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Pokemon: Advanced Challenge
Season 7
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General information
 Episodes 52 TV Episodes
52 Video Release Episodes
 Series Advanced Generation
 Region Hoenn
 Previous season Pokemon Advanced
 Following season Pokemon Advanced Battle
 First Episode What You Seed is What You Get
 Last Episode Judgement Day!
 Related Movie(s) Destiny Deoxys
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Official Description

A shadow hovers over Ash, May, and friends as they continue their journey through the Hoenn region, and it’s not just that of Mt. Chimney—both Team Magma and Team Aqua put plans into action with our heroes caught in the middle! When not foiling evil schemes, Ash and May chase their personal goals, with Ash battling for three more Gym Badges and May winning her first three Contest Ribbons. The group also gains new Pokémon like Torkoal and Bulbasaur, but could they be too much to handle?

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1   What You Seed is What You Get 1 E#  314
J# 317
"What You Seed is What You Get"
"Kimori no Shinwaza!! Suika Hatake no Tane Mashingan!" (キモリの新技!!スイカ畑のタネマシンガン!)
(Kimori's New Technique!! Watermelon Field's Seed Machine Gun!)
September 11, 2004

September 4, 2003
After Ash’s victory at the Mauville Gym, May and Ash argue over their next destination. Either they go to Fallarbor Town for May’s next contest, or Lavaridge Town, for Ash’s next Gym Battle. They decide to go to Fallarbor Town first.

Team Rocket stumbles upon a watermelon field and find a giant watermelon. To their surprise, it’s an Electrode that looks like the giant watermelon. Electrode then uses what looks like Rollout to send Team Rocket blasting off.

Some watermelons float down a stream where Ash and the gang are having a picnic. They chow down on the melons and Ash has Treecko practice Bullet Seed. While practicing, a random Slugma and Grovyle attack Ash and the gang. The Slugma and Grovyle are owned by Natasha, who also owns the farm that the melons came from. The melon painted Electrode is also owned by Natasha. The Electrode is used to catch people who are stealing the watermelons.

Natasha introduces herself after apologizing and she gives them a tour of her melon farm. Ash compliments Grovyle’s Bullet Seed and Natasha challenges him to a battle. Ash sends out Treecko and Corphish against Natasha’s Grovyle and Slugma.

Jesse and James come back and encounter the Electrode again. They fantasize about giving Giovanni the watermelons and them receiving a promotion. Back to the battle, Treecko and Corphish almost get knocked out by Natasha’s attacks. Treecko and Corphish land a hit on Slugma and Grovyle and they get ready for a Solarbeam and Flamethrower. Corphish counters with Bubblebeam and Corphish and Slugma knock each other out.

Electrode returns to Natasha and tells her about Team Rocket, and her and the gang run off to confront Team Rocket. They find them stealing the melons and start to fight Team Rocket. Ash tells Treecko to watch Grovyle use Bullet Seed. Treecko uses Bullet Seed to return the melons to the field and Pikachu blasts Team Rocket off again by using Thunderbolt.

Natasha and Ash return to their battle. Both Grovyle and Treecko, almost out of energy, use Bullet Seed on each other. Grovyle’s Bullet Seed is too strong and knocks out Treecko. Ash and Pikachu try to cheer Treecko up, and Treecko attacks Ash with Bullet Seed successfully.
2   Love at First Flight 2 E#  315
J# 318
"Love at First Flight"
"Barubīto to Irumīze! Ai no Dansu!" (バルビートとイルミーゼ!愛のダンス!)
(Barubeat and Illumise! Dance of Love!)
October 16, 2004

September 11, 2003
While traveling the road, they stumble upon a lake. Brock pulls out a map and tells them that it’s called Lake May. Ash and the gang then see a Volbeat and Illumise flying around each other.

Nurse Joy calls out to the gang and tells them about the “May Festival” and the trainers of Volbeat and Illumise. An obvious nod to Shakespeare, the trainers are called Romeo and Juliet, respectively. Brock is not happy about Juliet being partnered with Romeo, calling Romeo out on his clumsiness. While trying to direct his Volbeat, Romeo drops his baton and Volbeat crash into Illumise, making them all fall into the river. Ash and Brock send out Corphish, Lotad, and Mudkip to help the trainers and their Pokemon get back on dry land.

After successfully bringing them back to land, Brock hands Juliet a towel, in an attempt to woo her. Nurse Joy tells Romeo and Juliet to bring their Pokemon to the Pokemon Centre to get them healed up. Team Rocket notice Romeo and they cook up a scheme to capture Volbeat and Illumise. Meowth then fantasizes about giving Giovanni the Pokemon and all the rewards they think they will get.

While the gang are at the Pokemon Centre, Ash and May agree to help Romeo with his Volbeat dance. Romeo tells the gang about Volbeat’s nervousness around Illumise and May asks Romeo how he feels about Juliet. May asks Romeo how he feels about Juliet and May tells him that Romeo and Volbeat are in love with Juliet and Illumise respectively. Romeo is trying to practice telling Juliet how he feels about her with May and Ash. May being the emotional support, and Ash being the Juliet (literally). Brock steps in and tries to help Romeo with his situation.

Juliet is trying to figure out what is happening with Romeo, and she reminisces about the time when they were kids. Illumise points out to Juliet that there’s a Volbeat light, only to fall into Team Rocket’s trap. Meowth disguised himself as a Volbeat and fooled Illumise into getting close enough to allow Jesse and James to capture Illumise. Juliet went to find Romeo and the gang to see if they know where Volbeat and Illumise went. She ended up overhearing Romeo and May practicing and knows how Romeo feels about her. Romeo tells Juliet that his Volbeat can follow Illumise’s scent to find out where she went(1).

The Volbeat have the scent, Romeo and Ash climb a cliff only to find Jesse and James dressed in Illumise and Volbeat costumes. They do their mantra and capture the other Volbeat. Jesse and James end up capturing Pikachu and Ash. Pikachu gives the machine a Thunderbolt, allowing Romeo’s Volbeat to destroy the machine, freeing the other Volbeat, Pikachu, and Ash. Juliet’s Illumise uses Sweet Scent to guide the Volbeat into position for a Signal Beam to send Team Rocket blasting off again.

Romeo finally tells Juliet about liking her, and she reminds him about the promise he made her when they were kids. Romeo vows to keep the promise and the May Festival Volbeat and Illumise dance goes off without a hitch.
(1) Based on the feelings that Volbeat and Romeo have, I’m assuming that Illumise is female.
3   Let Bagons be Bagons 3 E#  316

J# 319
"Let Bagons Be Bagons"

"Tobe, Tatsubei! Ashita ni Mukatte!!" (飛べ、タツベイ!明日にむかって!!)
(Fly Tatsubay! Towards the Future!!)
September 18, 2004

September 18, 2003
While walking through the mountains, Ash and the gang encounter a Bagon. Brock remarks about Pokemon attacking people unexpectedly, and the Bagon attacks.
The Bagon, is not attacking. Instead, its leaping off the cliff to try and fly. A strange trainer leaps from the sky and claims to be the Bagon’s trainer. Using her glasses, she perfectly catches Bagon and Max comments on her glasses. Ash challenges the trainer, Michelle, to a battle.

