Want to know some secrets, codes, and helpful tips on Pokémon? Some of these codes are very risky, but are very cool. All these secrets and codes have been tested, and they work! If you know a cool secret, code, or a helpful tip, contact me.

Pokémon Red/Blue Only (These will not work on Yellow!)

Missingno. Glinch (Level 0 or Level 100+)
Use the following steps to see Missingno.
1. You need a Pokémon that knows Surf and one that knows Fly.
2. Fly to Viridian City.
3. Talk to the man that shows you how to catch a Weedle. When he askes you if you are in a hurry, say "No".
4. Now Fly to Cinnabar Island.
5. Go to the far right of the island, and surf so that you are half on land and water.
6. Surf up and down, and you should come up to fighting a strange Pokémon named something like ~M` or Missingno. You will notice that it is at Level 0 or at a level above 100.

Missingno. Glinch (Level 80)
Use the following steps to see Missingno.
1. You should have your Pokémon that knows Surf and one that knows Fly.
2. Fly to Cinnabar Island.
3. Go inside to the Pokémon Lab and trade with another trainer.
4. Then go outside and surf on the right side of the island and surf so that you are half on land and water.
5. Surf up and down, and you should come up to fighting Missingno at level 80.

Important Info on the Missingno. Glinch
Warning! Catching Missingno. could damage your saved game! I don't recommend you trying to catch it, but the only known thing that it does mess up is your Pokémon Hall of Fame.

Background Info on the Missingno. Glinch
Missingno. is basically a beta testing Pokémon that the programmers of the game, forgot to remove from the final version of the game. But in the game, Pokémon Yellow, the Missingno. Glinch was found and removed from the game. Missingno. actually means "Missing Number". If you were to catch Missingno., it could mess up your saved game of Pokémon. You would also find out that Missingno. is a Flying and Water type Pokémon with the moves: Sky Attack, Water Gun, and Water Gun.

100+ Items Trick
Use these steps in doing this cool trick.
1. Arrange your items so that the item that you want duplicated is the Sixth item on the list. (If you have Pokémon Stadium, it is easier to arrange your items at the Pokémon Lab)
2. Use the Missingno. Glinch technique described above. (Surf half on land and water at Cinnabar Island)
3. Fight Missingno. (Don't catch it!)
4. Now take a look at your items.
5. You will see the sixth item on your list has a 1 and a strange icon. This means you have more than 100 of that item!
Cool Tip: Try using this trick on nuggets, then sell them for cash. You get 1000Ł for each one! Also try using this trick on other rare items...

Over Level 100 Pokémon
Use these steps to find Pokémon over Level 100.
1. Bring your best Pokémon!
2. Do the Missingno. Glinch described above.
3. Go to Cinnabar Island.
4. Surf up and down the right side of the island, while half on land and water.
5. You should come by some very high level Pokémon.
Notice: If you happen to capture one of these Pokémon and raise it to get a level up (or Rare Candy), it will go back down to Level 100.

Catch Pokémon easier from the Safari Zone
Use these steps to catch rare Pokémon easier.
1. Go to the area that has the Pokémon that you want. (One great place is the Safari Zone)
2. Fight a few Pokémon in that area.
3. Now leave the area and Fly to Cinnabar Island. (You may need to use an escape rope first depending on where you are.)
4. Surf up and down the right side of the island, while half on land and water.
5. You will see some very familier Pokémon, plus a good chance to see a rare Pokémon from that area! (For example if you when to the Safari Zone, you may find a Kangaskhan! Plus you can attack these Pokémon and catch them with your own Pokémon and Poké Balls!)

Pokémon Yellow Only Secrets

Get Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle
To get Bulbasaur: Your Pikachu must be happy with you before you can get Bulbasaur. (Use the code below) Now go to Cerulean City and talk with the girl inside one of the houses that has a Bulbasaur. She will let you have Bulbasaur only if got the water badge and Pikachu is really happy.
To get Charmander: Go north of Cerulean City, past the nugget bridge, then up to where there is someone standing alone on a platform. That person has a Charmander that he doesn't want so he will just give it to you to take care of.
To get Squirtle: Go to Vermilion City and defeat Lt. Surge. Then go to the girl standing in the center of the town and she will give you Squirtle.

