the woods, the Wartortle and Squirtle try to bite through the net but to no avail, and Pikachu is still trapped in an anti electric jar. Team Rocket start to argue between themselves about who gets to keep which of the kidnapped Pokémon for themselves and start fighting. Captain Aidan, Ash and friends are searching for the kidnapped Pokémon using Tracey’s Venonat to guide them. Captain Aidan then gets an emergency call from Officer Jenny who tells him that theres a terrible fire, Team Blastoise can’t get there as a truck in the road has blocked them, Team Squirtle are on the scene but aren’t powerful enough to put out the blaze, so it has to be Team Wartortle or the whole building will burn down!

Misty says she has to try and help and rushes off to the scene of the fire with Staryu, Tracey also loans her Scyther and Marill to help, and the others continue searching for the kidnapped Team Wartortle. As Team Rocket continue to squabble about who gets to kidnap what, the Squirtle and Wartortle have an idea, they all use their waterguns together and flood the building, sending Jessie and James flying. Despite being trapped in a net the Wartortle and Ash’s Squirtle move together and get outside the building, there Meowth tries to attack them with fury swipes but breaks the net doing so, Ash and co turn up just then and send Team Rocket blasting off.

Team Squirtle are continuing to try and put out the blaze with the help of Misty, Marill, Staryu and Scyther but its still not enough. Just as a huge burning piece of debris is about to hit Misty, Squirtle and the leader of Team Wartortle arrive and deflect it with their waterguns. A little boy can be seen on one of the balconies of the building calling for help, Ash volunteers to run in but Captain Aidan says its too risky. One of Team Blastoise then sends the Team Wartortle leader and Squirtle straight up to the balcony where they get to the kid.

After some amazing teamwork by Ash’s Squirtle and the Team Wartortle leader they manage to save the boy, and then with the combined effort of Team Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise + Marill, Scyther and Staryu they manage to tackle the giant fire and get it under control. The lead Wartortle and Squirtle now have great respect for each other, shake hands and say goodbye.Today our heroes have decided to take a detour and do some big city exploring. As they’re trying to decide where to go to eat they spot a big fire at a warehouse in the distance and lots of crowds gathered around being held back by Officer Jenny. Misty and Ash go rushing over and send out their water Pokémon who both start firing their water guns at the fire but it isn’t enough, the next warehouse is imminent to catch fire when the fire service, a guy named Captain Aidan and a Team of Wartortle arrive to tackle the blaze.

The powerful waterguns of the six wartortle and their excellent Teamwork quickly dispatch the blaze. Squirtle looks a little put out by the situation. Capt. Aidan takes Ash and friends back to the station and introduces them to Team Blastoise who use their hydro pumps to put out large fires, and Team Squirtle who they use to put our fires in tight spots, Capt. Aidan then goes on to state that team Wartortle are the perfect team as they combine the speed of Squirtle and the power of Blastoise.

It becomes apparent that Squirtle is quite upset about what happened at the fire, Squirtle then pulls out the Squirtle squad glasses which haven’t been seen for quite some time. Tracey concludes that as a great firefighter himself, Squirtle must have been pretty hurt that it couldn’t put out the fire on its own. Ash asks Capt. Aidan if Squirtle can take on one of his Wartortle head to head, but Capt. Aidan isn’t convinced that Squirtle would stand a chance, Ash begs him and Aidan agrees to the challenge. Team Rocket are watching the whole thing unfold from the bushes and are plotting to steal, basically everything.

The first challenge is Squirtle vs. the Wartortle in a race. Squirtle starts well and keeps up but eventually slips over on a rock, sending it spinning toward one of the Wartortle who also gets knocked into a spin and the two of them cross the finish together, accidentally setting a new land speed record. Captain Aidan is pretty impressed that Squirtle was able to keep up, and suggests that it joins his Wartortle for a whole day of training.

The next drill involves Captain Aidan releasing Frisbees into the air and Squirtle and the group of Wartortle having to shoot them down. But then a strange Frisbee arrives, dodges their attacks and flies off – with all the Wartortle and Squirtle giving chase.

Captain Aidan, Ash and gang also give chase and discover a hole in the ground, there they find Team Rockets air balloon emerging with all of the Wartortle and Ash’s squirtle captive in a net. Team Rocket then use a mechanical grabber to catch Pikachu and get ready to make their escape, but they aren’t done yet… James sends out Weezing who unleashes a smokescreen, and then Team Rocket begin to escape. Ash is undeterred by the smokescreen and tries to give chase, Tracey sends out Scyther who clears the smoke with swords dance.

Team Rocket have all the kidnapped Pokémon at a hut in the woods, the Wartortle and Squirtle try to bite through the net but to no avail, and Pikachu is still trapped in an anti electric jar. Team Rocket start to argue between themselves about who gets to keep which of the kidnapped Pokémon for themselves and start fighting. Captain Aidan, Ash and friends are searching for the kidnapped Pokémon using Tracey’s Venonat to guide them. Captain Aidan then gets an emergency call from Officer Jenny who tells him that theres a terrible fire, Team Blastoise can’t get there as a truck in the road has blocked them, Team Squirtle are on the scene but aren’t powerful enough to put out the blaze, so it has to be Team Wartortle or the whole building will burn down!

Misty says she has to try and help and rushes off to the scene of the fire with Staryu, Tracey also loans her Scyther and Marill to help, and the others continue searching for the kidnapped Team Wartortle. As Team Rocket continue to squabble about who gets to kidnap what, the Squirtle and Wartortle have an idea, they all use their waterguns together and flood the building, sending Jessie and James flying. Despite being trapped in a net the Wartortle and Ash’s Squirtle move together and get outside the building, there Meowth tries to attack them with fury swipes but breaks the net doing so, Ash and co turn up just then and send Team Rocket blasting off.

Team Squirtle are continuing to try and put out the blaze with the help of Misty, Marill, Staryu and Scyther but its still not enough. Just as a huge burning piece of debris is about to hit Misty, Squirtle and the leader of Team Wartortle arrive and deflect it with their waterguns. A little boy can be seen on one of the balconies of the building calling for help, Ash volunteers to run in but Captain Aidan says its too risky. One of Team Blastoise then sends the Team Wartortle leader and Squirtle straight up to the balcony where they get to the kid.

After some amazing teamwork by Ash’s Squirtle and the Team Wartortle leader they manage to save the boy, and then with the combined effort of Team Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise + Marill, Scyther and Staryu they manage to tackle the giant fire and get it under control. The lead Wartortle and Squirtle now have great respect for each other, shake hands and say goodbye.
 episode109 11196 27 E# 107

J# 109
"Pokémon Food Fight"

"Moe yo! Kabigon!!" (もえよ! カビゴン!!)
(Burn! Kabigon!!)
August 19, 2000

August 5, 1999
A storm far out at sea has made the sea too dangerous to sail and our heroes have been stranded on a small Island for a week now with their food supplies for both Pokémon and themselves running low. Tracey then reveals that the Pokémon should be OK because according to his trainers guide theres lots of wild flowers on the island that Pokémon love to eat, he tests the theory when he finds some wild flowers which looks similar to those in his book and starts to pull on them, but he pulls up a kid from the undergrowth who had the flowers as his hat!

The kid responds badly and tells Tracey he picked on the wrong kid, because he’s Golzar the greatest grass Pokémon trainer in the Orange Islands, Tracey apologises, but Golzar angrily challenges Tracey to a battle, Ash says they’ll just go look for food somewhere else and then Golzar challenges him too, Ash can’t resist and accepts the battle. Golzar sends out Gloom first and Ash tries to send out Charizard but instead gets Squirtle who is at a natural disadvantage, he tries a water gun but Gloom seems to like it more than anything, Ash quickly returns Squirtle and tries again to send out Charizard, he drops it however and damages his Pokéball, and again he got the wrong one, it’s Snorlax.