Team Rocket shows up, and they fantasize about Giovanni owning the Bagon. The battle, Pikachu vs. Bagon. Pikachu leads with a Quick Attack, and Michelle, using her glasses, is able to tell Bagon where to go to dodge it. With Pikachu down, Bagon uses Skull Bash and Ash tells Pikachu to dodge. Michelle then tells Bagon to change course, right into Pikachu’s path. Pikachu narrowly dodges the Skull Bash. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Bagon dodges and uses Skull Bash. Pikachu then uses Thunder, and Michelle attempts to use the glasses to direct Bagon where to dodge. The area of attack is too big, so she tells Bagon to go on the offensive. Pikachu hits the Bagon and sends it flying. Bagon gets back up and hits Pikachu with a Skull Bash. Ash tells Pikachu to fight back and dodges at the last second, then tries for a Thunderbolt. Pikachu misses, Bagon goes for a Skull Bash, and Pikachu blocks it with an Iron Tail.

Team Rocket then comes in for their “spectacular” entrance. Meowth jetpacks in and grabs Bagon and flies away. Ash sends out Treeck and tells Treecko to use Bullet Seed on the helicopter. The Remote Controller falls from the helicopter and Meowth flies off to nowhere. Michelle picks up the controller and her and the gang go after Meowth. Jesse and James fly to Meowth and attempt to capture Meowth in a net. Meowth falls from the sky and crashes into a tree. Treecko hops through the treetops and the gang follows the Treecko.

Jesse and James find Meowth. Bagon tells Meowth that it was happy that it finally flew. Meowth tells a quick story about him learning how to talk and inspires Bagon to keep on trying to fly. Meowth then imagines Giovanni with a Bagon again.

The gang finally catch up to Team Rocket and Ash tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack. Team Rocket grabs Pikachu with their helicopter and Bagon takes the jetpack with Treecko to follow them. Using her glasses, she launches her Bagon into the helicopter’s path. Bagon Skull Bashes the helicopter and drops off Treecko to grab Pikachu. Pikachu and Treecko jump off of the helicopter and Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off again with Thunderbolt. Bagon flies Pikachu and Treecko around. Bagon is so happy about flying, that it evolves into Shelgon.
4   The Princess and the Togepi 4 E#  317

J# 320
"The Princess and the Togepi"

"Kasumi Tōjō! Togepī to Maboroshi no Ōkoku!" (カスミ登場!トゲピーとまぼろしの王国!)
(Kasumi Appears! Togepi and the Mirage Kingdom!)
September 25, 2004

September 25, 2003
On the way to Fallarbor Town, Ash and the gang are waiting by a lake for a "special friend". The friend they are waiting for is Misty.

Misty mentions their metting up is thanks to Togepi and she shows Ash an invitiation to the Togepi Festival. Misty planned on letting Ash and the gang in with her, but they have to have a Togepi. Just as Misty was about to walk into the door, two people dressed in Togepi pattern cloaks greet her. The people take her inside and leave Ash and the gang behind. The door locks behind Misty. The duo puts misty in some "VIP Room". The duo is obviously Jesse and James and the hotel that they were at is a blimp. Ash and the gang catch up to the blimp and grab a rope hanging off of it.

Ash and the gang climb the rope and board the blimp. Team Rocket is flying the blimp right into a sandstorm. They fly through unscathed and are on their way to the "Mirage Kingdom". Team Rocket goes to where they put Misty and tell her that they have arrived at the Togepi Festival Stadium. Team Rocket lets Misty off the blimp and she meets up with Ash and the gang. Misty demands that the Togepi duo tell her who they are. Team Rocket does their mantra, someone named Colonel Hansen tells Jesse and James that their plan is a failure because Ash and the gang just happened to be there. Hansen then demands that they hand over Misty's Togepi to him. Misty says, "Not in 10 million years!" and Hansen summons a Shedinja. Shedinja uses Solarbeam to threaten Ash and the gang. Two Ninjask then appear next to Shedinja and Misty starts freaking out because of her fear of bug Pokemon. Ash tells Max to get Misty and May out of there. Brock and Ash send out Mudkip and Pikachu and are ready to throw down.

Hansen tells the Ninjask to use Shadow Ball. Pikachu counters with a Thunderbolt and Mudkip uses Water Gun. Hansen sees where Misty and Togepi are going and tells Shedinja to go after them. They end up hiding in a giant bush maze. Shedinja finds them and motions to take Togepi. Misty sends out Corsola and uses Spike Cannon. It doesn't do anything to Shedinja because of its Wonder Guard ability. Shedinja uses Solarbeam again and sends Togepi flying toward some woman in a blue dress. She picks up Togepi and tells Miranda about Togepi.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and the Ninjask and its using Double Team. Ash falls into a hole, presumably made by Ninjask because they know Dig. Ash falls into the hole and attempts to find the real Ninjask, Brock and Mudkip follow. Miranda goes to the King1 of the island and tells him about the Togepi. After the King, Queen, and princess talk about the Togepi, Misty barges in and demands her Togepi back. Colonel Hansen walks in and tells the King that Misty, Max, and May are the intruders. The King then tells Hansen to leave. The gang introduce themselves and the King tells them about Togepi being woshipped. Just like the old days, Brock flirts with the princess and Misty pulls his ear. Hanson is plotting with Team Rocket to grab Togepi for the next day's succession ceremony, little does he know that it won't be taking place.

Ash and the gang prepare their departure when a mirage appears. Togepi attempts to fly towards the mirage when Shedinja appears and uses Solarbeam. Hansen and Team Rocket show up and he tells Shedinja to use Solarbeam. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to counter and as the dust clears... to be continued...
5   A Togepi Mirage 5 E#  318

J# 321
"A Togepi Mirage!"

"Shinkirō no Kanata ni! Togepī no Rakuen!" (蜃気楼の彼方に!トゲピーの楽園!)
(Beyond the Mirage! Togepi's Paradise!)
October 2, 2004

October 2, 2003
As the smoke clears from Pikachu's counter, Shedinja uses Solarbeam and the Ninjask use Hyper Beam. Ouf of nowhere, Togepi starts glowing and a bright sphere appears surrounding Togepi. Princess Sarah says Togepi is using Safeguard. A bolt of light appears from the mirage castle and makes Togepi's Safeguard sphere bigger and brighter. After a little bit, it disappears, along with Togepi, Ash, the gang, Sarah, and Miranda. Sarah asks Miranda where they are and she says they're in a Togepi Paradise, inside the mirage. Miranda says the paradise has changed and Max points out and breaks a wilting plant. Togepi flys toward some exhausted Togepi. Max tells May to take out her PokeDex to see what they can learn. Turns out, the Togepi were exhausted because of Hansen's impure heart.

Team Rocket and Hansen are standing by a gate looking thing. Hansen tells Shedinja to use Solarbeam to open a portal to the paradise. Togepi flies out of the portal from the paradise side to meet Team Rocket and Hansen. He tells the Ninjask to capture Togepi. Their Shadow Balls hit Togepi and Togepi crash lands and Hansen captures Togepi. The exhausted Togepi re-open the portal to let Ash and the gang outside. Hansen presents the Togepi to the king, and the king denies his claim to the throne. The king points out that the Togepi is Misty's and not Hansen's. Team Rocket escorts the king to the dungeon. Jesse announces to the entire island that Hansen is the new king of the island. Hansen kicks Team Rocket out and uses his Pokemon to send the blasting off again.

