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"Explore the all new Pokemon in the Hoenn Region..."

This is a great pokemon adventure to play again and again. Nintendo has once again expanded its wide world of pokemon by adding even more to the adventure. This Pokemon adventure is once again a great addition to the Pokemon series. The graphics are a big hit in this game, as well as the replay value and last but not least the gameplay is excellent. The story corresponds with the other pokemon games of course.

The graphics are incredibly good in this game. The individual pokemon have great graphics and every detail is sketched out on them. The towns and cities and levels in this game are put together very well as well. The details in the levels make the levels look amazing. The pokemon and other trainer graphics make the player feel like they are in the pokemon world. The graphics are hands down one of the best qualities in this game by far. Nintendo has obviously spent a lot of time on the graphics for this great pokemon adventure.

The sounds of the individual Pokemon and their cries in the game are extraordinary. The level sound is excellent in this game too. The sound corresponds with the environment in the game itself and matches perfectly. The sound is not really the highlight of this Pokemon or any other pokemon adventure for that matter but it always helps that the sound quality is top of the line none the less.

Replay Value
The replay value is just amazing in this game. This game just contains countless hours of non stop Pokemon fun. A single player could log in more than 100 hours of gameplay and still not be done with the main adventure. The adventure is never boring either. There are countless Pokemon to catch in this adventure making it last for a long while. If there was ever any reason to pick up and play this pokemon adventure, The gameplay would be the number one reason by far.

The controls are super simple to play in this pokemon adventure. The gameplay is very smooth, The game can be as hard ot as easy as the player makes it depending on how much time is spent on the pokemon themselves. The Gameplay is the second best reason to pick up this awesome pokemon title.

The bottom line is that this is a great pokemon adventure. This title is well worth any price paying to get your hands on a copy. Pokemon Emerald is a great addition to the pokemon adventure. This is one game that a pokemon player can not afford to miss. This game is a great investment and I strong recommend any pokemon player to try it out for themselves.

Overall rating Star Rating Half 4.5 - Very Good



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