Ash tries to return Snorlax but the damaged Pokéball prevents him from doing so, while Ash begs Snorlax to wake up for the battle Golzar orders a Solar Beam which hits Snorlax, waking it up, Snorlax then proceeds to attack Gloom and Golzar returns it, Snorlax then turns it’s attention to Golzar – steals his lunch, and the egg flowers he was using as a hat. Just like any tough trainer, Golzar then bursts into tears and prepares to run off home, Snorlax goes back to sleep.

Ash asks Golzar if he wants to finish the battle, but he doesn’t, Ash points out that it wasn’t even him who wanted to battle in the first place but now his Pokéball is broken and he can’t fix it unless he gets to a Pokémon Center, Golzar points out that they are lucky because there is one nearby, but they’ll have to pass a mountain to get to it, he then runs off laughing to himself. Ash tries to figure out some way of getting Snorlax over the mountain, they try pulling him over logs initially and it seems to be working but wouldn’t be sustainable the whole way.

Tracey pulls out an apple which they intend to use as bait to get Snorlax running across the mountain, so they put it on the end of an old rod and dangle it above Snorlax, who even though asleep manages to snap the apple up and eat it much to the groups dismay, they then put together the plan of dressing Ash up like an apple, in order to make Snorlax chase him across the mountain, thinking him to be food. Snorlax wakes up and takes the bait and Ash runs up the mountain with Snorlax hot on his trail. Eventually Snorlax catches Ash and tries to take a bite, luckily the fake apple he’s dressed up in is pretty tough, Snorlax realises its not food and goes back to sleep – the good news is Ash made it to the top of the mountain before he got caught. The group notice a fast flowing river nearby and build a raft out of wood in order to easily get Snorlax down the other side of the mountain to reach the Pokémon Center, it all looks as though its going well but they then realise they’re heading toward a waterfall at high speed, unable to change course they plummet into the water below.

The group find themselves in water shallow enough to stand up in and they bump into Golzar who is already over there, they continue pulling Snorlax along and finally reach the Pokémon Center, with Golzar taunting Ash as they go. The Pokémon Center has a large crowd formed outside it and Golzar tells them it’s because the island isn’t large enough to have a seaport or airport so a plane flies by once a week and physically drops supplies, but this latest shipment hasn’t shown up yet so people are running out of Pokémon food.

Nurse Joy and Chansey arrive and inform the crowd that the latest shipment of food left Valencia Island that morning and that it should be arriving in the next few minutes, which is met with applauds from the crowd. The group then spot a plane flying over, which drops a package on a parachute which drifts slowly toward the ground, unfortunately Team Rocket are watching the package and use one of their latest inventions to snag it and drag it into the woods so that they can eat it themselves.

The crowd of people along with Golzar, Ash and friends arrive in the woods to find Team Rocket with the box of food. Team Rocket however try to convince the crowd that they’ll happily surrender the food so everyone can feed their starving Pokémon, but only if they get Ash’s Pikachu. It looks as though the crowd is about to turn on Ash and Pikachu but Golzar steps in and tells them they should all be ashamed, the crowd are turned back against Team Rocket, or at least to neutral.

Team Rocket propose that Ash battles Meowth in his mechanical suit “The Mega Meowthonator”, it absorbs Pikachu’s electric attacks and chases Pikachu until he flees back to Ash, just as Team Rocket are saying they won Pikachu fair and square and Ash should give it up, there is a loud thud of huge footsteps, and Snorlax appears from the undergrowth, looking focused and almost angry, a look the group have never seen from Snorlax before. Tracey concludes that it must have sensed that its friends were in danger and come to help, his theory proves correct when Snorlax begins to battle the Mega Meowthonator. Meowth manages to hit Snorlax with a few attacks, which don’t seem to bother it in the slightest, Snorlax then destroys the mechanical Meowthonator and throws Meowth into Team Rocket, knocking them into the water before hitting them with a powerful Hyper beam and sending them blasting off.

Ash is elated that Snorlax came to help and runs to hug it, however it runs past Ash and straight to the food, helping itself to a few bits before going back to sleep. Nurse Joy comes out of the Pokémon Center and hands Ash his Pokéball back which has now been mended. Golzar too is outside the Pokémon Center and he apologises to Ash, tells him he was wrong about him and the two shake hands. In the time that’s passed since this adventure began the stormy seas have cleared and our friends wave goodbye and continue on their journey.
episode110 11197 28 E# 108

J# 110
"Pokémon Double Trouble"

"Taggu Batoru! Saigo no Jimu!!" (タッグバトル! さいごのジム!!)
(Tag Battle! The Last Gym!!)
September 9, 2000

August 12, 1999
Our heroes have reached Kumquat Island, a well known luxury resort that’s also the home of the fourth and final member of the Orange Crew who Ash must defeat in order to qualify for the Orange League.

The group find the whole place is really busy, and lots of people are shouting advertising hotels etc, Ash and co decide to head to the beach to grab a hotdog when one of the women thinks she recognises Ash and starts charging toward him screaming “sonnyboy… come to mamawama” – she grabs Ash and embraces him, Ash asks her who she is and she responds “Travis! You don’t even remember your own mommywammy” and continues to smother Ash. The woman eventually realises that Ash isn’t her son, and apologises, she goes on to say that her son not only looks like Ash but also went on a Pokémon journey some time ago with his Pikachu, they are then interrupted with screams from the beach.

A giant mechanical Rhydon emerges from the water, and as usual it became quickly apparent that it’s Team Rocket; who reveal that their RoboRhydon is Pokémon powered (Arbok and Lickitung on treadmills) while Weezing fires his smog attack out of it’s mouth (it was supposed to be a hyper beam, but James never taught Weezing that). None the less the revellers on the beach scatter in panic and Jessie is enjoying causing chaos, James and Meowth remind her that they’re there to steal Pikachu. Jessie orders Arbok to fire poison stings on Ash from the mouth of RoboRhydon, it does and just as Ash and Pikachu are about to get hit, Travis’ mother sends her Alakazam who uses reflect to block the attack, before she warns Team Rocket to leave now and never come back or they’ll regret it.

Ash warns the woman that Team Rocket are pretty dangerous and that she should probably let them deal with it, the woman then reveals that she is Luana; the fourth member of the Orange Crew and should have no problem dealing with them, Ash looks on in shock as Luana orders her Alakazam to force RoboRhydon’s mouth shut, trapping all of Weezing’s smog inside. Ash sends out Charizard and orders a Takedown attack, and Charizard actually does do it. Meanwhile the build up of smog inside the Robo Rhydon causes chaos, Arbok spits out venom which burns a hole in the Robo Rhydons shell and Charizard fires flames inside it, igniting the device and sending it blasting off. Ash challenges Luana to a gym battle which she accepts, warning him that she won’t go easy on him.

Ash and friends accompany Luana to a luxury hotel where her gym battles take place and she even orders one of her staff to provide Ash and gang with a luxury suite, before leading them into an impressive stadium. Luana suggests a 2 vs 2 match with the rules being that the first trainer who has one of their Pokémon no longer able to battle resulting in their defeat, Ash agrees. Luana concludes that they’ll have their match tomorrow morning and allows the group free use of the hotel for the rest of the day. While enjoying the hotels spa facilities, the group discuss which Pokémon Ash should use, with it being highly probable that Luana will use her Alakazam Ash would need a Ghost or a Bug type to stand any real chance, two types he doesn’t have with him.

The next day the stage is set and the battle begins, with a Jade-star badge at stake. Luana sends out Alakazam (as expected) accompanied by Marowak, Ash chooses Pikachu and Charizard and sends them both out, but they start to squabble between themselves. Pikachu runs at Marowak and Alakazam but Charizard hits Pikachu with the flamethrower and it’s immediately apparent that there are issues in the teamwork department. Charizard readies its flamethrower and flies toward Alakazam who stops it cold with a Psychic attack, Ash instructs Pikachu to use thunderbolt and help Charizard, but Pikachu defiantly shocks Charizard because its still angry about their earlier argument.