Ash's Taillow and May's Beautifly attempt to find the king. Their efforts, however, were in vain. Brock suggests they break into the Palace when the ceremony is happening. Hansen puts Togepi on some pedestal and it lights up. A sage deems him worthy to be king. As Brock, Max, and Miranda are running to the palace, Team Rocket comes back, this time in fortuneteller disguises with a crystal ball and everything. They tell Brock and Miranda where to go to find Hansen. Hansen demands that Togepi uses Metronome to open the portal again and he sees Ash and the gang ready to battle.

Misty demands her Togepi back and Hansen sends Ninjask to attack. May sends out her Torchic and uses Ember on Ninjask. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunder on the other Ninjask. Both Ninjask down, Shedinja uses Solarbeam and the Togepi from the paradise use Safeguard. The paradise Togepi use Metronome to help Misty's Togepi evolve into Togetic. Shedinja uses Solarbeam and the Togepi and Togetic use Safeguard. The Safeguard sphere grows even bigger and brighter than last time. Misty sends out her Gyarados. Gyarados uses Flamethrower on Shedinja, finishing it off. The king comes back and he orders the guards to sieze Hansen. After the battle, the Togepi then fly off to paradise. Togetic tells Misty that it wants to stay and protect the Togepi. Misty then releases Togetic to protect the Togepi, and the mirage disappears. A Togepi appears next to Sarah and Togepi tells her that it's the one she had to find. Giving her the right to the throne. Misty bids her good-bye and we see Togetic watching over the flora filled Paradise.
6   Candid Camerupt 6 E#  319

J# 322
"Candid Camerupt!"

"Kachinuki Famirī! Yon Tai Yon!!" (かちぬきファミリー!4VS4!!)
(Kachinuki Family! 4 vs. 4!!)
October 9, 2004

October 9, 2003
On their way to Fallarbor Town, Ash's Pikachu faints from exhaustion, along with everyone else. A Camerupt happens by them and its trainer helps them out. An elderly man tells them about their house being the only house in the area. The elderly woman tells them that Victoria's Camerupt happened by them.

Team Rocket is wandering through the desert and they all pass out like Ash and the gang did. Someone comes along and helps them out. The person who helped them was Vito, the same person that the elderly woman told Ash about. He tells Team Rocket about his dilemma with not being a Champion but not wanting to battle. James offers to explain everything to his grandmother for him, but Vito tells him that might not be a good idea.
Ash and the gang about about to leave when he asks if there's anything he can do to repay them people that helped them out. The family then challenges Ash and the gang to a battle. The elderly woman suggests a 4v4 battle. Max, not having any of his own Pokemon, asks Ash if he could borrow one if his Pokemon.

Victor, Victoria, Vivi, and Vicky line up to battle. They go to a professional looking battle arena. Victor goes first vs Brock. Victor sends out Zigzagoon and Brock sends out Mudkip. Mudkip leads with a Water Gun and Zigzagoon dodges. Then he uses Thunderbolt. Mudkip goes down in one shot. Victoria goes next and sends out Roselia and May sends out Beautifly. She uses Gust and Silver Wind and knocks out Roselia. May wins that round, tying the score 1-1. Max borrows Corphish to go against Vivi's Marill. Max tells Corphish to use Harden, but Corphish doesn't listen and just starts hitting Marill until its knocked out, winning the battle. Next is Vicky vs. Ash.

Team Rocket and Vito get to his house, and no one's home. He mentions that they're probably on the battlefield. Vicky sends out Camerupt and Ash sends out Pikachu. Pikachu leads with Thunderbolt, doing very little damage to Camerupt. He then uses Quick Attack, sending Camerupt flying. Camerupt gets up and uses Sand Storm, then Take Down. Pikachu uses Iron Tail to counter. Camerupt is setting up for Eruption, and flaming rocks fly all over the place. Team Rocket then bails out of fear. Camerupt is chasing Pikahcu around the battlefield. Camerupt then starts running towards their house. Ash and the gang attempt to catch up to Camerupt. Vito sends out his Alakazam and it uses Rain Dance. The rain cools Camerupt off and it stops before it could get to the crops. The clouds clear and Vicky concedes the battle.

Team Rocket comes back to grab Pikachu. They do their mantra and Vito's Alakazam uses Psychic to free Pikachu. Vito sends out his Swellow to use Wing Attack to break the balloon and send Team Rocket blasting off again. Vicky then realizes that Vito is nearby and gives a speech. Ash and the gang then head off before Camerupt uses an Eruption.
7   I Feel Skitty 7 E#  320

J# 323
"I Feel Skitty!"

"Eneko to Aromaterapī!" (エネコとアロマテラピー!)
(Eneko and Aromatherapy!)
October 23, 2004

October 16, 2003
While taking a break from their walk to Fallarbor Town, May gets some practicing in before her contest. Beautifly is using Gust to blow a frisbee back to May so she can catch it. May ends up throwing it a little too far and she asks Torchic to grab it for her. Torchic ends up running down a steep hill and crashing into a rock. Before getting the frisbee, Torchic hears a Skitty meowing and runs towards it. Ash and the gang follow and decide to help the Skitty.
They think that the Skitty is tired and Brock decides to take over in helping Skitty. He takes them to the Greenhouse, an Aromatherapy lab. They take Skitty inside and they get a mini-tour of the lab. There are bottles of smells and flowers all over the place. Eliza, also thinks that the Skitty is just tired and makes a batch of healing fragrance. May asks if she can stay with Skitty to make sure its alright. Eliza then gives a full tour of the gardens.

Team Rocket then finds the Aromatherapy lab and Jesse and James mention how their Pokemon could really benefit from the smells. Instead, Meowth fantasizes about how Giovanni will wake up with the good smells and give Team Rocket various rewards. Ash and the gang check on Skitty. Skitty appears to be feeling fine and just wants to play around. Skitty sees Pikachu's tail and starts chasing Pikachu around.

May sends Torchic out to try and catch the Skitty. Skitty uses Tackle and the Torchic and Torchic counters with Quick Attack. The Skitty goes down and Team Rocket breaks in and does their mantra. Jesse gets Seviper out to use Haze. The lab is then covered in smoke and Team Rocket attempts to steal a bunch of various items. The Skitty finds Meowth and Meowth instantly falls in love with Skitty. Brock tackles James and some bottles of perfume break. Unleashing a mix of smells that are awful to people, but smell amazing to Pokemon. Team Rocket takes off with all kinds of merchandise. Brock chases after them and manages to take the bag that James had. Corphish attacks Seviper and James sends out Cacnea and uses Pin Missle on Corphish. While Corphish uses Harden, James gets distracted by the Weepinbell. Corphish uses Crabhammer on James and Cacnea. Ash's Taillow uses Wing Attack to send Team Rocket blasting off again.

May runs outside and she says she can't find Skitty. She wonders if Team Rocket didn't grab Skitty. Turns out, Skitty was hiding in one of the bags that Team Rocket took. Skitty starts playing around and Jesse starts to try and catch it. Meowth starts imaging all the harm that could possibly befall Skitty if Jesse were to catch it. Meowth then suggests that Skitty be given to Giovanni and imagines all those rewards from earlier. Meowth then says he's gonna take Skitty to get some water. He tries to scare Skitty off and ends up throwing a rock to get Skitty to run away.

Ash and the gang are trying to find Skitty and Taillow tells Ash that Taillow found Team Rocket's balloon. Eliza gets her Oddish to use Sweet Scent to lure Skitty out. The scent attracts Meowth and Wobuffet. Skitty comes out of the bushes and May and Jesse fight over the Skitty. Jesse battles May with her Dustox and Beautifly respectively. Beautifly starts off with Gust. Dustox uses Tackle, and Beautifly dodges. Dustox then uses Psybeam and Beautifly dodges. Beautifly uses Tackle and follows up with Gust. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and sends Team Rocket blasting off again.

