Pokemon Card GB2 (Japan only)
Pokemon Card GB2 (Japan only)




Pokemon Card GB2
Here comes Team Great Rocket!
Pokemon Card GB2
General information
 Platform  Game Boy Color
 Developed by  Hudson Soft
 Published by  Nintendo
 Generation  Generation II
 Release dates
  Australia  N/A
  Europe  N/A
  Japan  March 28th 2001
  United States  N/A
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Pokemon Card GB2 Title ScreenPublished by Nintendo on the Game Boy Color, Pokémon Card GB 2: Here comes Team GR! is the sequel of Pokémon Trading Card Game on Game Boy, and another Pokémon game to be released only in Japan.

The sequel inherited most of the previous game's mechanics, with the addition of new features, like a whole new island the player can explore, many new cards and the option to play as a female character. Pokémon Card GB2 also has a more elaborate story, focusing mainly on the villainous Team Great Rocket.

The game includes nearly every card from the Base, Jungle, Fossil and Team Rocket sets of real Pokemon Trading Cards.


The game starts out in TDC Island, where the player is trying to become the Pokémon Trading Card Champion and acquire the legendary cards, guarded by the Grand Master, who are only accessed after defeating the eight Club Masters of the region. To their surprise, Team Great Rocket appears and tries to steal all the cards of the Club Master and the Player, while kidnapping many people all along, including some of the Club Masters themselves.

The player then visits Professor Mason's Lab, where they meet their old rival Ronald who decides to infiltrate Team Rocket to get some Intel on the organization. Professor Mason then talks to the player and gives them a Starter Pack, containing some basic cards and asks them to help Ronald in saving the Club masters from their kidnappers and recovering the stolen cards.

The player then starts out their journey, by first visiting all the eight Club Masters of the region or their replacement and battling them. Each time the player defeats a Club Master, they earn a Coin corresponding to the Club Master's Pokémon Type Specialty. After acquiring all the eight coins, the player heads to the GR Island where they fight seven Team Rocket Specialists, along with their grunts, in different forts.

Many of the executives and the members that unlock the way to them will force the player to use some specific cards, in order to duel them. Similarly to the Club Leaders, each of them gives a coin to the player corKing BiruritchiKing Biruritchiresponding to their Pokémon Type specialty. Once the seven GR executives are defeated, the player heads to the Grand Masters in TDC Island, to acquire the legendary cards, which are needed in order to access the Team Great Rocket's Boss.

Once the four Grand Masters defeated and the legendary cards obtained, the player heads back to GR Island, and specifically to the Team GR Castle, where they fight the final Boss, King Biruritchi and his two bodyguards. Once King Biruritchi is defeated, the player acquires the King Coin and the credits roll.


The game is filled with characters, the player will encounter throughout the story:

Playable characters

  • Mark: The male playable character and the protagonist of the previous game.
  • Mint: The female counterpart of Mark, added in Pokémon Card GB2. She only appears in this game, and has no English name, as the game was only released in Japan.
Mint Mark Ronald
Mint, female protagonist
Mark, male protagonist
Ronald, the Rival

Club Masters

There are 8 club masters spread out across the TCG Island. Unlike the previous game, they'll give the player Coins instead of Medals.

 Club Master Pokémon Type Club Coin given
Gene Rock Rock Club Rock Coin
Mitch Fighting Fighting Club Fighting Coin
Nikki Grass Grass Club Grass Coin
Ken Fire Fire Club Fire Coin
Isaac Lightning Lightning Club Lightning Coin
Amy Water Water Club Water Coin
Rick Science Science Club Science Coin
Murray Psychic Psychic Club Psychic Coin

Grand Masters

The four grand masters, their Legendary cards and their type specialisms.