Luana then orders Marowak to hit Charizard with a Bonemerang, and Alakazam holds it in place with psychic so it cannot escape. This whole time Pikachu has done basically nothing to help and Charizard is taking a beating, on instruction from Ash Pikachu hits Alakazam with a solid thunderbolt, Luana’s Marowak comes straight at Pikachu and hits it with a bodyslam, Charizard catches Pikachu’s fall with its wing and it looks like the two are willing to actually start working together. Pikachu jumps on Charizards back and flies, Marowak tries a bonemerang but the two manage to dodge it. Pikachu’s thundershock prevents Marowak’s next attack, Alakazam lines up a hyperbeam aimed at Charizard and Ash holds his nerve, telling Charizard to fly up at the last moment, the hyperbeam misses them and hits Marowak, both Alakazam and Marowak are defeated and Ash has defeated the fourth member of the Orange Crew; Luana, she presents him with his fourth badge; the Jade-star badge and Ash is now qualified to participate in the Orange League.

Luana tells Ash that if he wants to win the Orange League & it’s trophy, he’ll have to defeat both other qualified trainers with four badges as well as the leader of the Orange Crew who is really tough. She asks that if Ash and friends see her son Travis that they pass on her love. The group board Lapras and say goodbye and thank you to Luana and her staff before setting sail once more.
episode111 11198 29 E# 109

J# 111
"The Wacky Watcher"

"Koikingu! Shinka no Himitsu!!" (コイキング! しんかのひみつ!!)
(Koiking! The Secret of Evolution!!)
September 16, 2000

August 19, 1999
After an exciting battle at the Kumquat gym, Ash earned his fourth and final Orange League badge. Now our friends are making their way to the Orange League competition. Tracey takes a bottle full of seawater for Pokémon research purposes and that’s not elaborated on. Something huge passes beneath the group, and a giant submarine emerges from the water in front of them.

A guy pops out of the top of the sub and tells the group they’re just in time to see one of the most amazing scenes that they may see, on the sea. The sea starts rocking aggressively and the man states “They’re here, they’re here!” just then a huge school of Magikarp turn up and start splashing about in the water, each of them have a coloured band on the tail. The man goes on to say that he knows exactly where the Magikarp are headed, he goes back into the sub and speeds off. Tracey’s guidebook states that the island they might be going to is the nearby Rind Island, which is uninhabited.

When the group arrive they spot lots of Magikarp swimming upstream, and just then the guy from the sub emerges and starts running toward them and handing them boxes of stuff to carry, telling the group to follow him (without any explanation of why). Misty asks who he is and he tells them he is Quincy T. Quackenpoker, who explains that he is a Pokémon watcher who has dedicated his life to the study of Magikarp, turns out he is pretty famous and that Tracey, as a Pokémon watcher himself recognises his name.

The group continue exploring the island, and when they stop for a moment Dr. Quackenpoker reveals that it was him who put the bands on the Magikarps tails and that the different coloured bands indicate how long ago the Magikarp first left this island; A red band indicates it first left 1 year ago, blue 2 years ago, and yellow 3 years ago and that for some reason, no matter how far away the Magikarp; they always return to this Island, the place of their birth once a year and he’s studying to try and find out why. As the group stop to talk, Team Rocket are watching from a tree above, plotting to steal all the Magikarp in order to train them to evolve into Gyarados and then become the unstoppable Pokémon Masters of the world!
Meanwhile Ash and gang are watching the Magikarp attempt to swim up a waterfall, and Tracey concludes that the Magikarp must be out at sea all year trying to become strong enough swimmers to swim up the waterfall, Dr. Quackenpoker confirms the theory but states that around 50% of the Magikarp don’t put up a very good showing and still can’t make it up the waterfall. Team Rocket are waiting at the top of the fall and planning to catch the Magikarp in nets, as they’re unable to afford Pokéballs. James gets a big one but it wriggles free and despite all three of Team Rocket trying to stop it it returns to the water, dragging Team Rocket with it.

Ash thinks he overhears a scream and suggests they go check if someone is in trouble, but Dr. Quackenpoker says they’ll be the ones who are in trouble if he doesn’t get to where the Magikarp are going in time to watch them evolve and they continue up the hill until they find a lake filled with Magikarp, the group stop to eat at the side of the lake and wait to see if some of the Magikarp are going to evolve, Dr. Quackenpoker notices the excellent relationship between Ash and Pikachu and advises Misty that Togepi likes to be petted on its front spike. Later on the sun sets and the moon rises, Ash and Misty go to sleep and Tracey stays up talking to Dr. Quackenpoker about how and why the Magikarp are able to find their way back to the island, suspecting that they might jump out of the sea to see the direction of the sun and follow that.

In the moonlight, the Magikarp begin splashing around, waking up Ash and Misty, Quackenpoker states that he believes it’s because they can sense that something is about to happen; the group assume that means evolution but the waters begin to churn violently and a giant robotic Magikarp turns up and starts grabbing all of them. Team Rocket grab so many Magikarp that their sub begins to sink, so they start releasing some Magikarp to enable them to surface in front of Ash and friends + Dr. Quackenpoker. Team Rocket start throwing Magikarp out of their sub one by one, and Ash, Misty and Pikachu start catching them to break their falls, while Ash and Misty have their hands full Team Rocket use it as an opportunity to swipe Pikachu, Ash sends Bulbasaur to try and get him back but it fails.

Team Rocket have Pikachu captive in an electric-proof jar, but James has a giant Magikarp stuck on his head, Jessie and James begin trying to prize it off but Dr. Quackenpoker warns they’re more likely to pull Jame’s head off than actually succeed, Quackenpoker goes over and relaxes the Magikarp so that it releases its grip on James’ head, Ash uses the distraction to get Pikachu back, and Quackenpoker rescues the Magikarp that was on James’ head, it then begins to glow and dives beneath the water, the whole lake begins to glow and a whirlpool forms, sucking Team Rocket into it relentlessly before sending them blasting off. The Magikarp one by one evolve into Gyarados before our heroes eyes. Dr. Quackenpoker asks Tracey to count the Magikarp and Gyarados with the red and blue rings, the Gyarados and Magikarp start heading downstream and Tracey and Quakenpoker, closely followed by Ash and Misty give chase, while counting them all.

The Magikarp and Gyarados all return to the sea, Tracey confirms that 70% of the Magikarp that made it to the lake evolved, and he and Quakenpoker have made a significant discovery in the research of Magikarp evolution. And so as a new day dawns, our heroes have a new understanding and a new appreciation for the mysteries of Pokémon.
 episode112 11199 30 E# 110

J# 112
"The Stun Spore Detour"

"Nyoromo to Kasumi" (ニョロモとカスミ)
(Nyoromo and Kasumi)
September 16, 2000

August 26, 1999
Our heroes have stopped at a tiny Island so that Ash can prepare for the long awaited Orange League competition. Tracey is in the forest studying a Vileplume who he believes to be the most beautiful he’s ever seen when Ash approaches him and asks if he can help with his training, just then Ash trips on a rock and knocks Tracey into the top of the Vileplume before falling in himself, the Vileplume becomes panic’d and releases stun spore.

A few moments later Misty arrives to find Pikachu in a state of panic and trying to tell her something, then Ash and Tracey stagger out of the bushes and collapse while telling Misty what happened. The group don’t have any antidote for stun spore with them and Misty then discovers that the nearest Pokémon Center is 30 miles away and on an entirely different island, so she needs some other way to help Ash and Tracey who both have a terrible fever.