May picks up Skitty and makes sure its okay. Skitty throws the Poke Ball to the ground and gets in willingly. Ash and the gang get back on their way to Fallarbor town and Skitty let itself out, chases its tail for a bit, and goes to sleep.
8   ZigZag Zangoose 8 E#  321

J# 324
"ZigZag Zangoose!"

"Zangūsu Tai Habunēku! Raibaru Taiketsu!!" (ザングースVSハブネーク!ライバル対決!!)
(Zangoose vs. Habunake! Rivals Showdown!!)
October 23, 2004

October 23, 2003
On their way to Fallarbor Town, a Zangoose runs by Ash and the gang. What appears to be a talking Zangoose, runs up to the Zangoose and starts talking to it. The talking Zangoose is just a person in a Zangoose costume. The trainer in the costume is Nikolai.

Nikolai challenged the Petalburg Gym, and he lost. After a bit of a story, Ash challenges Nikolai. Nikolai chooses Marshtomp and Ash chooses Treecko. Marshstop leads with Water Gun and Treecko dodges and counters with Quick Attack. Treecko stops mid attack and gets hit with a Mud shot. Treecko gets back up and uses Bullet Seed, then uses Pound, to finish Marshtomp off.

Team Rocket is hiding in the bushes and plans of stealing Pikachu. Jesse chooses Seviper and tells Seviper to grab Pikachu when Ash isn't looking. Nikolai's next Pokemon is Zangoose. Ash keeps Treecko out. Zangoose goes set up a Swords Dance, but runs off to Jesse's Seviper. Team Rocket gives their spiel, and Zangoose and Seviper fight each other. Meowth insults Seviper, and Seviper hits Meowth so hard, he crashes into Jesse and James and they fall into a river. Seviper and Zangoose eventually fall into a river too. Ash sends out Corphish to attack Seviper and help Zangoose. Ash and the gang help Zangoose back to the camp and Brock makes soup for Zangoose.
Nikolai wants to train for another battle with Seviper, so him and Ash dress up as Zangoose and Seviper respectively, and have a battle. Skitty lets itself out again to play with Ash's Seviper tail. Zangoose hears Seviper's voice and goes after it.

Jesse has a sound system with two microphones for herself and Seviper. She's trying to bait Zangoose out to battle. Zangoose takes the bait and Seviper is ready to battle. While Ash and the gang are distracted, Meowth and James grab Pikachu. Pikachu tries to use Thunder, but the cage Pikachu's in doesn't conduct electricity. Jesse tells James and Meowth to go away and Ash and the gang chase after them.

Jesse tries to have Cacnea attack them and he uses Pin Missile. Meowth does the mantra with James and they think it went well. Ash runs in to grab Pikachu and Cacnea uses Sandstorm. Ash crashes into the cage and sends Pikachu flying. Jesse's Seviper uses Bite, Zangoose dodges and Seviper uses Poison Tail. Zangoose dodges successfully. Jesse tells Seviper to attack, but Pikachu lands in the middle of the fight. Ash dives to grab Pikachu, but everyone else dog piles on top of him and starts fighting. Wobuffet runs off with Pikachu. Everyone starts chasing Wobuffet. Nikolai tells Zangoose to move in zigzags to evade Seviper. Jesse yells at everyone to stop and tells Seviper to attack. Zangoose also attacks. Seviper uses Poison Tail and Zangoose jumps. Zangoose then uses Crush Claw to finish Seviper off. James sends out Cacnea to use Pin Missle and attack everyone. Pikachu uses Thunder and sends Team Rocket blasting off again.

Ash and Nikolai finish their battle. Nikolai sends out Zigzagoon and Ash chooses Pikachu. Zigzagoon starts practicing its zigzagging.
9   Maxxed Out 9 E#  322

J# 325
"Maxxed Out!"

"Masato to Masato! Ametama o Mamore!" (マサトとマサト!ア メタマを守れ!)
(Masato and Masato! Protect Ametama!)
October 30, 2004

October 30, 2003
Continuing their journey to Fallarbor Town, Ash and the gang stop at a Pokemon Center. Brock hits on Nurse Joy and Skitty starts chasing its own tail. Someone who looks exactly like Max shows up.

The other Max starts complaining about Ash and the gang making all kinds of noise and Nurse Joy starts talking to the other Max. When Nurse Joy said Max 2's name, Max 1 asked how she knew his name. Max 2 tells Max 1 to change his name, but then Max 1 tells Max 2 to change his name. They then start fighting, and Max 2 storms off.

Team Rocket wakes up to the wrong alarm. James says he's sick of not having any food, and he goes into a rant. While he's ranting Jesse and Meowth take off to get some food. Max 1 is still salty about Max 2 and a Surskit starts playing with Max 2. The Maxes fight, over and over again, and May tries to break it up, but she ends up just getting confused. Ash and Brock walk over to where the Maxes are and Team Rocket is watching them. Meowth fantasizes about catching a Surskit and giving it to Giovanni. The Maxes continue to fight and Brock suggests getting everyone's Pokemon out and letting them play together. The Maxes finally are on some common ground. Team Rocket leaps out of the bushes to attempt to nab the Surskit. They do their mantra, and make a dive for Surskit. Treecko uses Quick Attack, but Jesse hands him a football to distract Treecko. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but Meowth has an umbrella that doesn't conduct electricity. Skitty wakes up and sees Jesse's hair and pounces on it.

Jesse then runs off after Skitty is done playing with it. Max 2 notices that Surskit has gone missing and Max 1 points out Surskits tracks. Ash and the gang then help Max 2 find Surskit. Team Rocket appears again to grab Surskit. The Maxes tell them that Surskit ran off, and James blames Jesse for Surskit disappearing. Everyone then starts laughing at Jesse's hair that Skitty messed up. Jesse uses the giant hammer on the machine to hit the ground several times before sending Ash and the gang flying off of a cliff into a forest.

May and Max 1 land in a tree, they have no idea where they are. Max 2 on the other hand, knows exactly where they are. Ash, Brock, and Pikachu manage to climb back up to where they were. Ash sends Taillow to look for May and the Maxes. The Maxes make up and become friends. They notice that Team Rocket is in the distance and wander off to find Surskit. Team Rocket finds them and they start to run toward a spring in the forest. Team Rocket catches up with them and they send out Seviper and Cacnea. The Maxes tell May to not to battle Team Rocket. Taillow happens upon where they were. Seviper attacks the group with Poison Tail and they dive out of the way. Cacnea then uses Pin Missile. Surskit uses Agility and Seviper hits Surskit. James tells Cacnea to use Needle Arm, but Cacnea landed in the spring and can't swim. James makes Cacnea return. Seviper uses Poison Tail again. Surskit breaks the rocks with Water Pulse. Flooding the area they were battling on. Jesse rises from the water and creepily demands the Surskit. Jesse and Max 2 fight over the Surskit for a little bit before May sends her Skitty to attack Jesse. Ash and Brock finally catch up and Jesse tells Seviper to attack. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Meowth breaks out the umbrealla. Surskit uses Bubblebeam and makes Meowth drop the umbrella, allowing Thunderbolt to hit, sending Team Rocket blasting off again.