 Grand Master Legendary Card Used Pokémon Type
Courtney Moltres Fire
Steve Zapdos Lightning
Jack Articuno Ice
Rod Dragonite Dragon

Team Great Rocket

They are the villains of the game, who are trying to control the trading card world, by stealing all the Pokémon cards and even kidnapping many key individuals. As all the villains do, they will resort to any tricks and mischievous plans, in order to realize their goals.

Additional Characters

  • Professor Mason: He's the Pokémon Professor of the TDC Island, who entrusts the player with the mission of rescuing the island from Team Great Rocket.
  • Ronald: Similarly to the previous game, he's the player's rival, but has a more developed role in the game, as he disguises himself as one of Team Great Rocket Members, all while gathering important information and acquiring card packs or sets for the player.



The game takes place in two different islands, each having many locations within it:

TCG Island GR Island
TCG Island Map (left), Team GR Island (right)

Trading Card Game Island (TDC Island)

There are 13 locations within the TDC Island and they are as follows :
  • The Eight Club: Each Club specializes in a Pokémon Type and consists of a number of members and their Club Master:

The Rock Club, its members and their decks
Members Decks
Club Member Matthew Rolling Stone Deck
Club Member Andrew Awesome Fossil Deck
Club Member Ryan Great Earthquake Deck
Club Master Gene 3 Years On A Rock Deck

The Lightning Club, its members and their decks
Members Decks
Club Member Nicholas Overflow Deck
Club Member Brandon 10,000 Volts Deck
Club Member Jennifer I Love Pikachu Deck
Club Master Isaac Electric Suicide Deck

The Fighting Club, its members and their decks
Members Decks
Club Member Chris Skiller Warrior Deck
Club Member Michael New Machampion Deck
Club Member Jessica I Love to Fight Deck
Club Master Mitch Wave's Punch Deck

TCG GB2 Club Rock Lounge TCG GB2 Club Lightning Lounge TCG GB2 Club Fighting Lounge
From left to right, the lounge areas for the Rock, Lightning and Fighting clubs.

The Water Club, its members and their decks
Members Decks
Club Member Joshua Energy Removal Deck
Club Member Sara Splashing About Deck
Club Member Amanda Beach Deck
Club Master Amy Rain Dance Confusion Deck

The Grass Club, its members and their decks
Members Decks
Club Member Brittany Poison Bee Deck
Club Member Heather Steady Increase Deck
Club Member Kristin Glittering Scales Deck
Club Master Nikki Max Energy Deck

The Science Club, its members and their decks
Members Decks
Club Member Joseph Poisonous Swamp Deck
Club Member David Natural Science Deck
Club Member Erik Gather Nidoran Deck
Club Master Rick Dark Science Deck

TCG GB2 Club Water Lounge TCG GB2 Club Grass Lounge TCG GB2 Club Science Lounge
From left to right, the lounge areas for the Water, Grass and Science Clubs.

The Psychic Club, its members and their decks
Members Decks
Club Member Daniel Puppet Master Deck
Club Member Stephanie Psychokinesis Deck
Club Member Robert Phantom Deck
Club Master Murray Psychic Elite Deck

The Fire Club, its members and their decks
Members Decks
Club Member Jonathan Immortal Flame Deck
Club Member Adam Electric Current Shock Deck
Club Member John Flame Festival Deck
Club Master Ken Go Arcanin! Deck

TCG GB2 Club Psychic Lounge TCG GB2 Club Fire Lounge
The Psychic Club lounge (left) and the Fire Club lounge (right).

  • Ishihara's House: Where mostly Ishihara could be found resting, gathering his strength for when you want to negotiate some trades with him!
  • Mason Laboratory: Dr. Mason's research facility.
  • Challenge Hall: Many tournaments are held here, in which the player can participate and earn rare cards. This feature functions exactly as it was presented in the previous game.
  • The Airport: Here, the player can travel to the GR Island using Team Great Rocket's blimp.
  • Pokémon Dome: It is where the Grand Masters await the player and protect the legendary cards. Since they're based on the Elite Four in the main game series, there are also four Grand Masters in this game too.