Tracey suggests Misty get out a Pokedex and look up Vileplume, and then look at stun spore antidotes, the Pokedex suggests that Salveo weed; a plant that grows on the bottom of clear lakes makes an effective antidote and she and Pikachu set off to find some. Pikachu stays behind to look after them.

Meanwhile Team Rocket are also on the Island and in a similar-ish predicament to Ash and the gang, Jessie is lying in a wooden hut on the shore with a high fever which was also caused by a Vileplume’s stun spore. James and Meowth bring her a bright red apple at her request, when they ask why she wanted it she said it’s so that when she awakes from her fevered sleep she can see something with skin even redder than hers. James remembers that his grandpa once made an antidote to stun spore out of Salveo weed which cured him right away when he was a tot, so he and Meowth set out to find some.

Misty at this point has begun her search in any bodies of water she can find but hasn’t had much luck yet. James and Meowth are searching too when James recalls his grandpa using a Poliwag to find the weed when he needed it, they spot one and James sends Victreebel to attack it, Meowth then catches the Poliwag under a basket briefly but it throws him off and runs away. Misty is nearby and then bumps into Poliwag, and Team Rocket are just behind – they demand Misty give them the Poliwag.

A confrontation ensues and James and Meowth decide to battle Misty, James sends his Victreebel against Misty’s Goldeen, which makes surprisingly quick work of Victreebel considering it’s type disadvantage. James then sends out Weezing and Misty responds with Staryu who quickly prevails, Meowth then attacks and Misty sends out Psyduck, Meowth scratches and bites Psyduck and quickly gives it a terrible headache, Psyduck uses its confusion attack and sends James and Meowth flying.

Misty treats the Poliwag with some Pokémon cream, as it sustained minor injuries when Victreebel and Meowth attacked it. Misty asks the Poliwag to help her find the Salveo weed, Poliwag quickly dives to the bottom of a nearby lake and brings some to Misty, who responds by calling out Staryu, dives into the lake and gathers some Salveo weed.

James and Meowth have lined the road ahead with fancy tea sets, dresses, makeup etc to try and get Misty to fall into a trap. Misty resists all of them, knowing she should probably get back to Ash and Tracey asap. James and Meowth aren’t done yet however and disguise themselves as a mother (James) and baby (Meowth), claiming the baby has inhaled stunspore, Meowth accidentally gives away who they are however and they again confront Misty, immediately sending out Weezing to attack and stating that they need the Salveo weed for Jessie. The Poliwag who helped Misty find the Salveo weed steps in and beats Weezing away with it’s double slap attack.

Just as James and Meowth are reaching a state of despair that they can’t get any Salveo weed to help Jessie, they see a bunch of it in the middle of the road that Misty left for them (despite their repeated attempts to steal it). Misty arrives back at the hut in the woods and begins to boil up the Salveo weed giving both Ash and Tracey a cup, meanwhile James and Meowth have done the same for Jessie.

After James and Meowth explain that Misty was the one who gave them the Salveo weed to help her, she concludes that Misty must have been alone because Ash and Tracey were stunned and she presses James and Meowth to go and attack them now. James and Meowth however haven’t forgotten Misty’s kindness and don’t particularly want to attack her/her friends this time. A short while later the antidote has worked on Ash and Tracey, Jessie sends Arbok bursting through the wooden cabin’s wall to attack them. James and Meowth hide behind a rock and aren’t forthcoming in helping her. Jessie’s Arbok is quickly dispatched by Pikachu and the two are collapsed and defeated. James and Meowth tell her she has a terrible case of “ingratitude” and carry her off, shouting their thanks to Misty once more.

Poliwag seems to have decided to stick with Misty, so she has a new friend and a new Pokémon, aswell as the gratitude of Ash and Tracey. And so with renewed strength in body and in spirit, Ash and his friends head for the Orange League.
 episode113 11200 31 E# 111

J# 113
"Hello Pummelo"

"Wināzu Kappu! Furu Batoru Roku Tai Roku!!" (ウィナーズカップ! フルバトル6VS6!!)
(Winners' Cup! Full Battle 6 vs. 6!!)
September 23, 2000

September 2, 1999
After earning four Orange League badges, Ash and his friends are heading for the Orange League where he’s confident that he’ll capture the winners trophy. As they near the shores of Pummelo Island they spot the silhouette of a huge, super fast Pokémon skimming over the waters in the distance.

Ash begins the registration process for the Orange League while Tracey sketches a statue of a dragon Pokémon which looks strangely familiar. The league registrar tells Ash that his first match is the following morning at 10am in Pummelo Stadium. The registrar then gives Ash and co a little tour, showing them firstly where Pummelo Stadium is and then taking them to the Palace of Victory aka the Orange League Hall of Fame. There Tracey notes the same statue of the large Dragon Pokémon is all around them again.

As the league registrar shows Ash and friends around and explains that this hall of fame is filled with people who defeat all the gym leaders of the Orange Crew as well as beating the Orange Crew leader in a full (6v6) Pokémon battle. Tracey then asks the registrar what the statue is, he explains that it’s a Dragonite – the legendary Pokémon who guards Pummelo Island. Tracey recalls the huge flying thing they saw and wonders if that was the Dragonite, the league registrar advises them it was probably just the gym leaders Dragonite getting some exercise – they are all aware of Dragonite as a rare, intelligent and powerful Pokémon and begin to understand why Drake rarely loses.

Meanwhile Drake is wondering if anyone will ever be powerful enough to defeat he and his Dragonite, when Team Rocket turn up and confront him, stating that they want his Dragonite. Drake wastes no time and immediately has Dragonite use it’s Hyper Beam to quickly get rid of them. Meanwhile Ash is at the Pokémon Center trying to wake up Snorlax (by having all of his other Pokémon use their attacks on it) when Nurse Joy tells him that unless theirs danger or it happens to get hungry again it’s unlikely to be awake for tomorrow’s match.

Ash and friends call Professor Oak to discuss which six Pokémon Ash should use in his match, a decision made even more difficult by the fact that they don’t know what Drake will be using. Oak gives ash a decision between Muk, Kingler and Tauros as a replacement for Snorlax, and Ash chooses his Tauros. The Professor transfers Tauros over. As Team Rocket are hobbling around after the earlier beating they took, they overhear an announcement from a vehicle with a megaphone advertising Drake’s next battle against a new challenger, likewise the townspeople are excited to hear it and one can be overheard saying “Wow I wonder if we’ll get to see Dragonite”.

Meowth schemes that Dragonite is too tough for them to steal directly, but after the new challenger softens it up they might have a better chance. The next day Pummelo stadium is at capacity, Ash and Drake meet and take the stage for their battle. The referee states that it will be a 6v6 battle, and when one trainer has had three Pokémon defeated their will be a field change. The gym leader is unable to switch Pokémon, and the challenger may switch at any time. The arena for the first battle is the Rock field.

Orange Crew leader Drake makes Ditto his first choice, Ash chooses Pikachu to go up against it. Ditto as expected performs a perfect transformation, and Pikachu goes straight in with thunder, but Ditto withstands it, and uses a thunder of it’s own, the exchanges continue and its looking like a deadlock until the arena starts crumbling beneath both Pokémon. Drakes ditto clearly knows the field and manages to jump from rock to rock, Pikachu of course has never battled here before and is injured by the rocks and the fall. Pikachu manages to continue battling, The battle rages on and both “Pikachu” are exhausted, Ash’s Pikachu manages to eventually defeat Ditto for Ash.

Drake sends out Onix as his second Pokémon, Ash recalls Pikachu for a rest and sends out Squirtle… a move it seems that Drake was anticipating. Ash opens with a water gun and Onix dives underground. Tracey warns that Onix will try to attack from underground, Ash tells Squirtle to head to the water but Squirtle doesn’t make it and is tackled into the air. Squirtle again tries to reach the water but Drake commands Onix to bind it. Ash orders Squirtle to withdraw and then commands a Hydro pump, Drake tells Onix to dive underground but Squirtle finishes it with a skull bash before it can get away and wins the round making it 2-0 to Ash.