The Maxes officially become friends and they bid their goodbyes back at the Pokemon Center.
10 Pros and Con Artists 10 E#  323

J# 326
"Pros and Con Artists"

"Pokemon Kontesuto, Hajitsuge Taikai!!" (ポケモンコンテスト・ハジツゲ大会!!)
(Pokémon Contest – Hajitsuge Tournament!!)
October 30, 2004

November 6, 2003
Ash and the gang finally make it to Fallarbor Town!

Inside the contest hall, Brock is oggling all the coordinators. May starts getting nervous at all the competition when she sees a Medicham floating in mid-air. The Medicham starts using Psychic to make all kinds of stuff levitate, including Max's glasses, Ash's hat, and Pikachu. The Medicham's trainer apologizes to everyone and Brock starts flirting with her. May compliments the trainer, and the trainer hits her in the face, sending May flying backwards about 10 feet. They all introduce themselves and have lunch. Ash asks the trainer, Grace, if she's ever won any contests. She says she has and shows off her 3 ribbons. Grace tells May all kinds of stuff about winning contests, making May really nervous about the contest. Grace tells her not to worry about it and she offers to show May Medicham's attacks.

Medicham starts with Ice Punch, then combines it with Psychic to make a combination. May tries with it her Beautifly by using Silver Wind and a bunch of moves. May tries Tackle, Gust, and String Shot, but Beautifly ends up tangling itself in string. Drew shows up and starts criticizing May about her indecisiveness and she tells him to go away. He remarks about her not winning any ribbons and May asks how many Drew has. Drew has three, making May even more nervous about the contest.

Jesse and James from Team Rocket are hiding behind something and they ask some guy if they want to start winning contests. They tell him about their secret product and all the things this guy could have if they bought it. They lead him to an alley with Meowth running a PokeBlock Shop. Meowth starts telling the trainer about certain qualities the trainer has to have, including one that Meowth claims the judges don't want him to know about. Meowth then reveals his PokeBlocks to the trainer. While trying to tell the trainer about the PokeBlocks, Jesse and James have new disguises. Meowth says they're other satisfied customers and he feeds Wobuffet a PokeBlock. Wobuffet has a detective costume to look cool. Meowth sells a box of his PokeBlocks. The PokeBlocks are just regular PokeBlocks painted either Gold or Silver.

Ash asks Max where May is. Max tells him that May's practicing. Ash says he hasn't seen Brock either and Max points him out. Brock's flirting with other trainers. Ash sees Drew and Drew says he's also competing in the contest. Drew challenges Ash to a battle.

Ash chooses Taillow and leads with Quick Attack to hit Drew's Roselia. Roselia counters with Magical Leaf. Taillow dodges, and Roselia uses Petal Dance, Taillow manages to dodge and Taillow tries for a Peck attack. Roselia uses Stun Spore and Taillow gets hit. Roselia finishes with Solar Beam. May, watching from some bushes, can't believe Ash lost. Drew explains why Ash lost, and his explanation ties into what he told May earlier that day. If the trainer is confused, the Pokemon will be too.

Team Rocket has somehow made their scam work and they're selling dozens of boxes of PokeBlocks. May happens by the stand of PokeBlocks and she checks it out. She wonders if it will help her Beautifly. Grace also happens by the stand and she is not happy about what Team Rocket is doing. Grace asks what berries were used for making the PokeBlocks and they're not prepared for it. She explains to everyone that not knowing what's in the PokeBlock isn't good. Medicham uses Psychic to lift the disguises off Team Rocket, and they take to the skies in their balloon. They do their mantra and take some Pokemon, including Beautifly and Medicham. Then they take off. Medicham uses Psychic to free all the Pokemon. Beautifly uses String Shot and James sends out Cacnea to break the string. Jesse chooses Seviper and uses Poison Tail. Medicham uses High Jump Kick. Beautifly uses Tackle and Medicham sends Team Rocket blasting off again with Ice Punch.

Grace, Drew and May have entered the contest, but she's looking more confident then she was earlier.
11 Come What May 11 E#  324

J# 327
"Come What May!"

"VS Chāremu! Kontesuto Batoru!!" (VSチャーレム!コンテストバトル!!)
(VS Charem! Contest Battle!!)
November 6, 2004

November 13, 2003
It's the first round of the contest and Drew's Roselia got some pretty high scores from the judges. Two 9.9's and a 9.8, totalling a 29.6. Grace's Medicham has a 29.5. May's Beautifly has a 25.9.

The announcer calls out a trainer named Jessica, who comes in from above. Jessica is just Jesse and James, Meowth, and Wobuffet are helping her with that entrance. She sends out Dustox and it uses Tackle. Jesse tells it to use another attack, but the attack is just some glitter coming from a device on Dustox's chest, being controlled by Meowth. She throws a piece of paper in the air and tells DUstox to use Poison Sting and Rainbow. Dustox draws a picture of itself using the stings and rainbows. She finishes with a combination of Whirlwind and Rainbow. Jesse appears to be flying because of the Whirlwind. She is clearly cheating to get the highest score. She finishes with a 29.7, the highest score that round. May makes it to the final four by a tenth of a point.

Round two, contestants will battle. First battle is May vs.Jesse, Beautifly vs. Dustox. Dustox starts with Tackle and Rainbow and Beautifly dodges. Beautifly uses String shot and Dustox knocks Beautifly back with a Whirlwind. Dustox uses Poison Sting and Beautifly redirects the stings with Gust. Dustox uses Rainbow Tackle, Beautifly counters with Silver Wind, breaking the box the Jesse is using to cheat. Dustox tries to use a Rainbow Psybeam, but the box is broken, allowing May to finish the battle with a Tackle. The judges disqualify Jesse and the rest of Team Rocket come out and do their mantra. Meowth says they're gonna take all the trainer's Pokemon and Pikachu sends them blasting off again with a Thunderbolt.

Up next, Drew vs. Grace, Roselia vs. Medicham. Roselia starts with Magical Leaf, Medicham meditates to dodge. Medicham uses Ice Punch and Roselia dodges and uses Petal Dance. Medicham counters with confusion to stop the petals and send them back. Roselia uses Solarbeam and Medicham hits the ground with Ice Punch. Medicham built a barrier to redirect the Solarbeam back to Roselia. Medicham meditates and uses High Jump Kick. Roselia gets a direct hit in the face with the High Jump Kick, knocking Roselia out of the battle. The winner is Grace. The final battle will be between May and Grace.

Final battle, May vs. Grace, Beautifly vs. Medicham. Beautifly starts off with a Tackle and Medicham meditates to dodge. Medicham uses Ice Punch and Beautifly breaks the punch with Gust. Medicham stops itself from hitting the ground by using Confusion on itself. Beautifly uses String Shot, Medicham stops it with Confusion, and sends it right back, tangling Beautifly in its own string. Medicham hits Beautifly with Ice Punch, freezing it solid. Beautifly breaks free and Medicham Meditates and uses High Jump Kick. Beautifly narrowly dodges and uses Silver Wind to send Medicham to the ground. Medicham kicked the ground and injured itself. Beautifly uses Tackle and String Shot. Medicham uses Confusion to stop the string and Beautifly uses Silver Wind. Beautifly has created a Silver Wind tornado to break Medicham's confusion. Beautifly flies through the tornado with a Tackle attack to entangle Medicham in string. Beautifly uses Tackle and Medicham breaks free and dodges. Beautifly uses Silver Wind to immobilize Medicham. Beautifly hits Medicham with Tackle. Medicham uses High Jump Kick and Beautifly goes head on with a Tackle. Beautifly and Medicham hit each other as the clock runs out, leaving May victorious. May recieves her first contest ribbon, the Fallarbor Ribbon.
12 Cheer Pressure 12 E#  325

J# 328
"Cheer Pressure"

"Purasuru to Mainan! Ōen no Michi!?" (プラスルとマイナン!応援の道!?)
(Prasle and Minun! Road of Cheering!?)
November 6, 2004

November 20, 2003
May is celebrating her contest win as Ash and the gang are on the way to Lavaridge Town for Ash's next gym battle.

