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The Poke Code Mart is your #1 resource for online codes for the Pokemon Trading Card Game online. We offer a huge range of online codes for the PTCGO from boosters to special collections, elite trainer boxes, tins and much more. We have some of the best prices on the internet.

We accept PayPal and due to the digital nature of our offerings are proudly able to deliver code cards to anyone on the planet within 12 hours maximum, but usually much quicker. We will deliver codes to your verified PayPal email address.

We aim for 100% buyer satisfaction and I have tried to detail as much as possible exactly what the special tin, box etc codes unlock on each items page. Likewise I am here to help if you need anything

- Luke Hackett aka LukeKetchum1 of Pokemondungeon.com and the Poké Code Mart.

Thank You

Thanks for checking out the Poké Code Mart. This little store was opened to help fund the hosting for Pokemondungeon.com, an oldskool Pokemon fansite established in 2000.