Drake chooses Gengar as his next Pokémon, Ash doesn’t particularly have much good against ghosts so he hopes for beginners luck, sending out his Tauros which hasn’t even battled before and immediately orders a fissure attack, which Gengar avoids by jumping out of the way. Gengar hits Tauros with a confuse ray, sending Tauros running wild and Ash is forced to return it. Next Ash sends out Lapras whose Ice Beam he believes the be the answer to Gengar. The two lock into battle and fire powerful attacks at the same time, resulting in an explosion.. But who will still be standing when the smoke clears?
 episode114 11201 32 E# 112

J# 114
"Enter the Dragonite"

"Fainaru Batoru! Kairyū Tōjō!!" (ファイナルバトル! カイリューとうじょう!!)
(Final Battle! Kairyu Appears!!)
September 23, 2000

September 9, 1999
Last time our hero Ash finally arrived at Pummelo stadium to challenge the reigning Orange League champion and battle for the coveted winner’s trophy. Drake’s Gengar and Ash’s Lapras had both fired powerful attacks at the same time in the previous episode filling the stadium with smoke, the ensuing explosion knocked out both Gengar and Lapras.

The commentator notes that this is the first time a challenger has knocked out three of Drake’s Pokémon in a row, because Drake has lost three Pokémon it’s now time for a field change, and an intermission. Team Rocket are in the crowd and although they are surprised at how well Ash is doing they still don’t believe him to have a chance against Dragonite, they have their own plan still in place to try and steal the Dragonite once it’s weakened from battle.

The new field moves into place, and this time it’s a sandy desert like arena. Battle resumes with Drake sending out Venusaur, Ash sends Tauros back out who is now rested and good to go, he tries to open the battle with a fissure but it doesn’t work on sand. Drake’s Venusaur begins preparing for a solarbeam attack, Ash sends Tauros to charge it but the sand stops it from getting any real traction, Tauros manages to throw Venusaur into the air, but it still fires it’s solar beam – the explosion from which actually helps free Tauros who was stuck in the sand. Venusaur hammers away at Tauros with its vine whips when Ash orders a takedown, Tauros jumps straight past the whips and lands a direct hit, rendering Venusaur unable to battle and winning for Ash!

Ash has now defeated 4 of Drake’s 6 Pokémon. Next Drake sends out Electabuzz, Ash recalls Tauros and sends out Bulbasaur. Electabuzz thundershocks Bulbasaur who seems to easily withstand the attack, and then follows it up with a razor leaf and tackle, Electabuzz’s thunderpunch however causes paralysis and Bulbasaur is unable to continue. Ash sends out Charizard but Electabuzz immediately hits it with a thunder punch, followed by thunder. It looks bad for Charizard but it manages to counter with an ember even while getting electrocuted, Ash orders a seismic toss and Charizard is quick enough to grab Electabuzz before it can shock him again. Electabuzz is defeated and victory goes to Ash and Charizard.

This leaves Drake with only one Pokémon, and everyone knows exactly what it is, Drake sends in his Dragonite to make his final stand. Charizard opens with a flamethrower which is quickly put out by Dragonites water gun as it returns fire. Dragonite uses ice beam and Charizard flies and dodges it (having learned from past mistakes). Dragonite takes flight and easily catches up to Charizard, as Charizard tries to get it in a Seismic toss but Dragonite is too quick, grabs Charizard around the neck and uses slam. Everyone thinks the battle to be over but Charizard isn’t beaten yet, Ash orders Charizard to use Dragon Rage, Dragonite is ordered to use it’s own and both Pokémon are looking close to worn out, but Charizard is unable to continue battling and collapses.

James suggests it might be a good time to capture Dragonite but Jessie and Meowth are so on the edge of their seats they’d prefer to continue watching. Ash sends out Squirtle and hits Dragonite with a hydro pump, Dragonite responds with a thunderbolt but Squirtle perseveres, Drake orders a bodyslam and Squirtle manages to his an already exhausted Dragonite with it’s bubble attack. Ash has two Pokémon remaining and is about to choose his next when Team Rocket appear above in the balloon and capture Dragonite in a net, Dragonite breaks the net with sheer force and sends Team Rocket blasting off.

The battle resumes, Ash sending Tauros back out and charging straight at Dragonite, Dragonite takes to the air and Drake orders a body slam, Ash strangely tells Tauros to just stand there. The body slam connects and Tauros is unphased, Ash knew that the sandy arena would cushion it. Dragonite is thrown to the ground by Tauros but gets up and hits straight back with a thundershock, defeating Tauros. Now both trainers are down to their final Pokémon, it’s Drake’s pretty exhausted Dragonite vs. Ash’s Pikachu. Drake immediately calls for a hyper beam, Pikachu manages to avoid it, jumping straight into the air, landing on an exhausted Dragonite’s head. Ash calls for thunder, and with Pikachu still stuck on Dragonite’s head it unleashes its most powerful thunder. After some hesitation Dragonite falls to the ground, and Pikachu manages to stay standing.

Drake is finally defeated and the winner of the Orange League competition is Ash. Drake awards Ash with the coveted winners Trophy of the Orange League and the crowd go wild. And so with the help of his Pokémon and friends, Ash wins the match, his winners trophy and his rightful place in the Orange Islands hall of fame.
 episode115 11202 33 E# 113

J# 115
"Viva Las Lapras"

"Sayonara Rapurasu!" (さよならラプラス!)
(Goodbye Laplace!)
September 30, 2000

September 16, 1999
As Ash and friends are sailing along on Lapras, Ash is admiring his trophy when suddenly Lapras jolts and changes direction, soon revealing a whole big group of Lapras. Ash and friends sail together toward the group, pondering if it might be the group Lapras was separated from when Ash and co found it and reminisce about that time. Ash remembers his vow to help get Lapras back to it’s old friends.

As they approach the group however Ash’s Lapras greets them but they turn and start heading away. Ash’s Lapras lets out a cry, and one of the group appears to respond, looking almost sad, another however makes sure it continues on the way and doesn’t look back. As Ash shouts at the Lapras demanding to know why they are running away from their friend one of them fires a water gun & a mist attack, the group then disappear with Ash and co unable to give chase.

On their return to shore Ash speaks to Professor Oak who confirms this is indeed unusual behaviour for Lapras as a species, he suspects that some humans must have attacked them and that’s why the group of Lapras swam away – because they’re scared of humans. Ash angrily shouts “What kind of person would attack those Lapras!”, Officer Jenny overhears and tells the group that there are some Pokémon poaching pirates operating in the area and that it’s probably them who are to blame, she then adds that the Island they are on is a no capture zone as its protected, but the Pirates have even been capturing Pokémon from the shore.

Ash immediately suspects Team Rocket to be the perpetrators and tells Officer Jenny about them, but it just so happens Team Rocket are behind the double doors in the Pokémon Center, wrapped up in bandages. They begin their motto and burst out of the bandages but quickly collapse due to their broken bones. Ash states that he knew it would be them, but Jessie and James actually deny any involvement in the poaching, and go on to explain that their boat and sub were blown up by the pirates, and that’s how they sustained their injuries. Officer Jenny tells them they should head to the station and make a statement, and that she’ll also check their files… prompting Team Rocket to run off despite their injuries.

Just off the shore of the Island it seems that the Lapras in the group earlier who wanted to respond to Ash’s Lapras is still conflicted and is looking at the Island where it knew Ash’s Lapras went, another from the group then ushers it away and the group of Lapras begin swimming off, unfortunately for them they are being watched by the Pokémon poaching pirates who are heading straight at them. Ash and his friends are also heading toward the group and are trying to think of ways to show the Lapras that they aren’t going to hurt them and they’re friendly.