Ash and the gang hear drums being played. The sound is coming from an old friend of theirs, Thatcher. Ash asks about how Plusle and Minun are doing and they run up to Pikachu and they all take off to play with each other. Ash asks about what the drums are for and Thatcher says they're for a pep squad. Thatcher goes into a back story about him becoming a Pokemon Trainer. Thatcher met someone on the road named Sheridan, a recruiter for a pep school.

Team Rocket watches the conversation nearby and Jesse and James tell Meowth about being a cheerleader. James had a cheerleader squad. Max asks Brock about using Plusle and Minun's Helping Hand to influence a battle. Brock ran off to flirt with some cheerleaders. Thatcher explains that the cheering is in the Pokemon's power. The power revitalizes the Pokemon, so nothing is against the rules. Pikachu, Plusle and Minun come back.

Team Rocket threw on some disguises and went to talk to Sheridan about getting some help with them winning a battle. One of the cheerleaders asks for a favor. Thatcher says there are some new students and he wanted Ash and the gang to battle. Brock volunteers himself first.
The battle begins, Brock vs. Jamester. Jamester sends out Cacnea and Brock chooses Foretress. Cacnea leads with Pin Missile and Fortress uses Rapid Spin, then Tackle. Sheridan begins cheering and the cheering revives Cacnea. Cacnea uses Needle Arm, directly hitting Foretress. Cacnea then uses Sandstorm, then Pin Missle. Foretress uses Rapid Spin, but gets knocked out by Cacnea.

Max remarks about how weird it was for Cacnea to just be revived. The next battle is Ash vs. Jessica. While they're battling, Max goes snooping around for clues as to what he saw. Jessica chooses Seviper and Ash chooses Pikachu. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, and Iron Tail, knocking Seviper down without even using a move. Max is hiding while waiting for Sheridan's cheering to begin.

The cheering begins and he orders an Aromatherapy from Roselia and Vileplume hiding in a drum. He orders a Helping Hand from a Shroomish and Makuhita hiding in another drum. Seviper, now buffed from Aromatherapy and Helping Hand, goes for a Poison Tail. Pikachu counters with Thunderbolt, and Sheridan asks for another Aromatherapy. Pikachu goes for several Thunderbolts and several Aromatherapies and Helping Hands come from the drums. Seviper goes for a Poison Tail and Pikachu didn't have enough energy to dodge. Seviper finishes the battle with a Wrap. Sheridan orders another Helping Hand. Before the drummer can hit the drum, Max pushes the drum off the stands, revealing the Pokemon inside. Sheridan runs off and leaves Team Rocket to try and grab Pikachu. Seviper uses Haze and Pikachu tries to use Thunder, and just barely has enough energy to knock Seviper out, and end the battle. Team Rocket finally reveal themselves and grab Pikachu. Plusle and Minun use Helping Hand to give Pikachu the energy it needs to use Thunder to break free, and cause a thunderstorm, sending Team Rocket blasting off again.
13 Game Winning Assist 13 E#  326

J# 329
"Game Winning Assist"

"Eneko to Neko no te! Donmeru no Bokujō!" (エネコとねこのて!ドンメルの牧場!)
(Eneco and Cat's Paw! Meadow of Donmel!)
November 13, 2004

November 27, 2003
Skitty let itself out of its PokeBall again, this time angering some local Slugma and chasing Ash and the gang out of a cave. A crack in the wall is just the exit they needed. Pikachu uses Iron Tail to make a hole in the wall, allowing Ash and the gang to escape, and fall down a steep hill.

Skitty runs over to a Numel to starts sniffing it and trying to play with it. The Numle wakes up because its hungry and a Furret runs up to it. Numel's trainer, Julie, finds it, and introduces herself to Ash and the gang. The Numel runs off again and Furret stops it. She tells Numel they're gonna go home and figures out that Ash and the gang are on their way to Lavaridge Town. Ash wonders how she knew and she tells them she sees travelers all the time. She offers to let them hang out at her ranch.

On the way to her ranch, she offers to let them stay overnight and even says she'll cook for them. Brock starts flirting with her again by saying he should cook the meal. May and Max vouch for him and Julie agrees that he should be in charge of the food. Brock couldn't be happier about that.

They herd the Numel back into the fence as Team Rocket plans to take them all. James thinks back to his childhood when he had a herd of Numel in his room keeping him warm. Jesse plans on catching all the Numel and selling them to trainers who are trying to keep warm. Ash and the gang offer to help her with the chores.

May challenges Ash to a battle with her Skitty. Julie wants to battle instead. May accepts Julie's challenge and the battle begins. Skitty vs. Furret. May tells Skitty that it should watch its opponent's moves, but Skitty just wants to play. Julie tells Furret to attack. Furret begins to chase Skitty, as Skitty chases Furret. Skitty is a mere centimeters away from Furret as Julie tells it to stop running, making Skitty crash into Furret. May tells Skitty to use Tackle and Furret dodges. Skitty uses Double Slap, but Furret dodges all of them, leaving Skitty really tired. Julie tells May to use her PokeDex to look at Skitty's moves, and May tells Skitty to use Assist, allowing Skitty to use Ember. Skitty uses Assist again, but this time, its Silver Wind. Furret dodges again, and counters with Slam, ending the battle.

Back at the ranch house, Pikachu and Skitty are chowing down on PokeBlocks. Julie says she used to be a coordinator. Brock finishes dinner and Julie is impressed. While they are sleeping, Team Rocket are in a robotic Numel and they are going to the ranch to grab all the Numel. Furret hears the commotion and wakes up Julie. Pikachu also hears it and wakes everyone else up. They all run outside and Team Rocket reveal themselves and do their mantra. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but it's ineffective. Team Rocket attempt to run right at them. Skitty lets itself out and starts running toward Ash and the gang. May dives to grab Skitty and she also grabs onto one of the robotic arms that are protruding from the robot's back. Team Rocket then walks away. Julie grabs her truck and they start speeding toward the robot.

Inside the robot Numel, May and Skitty are trying to wake the Numel up. She tells Skitty to use Tackle on a wall and that wakes one of them up. That one Numel then manages to wake the rest of the Numel up. Menawhile, Team Rocket start talking about all the food they're gonna order. Jesse talks about her dream house. The Numle start tackling the walls of the robot. Meowth then uses a sprinkler to cool the magma inside the Numel and calm them down. With one Numel still up, May asks if there's anything it can do. The Numel starts tackling the wall as hard as it can. It gives up after a little bit. Skitty tries to use Assist a couple times to re-heat the Numel. The first Assist is gust and doesn't do anything. The second one is Ember, which heats up Numel. The Numel uses Flamethrower on the Other Numel to get them going too. They all start using Flamethrower on the walls to try and melt them. Meowth uses the sprinkler again. Skitty destroys it with Doubleslap and the Numel end up burning through the walls and setting the robot on fire. The robot collapses and frees them all. Ash and the gang catch up and start battling Team Rocket. Seviper and Cacnea are sent out. Seviper uses Poison Tail and Furret counters with Slam, knocking out Seviper in one hit. Cacnea uses Needle Arm and Pikachu counters with Thunderbolt, sending Team Rocket blasting off again. One of the Numel runs toward a berry tree and starts eating the berries.