TCG GB Dr Masons Lab TCG GB Dome Legendary TCG GB2 Ishihara House
From left to right: Mason's Lab, The Legendary Hall at the Pokemon Dome and Mr. Ishihara's House.

The Grand Masters and their respective decks
Grand Master Deck
Courtney Legendary Moltres Deck
Steve Legendary Zapdos Deck
Jack Legendary Articuno Deck
Rod Legendary Dragonite Deck

Great Rocket Island (GR Island)

As the base of Team Great Rocket, the island contains mostly facilities belonging to the organization. The locations available on the island are:

  • The Game Center : The player can earn coins here from the slot machines and later on, trade them for cards.
  • Ishihara's Villa : Another one of Ishihara's Mansions, where he can be found.
  • The Airport : It is used to return to TDC Island.
  • The Seven Team Great Rocket Forts and Altar : These work in a similar way to the Clubs from TDC Island. Each Fort has a Team Great Rocket Leader, accompanied with other members that need to be fought first. The Team Rocket members and the Leaders themselves will sometimes force special rules on the player, mostly giving them the advantage.

Grass Fort TGR members, their special rules and their decks
Members Special Rules Decks
Midori No special rules Bug Collecting Deck
Yuta No special rules Demon Forest Deck
Miyuki Only Grass energy cards can be used Sticky Poison Gas Deck
Leader Morino All the Grass Type Pokémon are not affected by special conditions Mad Petals Deck

Lightning Fort TGR members, their special rules and their decks
Members Special Rules Decks
Renna Player must use four Pikachu in their deck (Surfing Pikachu and Flying Pikachu cards do not count) Chain Lightning by Pikachu Deck
Ichiwaka Only Lightning energy cards can be used This is the Power of Electricity Deck
Leader Catherine Lightning Type Pokémon inflict 10 extra damage Quick Attack Deck

Water Fort TGR members, their special rules and their decks
Members Special Rules Decks
Miyajima Only Water energy cards can be used Whirlpool Shower Deck
Senta Player must use four Magikarp in their deck Paralyzed! Paralyzed! Deck
Aira Both players can't bench more than three Pokémon Bench Call Deck
Leader Kanoko Water Type Pokémon have their retreat cost reduced by one Water Stream Deck

Fighting Fort TGR members, their special rules and their decks
Members Special Rules Decks
Grace Only Fighting energy cards can be used Full Strength Deck
Goda Player cannot use Super Energy Removal or Energy Removal in their deck Rock Blast! Deck
Leader Kamiya Fighting Type Pokémon cannot be resisted Running Wild Deck

Fire Fort TGR members, their special rules and their decks
Members Special Rules Decks
Jes No special rules Complete Combustion Deck
Yuki Only Fire energy cards can be used Fireball Deck
Shoko Player must use four Eevee in their deck Eevee Showdown Deck
Leader Hidero Fire Type Pokémon are no longer weak to the Water Type Gaze Upon the Power of Fire! Deck

Psychic Fort TGR members, their special rules and their decks
Members Special Rules Decks
Kevin The resistance amount to the Psychic type is increased from -10 to -30 Super Destructive Power Deck
Miwa Only Psychic energy cards can be used Direct Hit Deck
Yosuke Player must use a combination of six Haunter and Gastly (Dark Haunter doesn't count) Bad Dream Deck
Ryoko Player cannot use any Trainer Cards in their deck Pokémon Power Deck
Leader Mami Each time a player discards an energy card, it returns to their hand Spirited Away Deck

Colorless Altar TGR members, their special rules and their decks
Members Special Rules Decks
Nishijima Player must use four Spearow, Pidgey or Double Colorless Energy cards in their deck Snorlax Guard Deck
Samejima Player must use four Dratini, Jigglypuff or Mysterious Fossils in their deck Sudden Growth Deck
Leader Ishii Player must use four Meowth, Rattata or Dark Pokémon cards in their deck Eye of the Storm Deck

  • Team Great Rocket Castle : It is where the Boss of the organization resides, along with his two bodyguards.