The Pirate Ship makes it within range of the group of Lapras and they begin to fire a large group of Tentacruel right at the Lapras group and order them to attack with poison stings, the Lapras’ manage to repel the attack but the Pirates send out yet more Tentacruel and begin to surround them. Ash and co witness the Lapras group being chased by the Pirate ship and see all the Tentacruel. Tracey sends out Marill and dives into the water, the two together go to fetch Officer Jenny while Ash, Misty and Lapras try to find a way to stop the Pirates. To add to the complications Team Rocket are back in their newly repaired sub beneath the surface.

The Pirates and their Tentacruel have managed to surround the Lapras group. The Pirate Captain orders all the Tentacruel to attack with their poison stings, Ash and co arrive just in time for Pikachu to hit the Tentacruel with an electric attack. This shocks not just the Tentacruel, but also the Lapras and then themselves, this distracts the Tentacruel who head straight for Ash and co. The Pirate Captain also commands a cannon attack on Ash, Misty and Lapras which Lapras manages to dodge.

Misty sends out her water Pokémon to return fire, and Ash sends out Squirtle to help. Using their water gun attacks the Pokémon manage to destroy all of the Pirate Ships cannons rendering it unable to fire. Ash and Lapras taunt and distract all of the Tentacruel, leaving the Lapras group free to escape. Team Rocket are following behind Ash and Lapras as the Tentacruel close in, one of the Tentacruel notices them and sends them blasting off.

Meanwhile on the pirate ship Misty has used her own Pokemon along with Squirtle to restrain the crew and captain. She demands that the Captain recalls his Tentacruel but he refuses, managing to order the Tentacruel to attack Ash and Lapras with supersonic before Misty could cover his mouth. Things are looking bad for Ash, Pikachu and Lapras and just as the Tentacruel are closing in, ice beams come out of nowhere and stop them in their tracks, sending them sinking to the bottom of the ocean. It’s Lapra’s old group and they realised ash wasn’t a threat and came back to save their friend. Ash’s Lapras is reunited with its mother and the rest of its group, the pirates alongside Team Rocket are all arrested by Officer Jenny and the Tentacruel are all set free.

Ash tells Lapras to be happy, and the two say a goodbye, reminiscing about all the time they had together and the challenges they overcame side by side. Lapras returns Ash to the deck of Officer Jenny’s boat and his Lapras returns to it’s mother at last. The Lapras group sail into the sunset and Ash, Misty, Tracey and Pikachu shout their goodbyes.

As their voyages in the Orange Islands draw to a close Ash and his friends bid farewell to a good Pokémon, and an even better friend.
 episode116 11203 34 E# 114

J# 116
"The Underground Round-Up"

"Marumain Dai Bakuha!?" (マルマインだいばくは!?)
(Big Marumine Explosion!?)
September 30, 2000

September 23, 1999
After saying goodbye to Lapras our heroes arrive at Hamlin Island, as luck would have it just across a bridge is a ferry line which runs straight to Pallet Town. Ash is excited to get back for some of his moms cooking, Tracey is excited to meet Professor Oak. Just as they reach the bridge however they notice a sign saying “Due to extremely dangerous conditions persons are forbidden to cross this bridge”. Ash and co are considering taking a chance and just crossing it anyway when they notice various explosions on different parts of the bridge.

Ash and friends decide instead to row across to the island they need to get to on a little boat, as they near the shore they notice that there’s literally no one around anywhere. The group explore the little town, but no ones around, except something strange watching them in the background. The group are inside a little office when they spot the ferry they need to find through the window, but the door leading to the pier is locked. Just then Togepi goes missing, he’s found a Voltorb outside and is playing with it. A few moments later Misty, Ash and Tracey find Togepi and are most concerned, as Misty tries to get Togepi back they all realise they’re being watched and around 20 electrode appear from the shadows, the group start to run away from the Electrode who all begin exploding and eventually find themselves surrounded at a crossroads, just as it looks like theres no way out a mysterious character appears from above, tells the group not to move and then sends out a huge group of Diglett who create tunnels beneath the Electrode causing them to fall underground.

The mysterious man leads Ash and gang to relative safety and begins to explain the situation, revealing that his name is Poncho and he is a Diglett rancher who was hired by the towns mayor to get rid of all the Electrode. Togepi is still playing with the Voltorb at this point. Poncho goes on to explain that this little island was once heaving with tourists and had a lot going on, until an inventor began raising and experimenting with Voltorb to use them for electricity and eventually the Voltorb escaped his lab, and they’ve been multiplying ever since. Poncho also goes on to comment that the conditions here must be about perfect for them because they all seem to evolve into Electrode really fast, adding that they multiplied so much that there wasn’t enough space… making the Electrode all become stressed and start blowing up – and that’s when everybody evacuated the island & the ferry to pallet town stopped running. It seems that when Poncho’s Diglett dig holes beneath the electrode they get rolled via an underground tunnel network to a big open field on the main island where they can live happy, with space and less stress & hence not blow up.

The phone in the office they’re hiding out in rings, and its someone from the mayor’s office telling Poncho that if he doesn’t clear the island of Electrode today they’re going to put someone else on the job, but Poncho needed a few more days to deal with the Electrode nicely in his way, apparently the Mayor already has someone lined up to do the job. Just then they hear a loud rumbling outside and find a huge mechanical machine pulling up, Team Rocket emerge from it and announce that its them who the mayor has hired, and they are going to deal with the Electrode far from nicely – it seems they want the pay AND to steal the Electrode for themselves.

Team Rocket get back in their machine and begin forcing the electrode to explode, making them weak and easy to capture – and they seem to be making quick work of it, as more and more Electrode from around the island are attracted by the explosions… eventually surrounding Team Rocket’s machine. The friendly Voltorb who Togepi had been playing with positions itself in front of Team Rockets device to defend its friends and Team Rocket are about to catch it, but its doing a good job of dodging; meanwhile Togepi is getting upset seeing Team Rocket attacking its friend and both he and Pikachu try to protect Voltorb, but Team Rockets machine is impervious to electric attacks.

As Team Rocket begin to advance on the Electrode, Voltorb, Togepi and Pikachu, Poncho gets angry and sends out his Dugtrio to dig beneath their machine, sending them tumbling into the tunnels below. Team Rocket did do one thing to make Poncho’s job easier – they gathered all of the Electrode together, Poncho sends out all of his Diglett and begins rounding them all up, they too go rolling into the same tunnel behind Team Rocket, who are now ouside of their mechanical monstrosity contemplating yet another defeat.

Ash and friends along with Poncho head to the big field on the main island where the Electrode can now live free, as they touch down into the field on Poncho’s balloon the friendly Voltorb rolls out of the balloon toward its old friends, but Togepi starts to cry not wanting it’s new friend to leave. Misty explains that sometimes friends have to say goodbye, but that they’ll always be friends in each others hearts.
The next day the island is back to normal and Poncho got a bonus and the key to the city from the Mayor. Ash invites Poncho to visit Pallet Town, but he has to return to his home where the Electrode Roam. With the ferry to Pallet Town finally running again Ash and co wave goodbye to Poncho and sail off toward home.
 episode117 11204 35 E# 115

J# 117
"A Tent Situation"

"Kaettekita Masara Taun!" (かえってきたマサラタウン!)
(Return to Masara Town!)
October 7, 2000

September 30, 1999
With his adventures in the Orange Islands behind him, Ash has returned to the place where his Pokémon Journey began, Pallet Town. Little do our heroes know that Jigglypuff isn’t far behind them. Ash bursts into his house and yells surprise when they hear a familiar voice….. its Brock and he just made a fresh pot of Indigo Oolong Tea. Ash and friends ask Brock why he isn’t at the Pokémon lab on Valencia Island anymore with Professor Ivy? The mere mention of Professor Ivy makes Brock extremely downbeat, but its not fully elaborated on why.