The next morning, Ash and the gang start to bid their good-byes. Julie directs them to a path that will take them right to Lavaridge Town.
14 Fight for the Meteorite 14 E#  327

J# 330
"Fight for the Meteorite"

"Maguma-dan Tai Akua-dan, Futatabi! Entotsu Yama no Tatakai!!" (マグマ団VSアクア団、再び!えんとつ山の戦い!!)
(Team Aqua vs. Team Magma Again! Battle of Mt. Chimney!!)
November 13, 2004

December 4, 2003
Ash and the gang barely make it to catch the first Cable Car up Mt. Chimney. Team Rocket, with disguises, board the Cable Car with them.

Jesse claims they're tour guides for Mt. Chimney. The helicopter that flew by their car was on its way to pick up a meteorite that hit Mt. Chimney. The red helicopter is owned by Team Magma, and they're after that meteorite. Another helicopter flies by. That helicopter is owned by Team Aqua. Some guys from Team Aqua stop the Cable Car. Brock tries to call the Cable Car Operators, but they got tied up when Team Aqua took over the building. Brock says something's a little fishy and they reveal themselves and do their mantra.

Back on Mt. Chimney, Teams Aqua and Magma battle over the meteorite. A bunch of Mightyena and Golbat from Magma's side and a bunch of Crawdaunt and Walrein are sent out from Aqua's side. The old guy with the meteorite runs away while they're distracted and Commander Tabitha, from Team Magma, sends some guys after him. Commander Shelly, from Team Aqua, sends some guys after them.

Meanwhile, on the Cable Car, Team Rocket finishes their mantra. To their disgust, Ash and the gang are discussing how they're gonna get off of the car, completely ignoring Team Rocket. Ash finds a rope with a hook on it. And manages to hoist it to the cable tower. Ash and Pikachu go first to crawl across the rope. Team Rocket jump on the rope and end up breaking it before Ash can crawl across it. Ash makes it over to the tower and he leaves to get some help.

Team Aqua and Magma continue to attack each other, pitting their Crawdaunts and Walreins against Golbats and Mightyenas respectively. Aqua appears to be losing, so Shelly orders a retreat. Tabitha orders the grunts to prepare their machine. Ash runs into the old guy with the meteorite and they manage to hide from Team Magma.

May asks if anyone else is getting hungry. Brock has it covered with his sandwiches. Team Rocket is hungry too, and Brock decides to share with them. Despite Meowth's team spirit, it eventually breaks when his stomach growls and he happily accepts a sandwich.

Ash has a conversation with the old guy, who happens to be Professor Cosmo. He's been studying meteorites for years. Cosmo decides to let Ash hold the meteorite as he tells a story about space and meteors. A Golbat swoops in and takes the meteorite from Cosmo. Ash and Cosmo decide to persue Team Magma. Tabitha readies his laser, which is pointed right at Mt. Chimney.

A wind blows and starts shaking the cable car. Tabitha puts the meteorite in the laser, and starts firing it right at the mouth of Mt. Chimney. Cosmo and Ash plan to distract Magma while Ash takes the meteorite from the laser. Cosmo begins his distraction and Ash goes right for the laser. Pikachu hits the laser with Thunderbolt, overloading the laser's output. Pikachu hits Team Magma with a Thunderbolt. Tabitha starts charging towards Ash, Cosmo tackles Tabitha before he could reach Ash. Cosmo pushes the laser right into Mt. Chimney. Tabitha orders Magma to move out. Shelly orders Team Aqua back to the ship.

Brock, Max, May, and Team Rocket make it off of the Cable Car. As Team Rocket plans to grab Pikachu and Meowth makes a landslide joke, the ground they're standing on gives way and causes them to fall down the mountain.

Cosmo tells them to follow a road, and it will take them directly to Lavaridge Town.
  15 E#  328

J# 331
"Poetry Commotion!"

"Shinjin Jimu Rīdā, Asuna! Anadarake no Batoru Fīrudo!" (新人ジムリーダー・アスナ!穴だらけのバトルフィールド!)
(The New Gym Leader – Asuna! The Hole-Filled Battlefield!)
November 20, 2004

December 11, 2003
  16 E#  329

J# 332
"Going, Going, Yawn!"

"Hīto Bajji! Moeru Batoru de Getto da ze!!" (ヒートバッジ!燃えるバトルでゲットだぜ!!)
(Heat Badge! Win the Blazing Battle!!)
November 20, 2004

December 18, 2003
  17 E#  330

J# 333
"Going for a Spinda"

"Patchīru Ga Ippai! Shiawase Sagashite Yama no Kanata ni!" (パッチールがいっぱい!幸せさがして山の彼方に!)
(Full of Patcheel! Beyound the Mountains in Search of Happiness!)
November 27, 2004

December 25, 2003
  18 E#  331

J# 334
"All Torkoal, No Play"

"Hagane no Tani o Toppa se yo! Kōtasu Tai Haganēru!!" (ハガネの谷を突破せよ!コータスVSハガネール!!)
(Breakthrough Valley of Steel! Cotoise vs. Haganeil!!)
November 27, 2004

January 8, 2004
  19 E#  332

J# 335
"Manectric Charge"

"Kinsetsu Jimu Futatabi! Tai Raiboruto!!" (キンセツジムふたたび!VSライボルト!!)
(Kinetsu Gym Returns! Vs. Livolt!!)
December 4, 2004

January 15, 2004
  20 E#  333

J# 336
"Delcatty Got Your Tongue"

"Eneko to Enekororo! Densetsu no Kōdeinētā Tōjō!!" (エネコとエネコロロ!伝説のコーディネーター登場!!)
(Eneko and Enekororo! The Legendary Pokémon Coordinator Appears!!)
December 4, 2004

January 22, 2004
  21 E#  334

J# 337
"Disaster of Disguise"

"Kamen no Kōdeinētā, Fantomu Tōjō!!" (仮面のコーディネーター・ファントム登場!!)
(The Masked Coordinator – Phantom Appears!!)
December 11, 2004

January 29, 2004
  22 E#  335

J# 338
"Disguise Da Limit"

"Shidake Taun! Pokemon Kontesuto!!" (シダケタウン!ポケモンコンテスト!!)
(Shidake Town! Pokémon Contest!!)
December 11, 2004

February 5, 2004
  23 E#  336

J# 339
"Take the Lombre Home"

"Sorurokku to Hasuburero! Seinaru Mori no Densetsu!" (ソルロック とハスブレロ!聖なる森の伝説!)
(Solrock and Hasubrero! Legend of the Sacred Forest!)
January 29, 2005

February 12, 2004
  24 E#  337

J# 340
"True Blue Swablu"

"Chirutto no Sora! Haruka no Kokoro!!" (チルットの空!ハルカの心!!)
(Sky of Tyltto! Heart of Haruka!!)
February 5, 2005

February 19, 2004
  25 E#  338

J# 341
"Gulpin it Down!"

