These downloads are the full versions. They both include all 251 Gold/Silver/Crystal Pokémon with pictures. Version 4.0 also includes all the Attack pages. Delete all current pokedex folders before installing these files. We have also kept v3.2, in case v4.0 gives you problems.

Complete Offline Pokedex: Version 4.0 (Full Version) (Automatic Installer for Microsoft Windows)
Requirements: A zip file extractor (such as WinZip). It works best on newer browsers. (Internet Explorer 5.0 or better recommended)
Click Here to download Pokedex 4.0 (Size: 5.22 MB)(.Zip File; includes automatic installer and uninstaller; Easy to install)
FYI: Originally this file was suppose to be only a .exe file so that you didn't need WinZip, but unfortunately, I have found recently that our server doesn't allow .exe files to be uploaded for security reasons. So inside this .zip file is a .exe file.

Complete Offline Pokedex: Version 4.0 (Full Version) (For Non-Windows computers)
Requirements: Same as above.
Click Here to download Pokedex 4.0 (Size: 5.20 MB)(.zip file; Manual Install; Read the ReadMe file included for instructions)

Complete Offline Pokedex: Version 3.2 (Full Version) (For Windows and Non-Windows computers)
Requirements: A zip file extractor (such as WinZip).
Click Here to download Pokedex 3.2 (Size: 4.21 MB)

When you are installing the manual versions, make sure you extract the files into one directory, and the images in a folder named "images" that is inside the other directory. For example, if the pokemon files are in C:\Pokedex, the images must be in C:\Pokedex\images . Notice how "images" is not capitalized. By default, winzip will automatically put the images into an images folder, so you may not have to worry about it.

**Note: Winzip (or any other utility that uncompresses .zip files) is required to unzip all the files in v3.2. You will also need an updated web browser. Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher recommended. This program has been tested on my computer system with no problems, so let me know if something doesn't work right for you.

Offline Pokedex Fixes
There are no fixes at this time.