Just then Delia (Ash’s mom) walks in and rushes over to greet Pikachu first, then Ash and friends. She tells the story of when she found Brock a week ago and took him home, and it seems Brock has been a big help around the house since, but he wouldn’t tell her what happened with Professor Ivy either. Everyone else is excited for food, but Tracey is most anxious to go and see Professor Oak, Ash realises he should really take the GS ball to Professor Oak and leaves his mother with the Orange League Winners Trophy, which she promptly proceeds to use as a dumbbell.

So as Ash, along with friends old and new start their walk to Professor Oak’s lab, Team Rocket are watching them from a distance, scheming that Oak’s lab would be an excellent place to steal some Pokémon from. The group arrive at Professor Oak’s lab and head inside to find no one around, that is until Ash is set upon by Muk, and the Professor emerges from underneath it. Tracey is particularly excited to see Oak, Ash hands him the GS ball and he intends to inspect it later, but first he gives everyone a tour of his lab; there they see Ash’s Snorlax, his herd of Tauros and his Kingler who all look very happy.

Professor Oak takes an interest in some of Tracey’s sketches and says he’ll be happy to take a look at lots of his other best sketches. As Oak is reviewing Tracey’s portfolio a loud disturbance can be heard from outside, Team Rocket have used something to surrounded Oak’s whole lab and are in their hot air balloon above it! Jigglypuff approaches the strange structure (that looks like a Circus) from the outside but is unable to get in and storms off angrily. Ash and Co go outside of Oak’s lab and find Team Rocket who confront them and attack, Jessie sends out her Lickitung, Ash is about to send out Bulbasaur but Muk seems to volunteer to fight instead, first smothering Jessie and then causing havoc with James and his Victreebel before Muk is eventually neutralised by sleep powder.

Team Rocket seize the opportunity and use special electric proof ropes to capture Ash and friends as well as Pikachu, rendering them unable to send out anymore Pokémon, Team Rocket then begin to power up their suction device to steal all the Pokémon and Pokéballs. The suction device even begins taking the Pokéball’s from inside Oak’s lab, along with all of Tracey’s sketches. Meowth takes the opportunity to try and find out why Brock left Valencia Island but he still won’t tell.

Just then a mysterious figure rips a hole in the exterior of Team Rocket’s structure, sends their balloon crashing to the ground and sends the Pokéballs in reverse back to their rightful places, Jigglypuff is sent flying. The figure then approaches Ash & Co + Team Rocket with a Nidoqueen at his side, turns out its Gary Oak, he and his Nidoqueen make short work of Team Rocket and send them blasting off. Gary then demonstrates his excellent command of Nidoqueen and orders it to untie everyone. Tracey has got his sketches back, the GS ball is safe and Team Rocket are beaten.

As everyone is admiring what a strong trainer Gary has become and how well trained his Nidoqueen is, Ash naturally gets jealous and upset, quickly pointing out that he won the Orange League and did better than Gary in the Indigo League, then challenges him to a battle which Gary accepts, the episode is left on that cliffhanger.
episode118 11205 36 E# 116

J# 118
"The Rivalry Revival"

"Raibaru Taiketsu! Satoshi Tai Shigeru!!" (ライバルたいけつ! サトシVSシゲル!!)
(Rival Showdown! Satoshi vs. Shigeru!!)
October 14, 2000

October 7, 1999
After Gary Oak turned up to rescue Ash & friends as well as Prof. Oak from Team Rocket in the previous episode Ash challenged him to a battle. Gary suggests a 1 on 1 battle to the finish and Ash chooses Pikachu, Gary responds by sending out an Eevee which Brock believes looks particularly well raised.

Ash sends Pikachu who opens with a quick attack, Eevee counters with a reflect attack and it quickly becomes apparent that Gary’s Eevee is at a really high level. Pikachu goes after Eevee with thunder but before it can fire it Eevee brings him down with a skull bash attack, Pikachu is unable to battle and Gary wins the match. Gary says he still has a lot of work ahead of him, and tells Ash he did a great job before waving goodbye to the group and leaving.

Ash is lying looking at the clouds contemplating why he lost to Gary when Misty tells Ash that Gary has embarked on a new journey; to the Johto region to compete in the Johto League. Meanwhile Professor Oak is in the lab along with Brock and Tracey are trying to solve the mystery of the GS ball. Oak tells Ash that Gary is hoping to gain lots of experience and become an even stronger trainer, Ash realises he has to do the same thing and decides he too should travel to the Johto region and challenge its gym’s and league. Professor Oak, unable to solve the mysteries of the GS ball tasks Ash with taking it to Kurt in Azalea town, a Pokéball expert. Oak advises they should head straight west to New Bark town which is where all trainers have to register to take part in the Johto League. Brock announces that he is rejoining the group and will be accompanying them on their journey as he once did.

Ash heads home to find his mom packing his bags, as Oak has already called and told her about Ash’s new journey, she sends Brock to the market to get some groceries for a big feast shes going to prepare to celebrate Ash and friends’ new journey.

Team Rocket are staggering along a path in the forest when they approach a sign saying Pallet Town 1 Mile. They spot Gary heading up the road and decide that because he ruined their previous plan to steal Pokémon from Professor Oak’s lab they’re going to get him, they begin reciting their motto on a stage but Gary blatantly ignores them and walks past, making them feel worthless and dejected.

Back at Ash’s house Delia has served a big feast for Ash & friends plus Professor Oak, but apparently it was actually Brock who cooked the meal. Professor Oak hands Ash a brand new Pokédex, it’s a new model with an upgraded database and better information recording. Tracey then drops the bombshell that he can’t wait to see all the information on the new Pokémon they catch when it gets transmitted to the lab, revealing that he will be staying behind to work as Professor Oak’s assistant.

The group are in progress celebrating all of their respective new beginnings when a familiar looking pair of reporters burst in and begin reporting, and eating all the food. They then use a device with an electric-proof grabber disguised as a camera to grab Pikachu, revealing what everyone expected; it’s Team Rocket! As they try to make their get away Delia’s Mr. Mime uses its lightscreens to block their path several times (I think he was actually just protecting the garden from being trampled) but they still manage to get away, Ash and co catch up to them, and just as Ash is about to send out a Pokémon, Scyther darts past and frees Pikachu. Tracey then sends Marill whose watergun sends Team Rocket blasting off.

Later that night Ash lies awake thinking about the journey ahead and tells Pikachu he thinks they can win that league. The next morning Ash and friends bid farewell to Oak, Tracey and Delia, but not before receiving some last bits of important advice from Ash’s mom and Oak. And so the original trio; Ash, Misty and Brock are leaving Pallet Town once more en-route to the Johto region.

Ash's Travelling Companions

Ash is accompanied by Misty as well as his new friend Tracey as the group travels around the Orange Islands. The vast majority of their transit around the Islands is done on the back of Lapras; who says goodbye to Ash and friends toward the end of the series when it gets reunited with it's family in Episode 113 "Viva Las Lapras".

Right at the end of our heroes adventures in the Orange Islands Episode 115 "A Tent Situation" gave us the surprise return of Brock, who had previously parted from the group when he decided to stay on at Valencia Island and help Professor Ivy with her research as well as doing her and her assistants cooking and cleaning, its unknown exactly why he returned, and he refuses to talk about it.

Shortly after the reintroduction of Brock, Tracey announced in Episode 116 "The Rivalry Revival" that he would not be going with the group on their journey to Johto and he would instead be staying on as Professor Oak's lab assisstant.