"Gokurin Gekitai Daisakusen!!" (ゴクリン撃退大作戦!!)
(The Great Gokulin Repelling Strategy!!)
February 12, 2005

February 26, 2004
  26 E#  339

J# 342
"Exploud and Clear"

"Isshokusokuhatsu! Bakuongu Tai Juputoru!!" (一触即発!バクオングVSジュプトル!!)
(Critical Situation! Bakuong vs. Juptile!!)
February 19, 2005

March 4, 2004
  27 E#  340

J# 343
"Go Go Ludicolo!"

"Odoru Batoru da! Runpappa!!" (踊るバトルだ!ルン パッパ!!)
(Dancing Battle! Runpappa!!)
February 26, 2005

March 11, 2004
  28 E#  341

J# 344
"A Double Dilemma"

"Papa wa Aidoru!? Itsuwari no Jimu Rīdā!!" (パパはアイドル!?いつわりのジムリーダー!!)
(Papa is Idol!? Fake Gym Leader!!)
March 5, 2005

March 18, 2004
  29 E#  342

J# 345
"Love, Petalburg Style!"

"Tōka Jimu no Kiki! Katei no Kiki!!" (トウカジムの危機!家庭の危機!!)
(Tōka Gym Crisis! Household Crisis!!)
March 12, 2005

March 25, 2004
  30 E#  343

J# 346
"Balance of Power"

"Tōka Jimu Sen! Itsutsu me no Bajji!!" (トウカジム戦!五つ目のバッジ!!)
(Tōka Gym! The Fifth Badge!!)
March 19, 2005

April 1, 2004
  31 E#  344

J# 347
"A Six Pack Attack!"

"Ōkido-hakase to Odamaki-hakase! Himitsukichi no Tatakai!!" (オーキド博士とオダマキ博士!秘密基地の戦い!!)
(Professor Ookido and Professor Odamaki! Secret Base Battle!!)
March 26, 2005

April 8, 2004
  32 E#  345

J# 348
"The Bicker the Better"

"Taggu Batoru! Satoshi Tai Haruka!?" (タッグバトル!サトシVSハルカ!?)
(Tag Battle! Satoshi vs. Haruka!?)
April 2, 2005

April 15, 2004
  33 E#  346

J# 349
"Grass Hysteria!"

"Kindan no Mori no Ōja! Fushigibana!!" (禁断の森の王者!フシギバナ!!)
(King of the Forbidden Forest! Fushigibana!!)
April 9, 2005

April 22, 2004
  34 E#  347

J# 350
"Hokey PokéBalls"

"Fushigidane to Fushigidane! Monsutā Bōru o Torikaese!!" (フシギダネとフシギダネ!モンスターボールを取り返せ!!)
(Fushigidane and Fushigidane! Regaining the Monster Balls!!)
April 16, 2005

April 29, 2004
  35 E#  348

J# 351
"Whiscash and Ash"

"Taiketsu! Kyodai Namazun to Tsuri Meijin!!" (対決!巨大ナマズンと釣り名人!!)
(Showdown! The Fishing Master and the Giant Namazun!!)
April 23, 2005

May 6, 2004
  36 E#  349

J# 352
"Me, Myself and Time"

"Yajiron to Kiri no Naka no Iseki!" (ヤジロンと霧の中の遺跡!)
(Yajilon and the Ruins in the Mist!)
April 30, 2005

May 13, 2004
  37 E#  350

J# 353
"A Fan with a Plan!"

"Kyoōteki!? Mama-san Kōdeinētā Tōjō!" (強敵!?ママさんコーディネーター登場!)
(Forbidable Enemy!? Mother Coordinator Appears!)
May 7, 2005

May 20, 2004
  38 E#  351

J# 354
"Cruisin' for a Losin'"

"Pokemon Kontesuto! Ruibosu Taikai!!" (ポケモンコンテスト!ルイボス大会!!)
(Pokémon Contest! Ruibosu Tournament!!)
May 14, 2005

May 27, 2004
  39 E#  352

J# 355
"Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend"

"Banebū no Sagashimono!?" (バネブーのさがしもの!?)
(Baneboo's Lost Object!?)
May 21, 2005

June 3, 2004
  40 E#  353

J# 356
"That's Just Swellow"

"Hatsu Chōsen! Kūchū Kyōgi, Pokeringa!!" (初挑戦!空中競技・ポケリンガ!!)
(Beginning Challenge! Sky Match – PokéRinger!!)
May 28, 2005

June 10, 2004
  41 E#  354

J# 357
"Take This House and Shuppet"

"Kagebōzu no Kan!" (カゲボウズの館!)
(The Mansion of Kagebouzu!)
June 4, 2005

June 17, 2004
  42 E#  355

J# 358
"A Shroomish Skirmish"

"Mori no Kakutō Ō!? Wakashamo Tai Kinogassa!" (森の格闘王!?ワカシャモVSキノガッサ!)
(The Fighting King of the Forest!? Wakasyamo vs. Kinogassa!)
June 11, 2005

June 24, 2004
  43 E#  356

J# 359
"Unfair-Weather Friends"

"Otenki Kenkyūsho no Powarun!" (お天気研究所のポワルン!)
(Powalen of the Weather Research Institute!)
June 18, 2005

July 1, 2004
  44 E#  357

J# 360
"Who's Flying Now?"

"Hiwamaki Shiti no Fezā Kānibaru!!" (ヒワマキシティのフェザーカーニバル!!)
 (Hiwamaki City's Feather Carnival!!)
June 25, 2005

July 8, 2004
  45 E#  358

J# 361
"Sky High Gym Battle!"

"Hiwamaki Jimu! Ōzora no Tatakai!!" (ヒワマキジム!大空の戦い!!)
(Hiwamaki Gym! Battle in the Sky!!)
July 9, 2005

July 15, 2004
  46 E#  359

J# 362
"Lights, Camerupt, Action!"

"Eiga wa Bakūda ni Notte!!" (映画はバクーダに乗って!!)
(The Film's Riding on Bakuuda!!)
July 16, 2005

July 22, 2004
  47 E#  360

J# 363
"Crazy as a Lunatone"

"Shinpi! Uchū kara Kita Pokemon!?" (神秘!宇宙から来たポケモン!?)
(Mystery! A Pokémon from Space!?)
August 20, 2005

July 29, 2004
  48 E#  361

J# 364
"The Garden of Eatin'"

"Banana Namakero en no Kabigon!!" (バナナナマケロ園のカビゴン!!)
(Kabigon of the Banana Namakero Park!!)
August 27, 2005

August 5, 2004
  49 E#  362

J# 365
"A Scare to Remember"

"Pikachū, Roketto-dan ni Iru!?" (ピカチュウ、ロケット団に入る!?)
(Pikachu, Joining Team Rocket!?)
September 3, 2005

August 12, 2004
  50 E#  363

J# 366
"Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry"

"Minamo Shiti Tōchaku! Porokku to Tsubamegaeshi!" (ミナモシティ到着!ポロックとつばめがえし!)
(Arrival in Minamo City! Polocks and Swallow's Return!)
September 3, 2005

August 19, 2004
  51 E#  364

J# 367
"Lessons in Lilycove"

"Pokemon Kontesuto! Minamo Taikai!!" (ポケモンコンテスト!ミナモ大会!!)
(Pokémon Contest! Minamo Tournament!!)
September 10, 2005

August 26, 2004
  52 E#  365

J# 368
"Judgment Day"

"Ano Sanbiki Tōjō! Shinpan Gakkō no Shima!" (あの三匹登場!審判学校の島!)
(Those Three Appear! The Referee School Island!)
September 10, 2005

September 2, 2004

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