Team GR Castle members, their special rules and their decks
Members Special Rules Decks
Rui No special rules Unknown
Kanzaki Player must use the four legendary cars in their deck Unknown
Team Great Rocket Boss : King Biruritchi No special rules Unknown

Gameplay & Features

As the sequel of Pokémon Trading Card Game on GB, the game showcases most of the features of its previous version, with the addition of many new ones. The player can now play as a female character called Mint, or choose the male protagonist from the previous game, Mark. Playing as Mint or Mark, will have no effect on the rival, who's still Ronald.

A new island called GR Island was added, as the base of the Team Great Rocket and on which major events from the game take place. Some interior designs of few Club in the TDC Island have been greatly enhanced. The player's opponents now have animated sprites, reacting with a happy face to winning and a sad one when they lose. There are eight different card Sets or Packs that can be acquired within the game:GR Island ArtworkGR Island Artwork
  • Beginning Pokémon
  • Island of Fossil
  • Sky Flying Pokémon
  • Legendary Power
  • Promotion Card
  • Psychic Battle
  • Team Rocket's Ambition
  • We Are Team Rocket

pokemon card gb2 1 2 pokemon card gb2 1 3 pokemon card gb2 1 4 pokemon card gb2 1 5
Some of the available card packs within the game.

Although the game features most of the cards from Pokémon Trading Card game on GB, there are few ones which cannot be obtained in game. These cards are:
Caterpie, Cubone, Ditto, Electabuzz, Electrode, Flash, Grimer, Guard Spec, Jynx, Kadabra, Koffing, Marowak, Mew, Pikachu, Pokémon Tower and Tangela

Pokemon Card GB2 Card Examples
Some of the Pokémon Card sprites from Pokemon Card GB2

Card Pop!

Pokémon Card GB2: Here comes Team GR inherited the Card Pop! feature of the previous game, allowing players to link their games with the Infrared Communication Ports, with each one of them receiving a randomly generated card.

The Card Pop! feature is still the only way to obtain Phantom cards like the "Here Comes Team Rocket!" or the "Lugia" cards. One should note that Card Pop can only be done in between two similar games, as it impossible for this game, for example, to Card Pop with its previous version.


Players that own the game can connect to each other through the Game Boy Link Cable, to duel and test their decks, or with the help of the GBC Infrared communication, to exchange deck configurations, cards or even perform the Card Pop feature. Furthermore, since the multiplayer options were disabled on the Virtual Console version of the Pokémon Trading Card game, linking this game to it is rendered impossible.


Check out these videos for Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 for Game Boy.

A quick look at Pokemon Card GB2 in a translation reproduction version.

Trivia & Facts

  • Pokémon Card GB2 and its predecessor are the only spin-off games to make use of the sprites from the main game series.
  • The secret card "Dark Raichu" found in the "Team Rocket's Ambition" set, was the first card to be ever released outside of Japan, before being released in it. This happened due to a mistake and caused the card to have the "GB" symbol instead of the "R" symbol referencing Team Rocket expansion.
  • In March 2001, a special edition Celebi card and a promotional Great Rocket's Mewtwo Card were included in a special edition bundle package.

 Official GuidebookOfficial Guidebook


Since the game was only released in Japan, it managed to sell around 845 thousand copies, there, within 3 weeks of its release. Sales continued to increase very slowly, reaching approximately 860 thousand copies sold, by the 5th of may 2001, and finally reaching a final number of 890 thousand copies, sold all over Japan.

Media & Artwork

Pokemon Card GB2 (Game Boy Color) Sprite Collection - A huge collection of sprites from the game
Pokemon Card GB2 (Game Boy Color) Screenshots - A collection of in-game screenshots



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