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Hello all,

I'm Luke the new webmaster, and with the aid of WhitePhoenix I will be restoring Pokemon Dungeon to it's former glory. I will do my best to maintain the haunted theme & style of the site whilst making the site as google/seo friendly as possible. I am currently working on restoring all the old content in a way that fits the new site.

We will be looking for lots of stuff once that and the shell of the site are complete. What we'll be after:-
- Writers! You can never have too much new content. Reviewers, game guide writers, news editors are all welcome.
- Artists! We will not only be running an 'artist of the month' section but will be hosting infinite art galleries by people who like to draw or digitally create Pokemon.

I will work with WhitePhoenix to get a site history online soon, it would be wrong not to considering Gengar and Haunter founded this site in 2000.

Stay tuned for further updates & thanks for visiting.

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Latest News

End of June 2017 Site Update

Hey all thanks for stopping by at the haunted ruins of Pokémon Dungeon.

Myself (Luke), WhitePhoenix and Big Bad Benni Castellanos are still working hard in the background to restore the site to former glories. And here's the first update on what may be new since you last visited:-
Hits: 5

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Pokemon Go: Fire & Ice event info leaked

Pokémon Go events are a pretty common part of our monthly calendar now (*wipes the spit off his face from thoroughbred core series only Pokémon fans and continues) so it comes as no surprise that we have another event coming up in the form of the Fire & Ice event.
Hits: 192

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Pokken Tournament DX, Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon announced!

It seems the 6th of June 2017 is a pretty good day for Pokémon fans given that Pokken Tournament DX for the Switch has just been announced. Not only that but also announced in the same broadcast was Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon versions for the Nintendo 3DS as well as the re-release of classic Game Boy titles; Pokemon Gold & Silver versions. The broadcast took place this afternoon and was presented by Tsunekazu Ishihara from the Pokémon Company. Let's take a closer look at what they have in store for us.
Hits: 431

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Pokemon Dungeon Update: June 1st 2017

Hello all!

Just a quick site update to let you know that although on the surface it's looked a little quiet myself and WhitePhoenix are working on the following
Hits: 82

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Magikarp Jump has arrived for iOS.. sort of - Here's how to get it

The much anticipated Pokémon mega title; Magikarp Jump has splashed and struggled it's way to iOS release.. but it only had the strength to make it to Italy. Leaving millions of aspiring Magikarp trainers in other countries gasping for air until the global release.
Hits: 318

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Special Mega Stones up for Grabs in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun & Moon have a couple of special giveaways and mystery gift events going on right now. 

The first of which is that the exclusive midnight form of Lycanroc is now available; get the password to obtain it at your local GameStop from now right the way until June 3rd, 2017. Rockruff will only take on this special midnight form if he is evolved at night and is exclusive to Pokemon Moon.
Hits: 576

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May Update

Hey all, Luke reporting in with our May 2017 progress report!

I've laid the foundation of our Pokemon Movies, Pokemon Animated Series and Pokemon game sections since the last update. But I literally mean just the foundations... I could use a tonne of help on writing about the movies, series and games so if anyones interested please get in touch.
Hits: 145

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Pokemon Red and Green Versions inducted into Videogame Hall of Fame

This years inductees to the Videogame Hall of Fame have been announced and it's good news for Pokémon fans. After being nominated in 2016 but not quite making the cut the original Pokémon Game Boy titles Pokemon Red & Green versions have now been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.
Hits: 146

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