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Pokébeans are a pretty important new pokéfood element in Pokemon Sun & Moon versions. They have two purposes; to increase your Pokémons fullness and also to help increase its level of affection toward you. The beans are used primarily in the Refresh mini game which pops up after you're done battling; in this mode you basically clean up your team, pet them and feed them beans.

Raising your Pokemons level of affection toward you can give extra benefits in battle such as increased crit chance on attack, better chance of dodging on defence and so on. There are five levels of affection your Pokémon can have for you and the higher the level the harder it'll fight for you.
Feeding a Pokemon in the Refresh Mini Game
The Refresh Mini Game - Feeding mode

Types of Pokébeans

The Pokébeans come in lots of different colours however the colour of the beans doesn't seem to have an influence on it's potency. I had thought that potentially certain types of Pokémon would response better to different types of beans but this doesn't seem to be the case either. Anyway here are the three TYPES of Pokébeans:-

Regular +3 affection points Plain Pokébeans
Patterned  +5 affection points Patterened Pokébeans
Rainbow +3 affection LEVELS Rainbow Pokébeans

So keep your eyes peeled for those Rainbow Beans, just 3 can bring a Pokemon's affection level from 0 to maxed out.

My Pokemon doesn't like any of the different coloured beans!

Make sure you are holding the beans beneath your Pokémon's mouth so that they eat them. Don't just throw them at the Pokémon like I was... trying every colour to try and find one my Litten didn't look angry about. You'll then be pleased to find your Pokémon actually eats all of the beans. The only time they won't eat them is if they are already at maximum fullness.

My Pokemon still won't eat the beans!

There are certain species of Pokémon that cannot be fed in the Pokemon refresh game; Silcoon, Cascoon, Metapod, Kakuna, Pineco, Shedinja, Spewpa and Cosmoem. Kind of makes sense as you don't really have access to their mouths.

Poké Pelago

Another key use of the Pokébeans is at the Poké Pelago where the beans have a different effect depending on what Island you're on, you can see the list of Isles and Bean effects below:-

Isle Abeens - Increases the chance of encountering wild pokemon.
Isle Aplenny - Increases the rate at which berries are grown.
Isle Aphun - Halves the time taken in each activity.
Isle Evelup - Halves the time taken in each activity.
Isle Avue - Increases the level of happiness gained

Each bean use will be on a timer; regular beans effects will be active for 20 minutes whilst patterned beans will last for an hour. Should you be lucky enough to have a Rainbow bean to use that'll last 2 hours (but is ultimately probably better to use on the colossal affection increases).

The Pokébeanstalk
The Pokébeanstalk

How to get more Pokébeans

Each Pokémon centre contains a cafe. Enter the first Pokémon centre you encounter in Alola and go to the cafe located on the left side of the centre and you'll be given a selection of different types of beans. Additionally in these cafes keep feeding beans to your Pokémon and the cafe will actually reward the way you care for your Pokémon by giving you some more beans. Also the first time you buy a drink each day you'll get some Pokébeans.

Another way is once you have completed the fire trials and unlocked Charizard and the Poké Pelago, bring up your menu now and select Poké Pelago, go to the main island and you'll see a big beanstalk in the middle which can be tapped a couple of times a day to shake down more beans. As your island develops you'll get more beans with each shake of the stalk.

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