Brock S2 Misty S2 Tracey S2
Brock, Misty and Tracey (left, centre, right respectively)

Key Events & Gym Battles

Events of note
  • Ash and friends arrive at Valencia Island, it's their first time in the Orange Archipelago. (Episode #E82 - A Scare in the Air!)
  • Ash obtains the GS Ball from Professor Ivy, which is the whole reason he went to the Orange Islands in the first place on behalf of Professor Oak (Episode #E83 - Pokéball Peril)
  • Brock decides to stay on and help Professor Ivy with her research as well as doing her cooking and cleaning. (Episode #E83 - Pokéball Peril)
  • Ash and Misty meet Tracey, a Pokémon Watcher who joins them on their journey, despite them not actually asking him to. (Episode #E84 - The Lost Lapras)
  • Ash learns about the Orange Crew and decides he wants to challenge them. (Episode #E84 - The Lost Lapras)
  • Charizard finally earns enough respect for Ash to begin listening to him as a trainer! (Episode #E105 - Charizard Chills)

Gym battles
Ash defeats the following gym leaders in Season 2.
Cissy Ash defeated Cissy, the Mikan Island Gym Leader in S2 EP05 "Fit to be Tide" when he managed to get a draw in her water gun target challenge, bringing them to a deadlock surfing race challenge in which he and Lapras managed to beat Cissy and her Blastoise in a race, earning Ash his first Orange Island badge - the Coral Eye Badge. Cissys Coral Eye Badge
Danny Ash took on Danny, the Navel Island Gym Leader in S2 EP13 "Navel Maneuvers" and first had to scale a mountain unaided by Pokémon or otherwise in order to qualify, he then took Danny on in a best of three competition in various challenges; the first being to freeze Geysers, a challenge he and Lapras lost despite a valiant effort. The next two challenges were a) build a Toboggan using a team of three Pokémon and b) win a Toboggan race, both of which Ash managed to win. Danny awarded Ash with the Sea-Ruby badge for winning. Dannys Sea Ruby Badge
Rudy Rudy, the Trovita Island Gym Leader accepted Ash's challenge in S2 EP23 "Misty Meets Her Match" first Ash had to complete a target test challenge which he did so successfully, they then competed in a same-type 1v1 Pokémon battle, with Ash's Squirtle securing him a victory over Rudy's Starmie (despite the Starmie knowing electric attacks and looking initially like it had Squirtle beaten). Rudy yielded the Spike-Shell badge to Ash. Rudys Spike Shell Badge
Luana After fending off a Team Rocket scheme together Luana, the Kumquat Island Gym Leader accepted Ash's challenge in S2 EP28 "Pokémon Double Trouble", it was a 2v2 Battle the type of which Ash hadn't participated in before, he sent out Pikachu and Charizard as his pair where Luana used her Marowak and Alakazam, Pikachu and Charizard had a disagreement pre-battle and it resulted in a very bad start for Ash's side with Alakazam and Marowak hitting Charizard hard while Pikachu did basically nothing. Pikachu stepped in at the last moment to help Charizard and together the two then managed to secure a last minute victory for Ash. This secured Ash the final badge he required in order to qualify for the Orange League competition - the Jade Star Badge. Luanas Jade Star Badge
Draake Drake, the undefeated leader of the Orange Crew and gym leader of Pumello Island accepted Ash's challenge (it was his first challenger in a while by the sounds of it) and the two had a full 6v6 battle in Pumello Stadium. Ash got off to a flying start and became the first challenger ever to knock out three of Drake's Pokemon consecutively; Ash's Pikachu narrowly defeated Drake's Ditto, Ash's Squirtle defeated Drake's Onix despite a shaky start, then Drake sent out his Gengar and Ash sent out Tauros, Tauros was at a disadvantage from the start so Ash ended up recalling it and sending out Lapras... Gengar used its nightshade just as Lapras used its Ice Beam and the two attacks hit each other triggering an explosion, when the smoke cleared both Lapras and Gengar were rendered able to battle.

After a field change Ash battled Drake on a sandy arena; the battle resumes with Drake sending out Venusaur and Ash sending a rested Tauros back out to battle, Tauros managing to come out on top for Ash. Drakes 5th Pokémon is Electabuzz, Ash recalls Tauros and sends out Bulbasaur, who despite having a good start is knocked out by a thunder punch and Drake won the round. Ash then sends out his Charizard; Electabuzz comes out fighting and hits Charizard with a series of electric attacks, but Charizard withstands all of it and wins the round by eliminating Electabuzz with a seismic toss, rendering it unable to battle. Drake then reveals his secret weapon; his final Pokémon - Dragonite, Ash had four of his Pokémon left at this point and used each one of them one by one to wear it down, leaving Dragonite facing Pikachu at the end as the two last surviving Pokémon. Pikachu manages to use its agility to get close to Dragonite and attach itself to its head, hitting it with thunder, seconds later Dragonite is too worn out to continue and is defeated, with Ash just about taking the match and the trophy!
Drakes Winners Trophy

Pokemon: Captures, Changes, Encounters & Evolutions

All about the Pokemon we see during The Adventures in the Orange Islands, whether we see them caught, they were already owned prior to the events of the season or we witnessed them via evolution they're all here broken down into different tables. There's also a table for the Pokemon we said goodbye to this season.

New Pokemon captured by Ash & Other Characters
A list of Pokemon we see Ash, Misty, Tracey and other characters capture on their Pokemon journey.
Pokemon Caught By Episode Notes
131 LaprasLapras Ash #E84 After finding some thugs being horrible to an injured Lapras Ash and co cared for it, Ash taking it in a Pokéball to the Pokemon Center before vowing to help it find it's group/parents.

143 SnorlaxSnorlax
Ash #E94 A wild Snorlax was on a rampage, eating all the fruit from the Grapefruit Islands and Ash captured it to stop it.
123 ScytherScyther Tracey #E97 The group find an injured Scyther who has lost the leadership of its Swarm. Tracey helps it find its self confidence again and it decides to accompany him on his journey.

We see the following Pokémon evolutions take place during this season
Pokemon Evolved to Episode Trainer Notes
017 PidgeottoPidgeotto 018 PidgeotPidgeot #E81 - Pallet Party Panic Ash Pidgeotto was trying to protect a family of Pidgey and Pidgeotto from Spearow, prompting it's evolution.

Pokemon released
There were a number of occasions where either Ash or another character released a captured Pokémon back into the wild, or left with someone else for one reason or another.
Pokemon Trainer Episode Notes
018 Pidgeot Pidgeot Ash #E81 - Pallet Party Panic In the same episode it evolved, Ash left his Pidgeot to protect the Pidgey and Pidgeotto family incase Fearow returned.
131 Lapras Lapras Ash #E113 - Viva Las Lapras When Ash first caught Lapras he vowed to help it find its family, and in this episode they did. Ash released Lapras to be with it's mother and its own kind.

Pokemon caught / owned prior to the events of Pokemon Season 2
These Pokemon were already owned / associated with people prior to the events we see onscreen.
Pokemon Trainer Notes
048 Venonat Venonat Tracey Tracey already had this Pokemon prior to #E84 - The Lost Lapras
183 Marill Tracey Tracey already had this Pokemon prior to #E87 - The Crystal Onix

TV Broadcasts & Original Airing Dates

Pokemon Season 2: Adventures in the Orange Islands was aired for the very first time on Japan's TV Tokyo network between February 1999 and October 1999. TV Tokyo

It later followed in the U.S when it was aired by the WB Television Network between January and October of 2000, the U.S rotation of the episodes was a little different to their Japanese counterparts this is because around the time of the September 11th attacks an episode named "A Scare in the Air" was due to release, but it was temporarily removed from the rotation and replaced with other episodes.

DVD & Blu-Ray / Streaming

DVD releases for Adventures in the Orange Islands are a little more few and far between compared to Pokémon's First Season.

Here are a couple of links to purchase the DVD's or Blu Ray's of Pokemon Season 2 on Amazon.
Adventures in Kanto and the Orange Islands Collectors Set
(UK) (22 DVD Set)
Adventures in the Orange Islands Complete Collection
(USA) (DVD Set)



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