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Greninja using water shuriken
If you want to find out how to add Ash-Greninja to your team in Pokemon Sun and Moon you've come to the right place. Ash-Greninja is a special Water & Dark Type Pokemon that is unlocked by completing the demo version of Pokemon Sun & Moon.

A letter from Ash?

You recieve a letter at the start of the demo version from an unknown sender saying if you are reading this letter you must have made it to Alola and how much the Greninja the sender left will enjoy the tropical climate. But oh no, the person who sent the letter forgot to sign it and didn't include a return address. Ash Ketchum

Although it's not been confirmed it black and white it is strongly theorised that this was a letter from Ash Ketchum and the Greninja you have at the start of the demo is Ash's from the animated series. Plus based on the Ash we know from the series', him forgetting to add an important detail like his name on a letter isn't entirely out of the question! It's also believed that the placement of this special Pokemon is to try and entice people who are watching the anime but not currently playing the games.


This Greninja uses battle bond whilst in combat to become the more powerful Ash-Greninja (kind of like Mega Evolution). When you initially recieve the Greninja it knows the following moves: Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Double Team and Water Shuriken; a pretty versatile selection and it makes the demo version really easy.

How to get Ash-Greninja in the main games


OK, so heres how to get Greninja to our full version Pokemon Sun & Moon games:-
- Download the Pokemon Sun & Moon special demo version from the 3DS eShop.
- Play through and complete the demo version including Professor Kukui's challenge/Give team skull a beating. You'll see a trailer and be bought back to the main screen once you're done.
- Load the Special demo version once more and you'll get given a gift of some riding gear and will then walk back into the Pokemon Centre.
- Follow him into the Pokemon centre and speak with him again and he'll give you the option to transfer Greninja to the full version of your game
- Close the demo version and load up the full version of the game that you transferred Greninja to
- Head into any Pokemon centre in Alola and speak to the delivery man who usually hangs about at the left hand side of the Pokénurses desk.
- He has a delivery with your name on it, it's Greninja - make sure you have a slot in your team so you can accept him!

Speak to Professor Kukui to get Greninja transferred to the main game Recieving Greninja from the Delivery guy in Pokemon Sun

Other stuff you should know...

OK we're not done just yet heres a few important bits you should know
- If you own both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon and have them both installed, Greninja will be transferred to the one whose cart is inserted at the time. The same goes for items.
- Greninja will not obey your commands until you've beaten at least two Island Challenges.
- There may be some changes to Greninja's nature, stats and characteristics once he is transferred over. His moveset and special ability will remain the same though.

Enjoy battling alongside Greninja!

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