Get Pikachu Super happy
1. Heal your Pikachu at a Pokémon Center.
2. Then try to give Pikachu potions, even though they wont work.
3. Keep trying to give Pikachu potions and Pikachu will get Super happy!
Tip: This is a great way to get Pikachu happy enough to get Bulbasaur in Cerulean city!

Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Game Boy game codes

Box Trick
Use the following steps to do this cool trick.
1. Get the Pokémon that you want all their stats to go up.
2. Go fight several other Pokémon.
3. Go to the Pokémon Center.
4. Heal your Pokémon.
5. Check your current Pokémon Stats and take note of what they are.
6. Go store your Pokémon in a box on Bill's PC (Someone's PC).
7. Then take it back out.
8. Check your Pokémon Stats and you should notice that your stats went up.
Tip: It is best if you use this trick on Pokémon that are at high levels. Preferably Level 100. Read the Info below for more information on the Box Trick.

Info on the Box Trick
This trick is great for Pokémon that are at Level 100 because of the fact that your Pokémon can't get any more level ups. Even if you think getting one or a few points of a stat is not very good, it sure does give a good boost on your Pokémon. But your Pokémon can only get so high on each different stat. Each Pokémon is different and has what is called a "Max Stat". When a Pokémon reaches the highest it can get on all its stats, we say it is "Maxed Out".
Ever used Rare Candies on a Pokémon? It seems good to get a quick level up, but a trained Pokémon is better than a "Rare Candied Pokémon" stat wise. So if you say, had a Mewtwo, for example, and Rare Candied it to level 100, then you lose stats. But you can get most of those stats back if you use the Box Trick! If you want more info on the Box Trick, go to the Pokémasters.com site.

Clone a Pokémon
Use these steps to clone a Pokémon.
1. You need to trade with someone to do this trick.
2. Make sure you have the person that is to get the good Pokémon, has a Pokémon that he/she doesn't want. (Ex. Magikarp, Pidgey, Rattata, etc.) Because that Pokémon will be deleted!
3. Trade as you normal would except do the following next steps.
4. After the trading is almost finished, have the person that had the Pokémon that is to be cloned get ready to shut off their game boy.
5. Now the person with the good Pokémon should shut off their game boy right after the "Waiting..." disappears and before the "Trade Completed" message appears.
6. Now the person with the unwanted Pokémon game boy, will have the message "Trade Completed" and will have to then shut off their game boy.
7. Then turn on both game boys and check to see that you both have that cloned Pokémon! If the trade didn't work, just try again. Make sure that the person with the "Good" Pokémon does the shutting off of the game boy first!
Use caution! There is a slight chance that your pokemon/game could get deleted, so be careful!

Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal

Pokemon / Item Clone Trick
Submitted in by: Krabby
Ever had an item you really liked and wished you could equip to more Pokemon, or a TM you wish you could reuse? This trick also comes in handy if, say, you want to get a good Pokemon out of a trade without parting with a great team member. To clone a Pokemon along with the Item it's holding (you can make them hold TMs...this thing is so useful! :) ), simply follow these steps.

1. Get the Pokemon you want cloned, or the item, and attach the item you want cloned to that Pokemon.
2. Go to your PC a first thing you do is go to Change Box. You can pick any box.
3. Deposit the Pokemon.
4. Go to Change Box again and, when it says " SAVING...DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER..." turn off your gameboy.
5. When you turn your gameboy back on, you'll find that the Pokemon you wanted cloned will be in your party...and in the PC box you used! They will both also have the same item! Great way to clone Pokemon, rare items or TMs!
Remember to use caution. There is always a slight chance that your pokemon/game could get deleted, so be careful!

More codes will come someday.