Ability Up
Item Description Location Price
Amulet Coin Doubles the money won in battle Goldenrod City  
Berserk Gene Increases attack by 2 levels, confuses Cerulean City  
Black Belt Increases power of Fighting-type attacks Lake of Rage  
Black Glasses Increases power of Dark-type attacks Dark Cave  
Bright Powder Lowers opponent's accuracy Trade/Wild  
Calcium Raises Special Attack/Defense Department Store/Roads/Caves 9,800
Carbos Raises speed Department Store/Roads/Caves 9,800
Charcoal Increases power of Fire-type attacks Azalea Town 9,800
Cleanse Tag Makes it difficult to run into wild Pokémon Route 5  
Dire Hit Good chance of a Critical Hit (one battle) Pokémon Mart/Roads/Caves 650
Dragon Fang Increases power of Dragon-type attacks Dragon's Den  
Dragon Scale Evolves Pokémon Mt. Mortar/Trade/Wild  
Everstone Prevents a Pokémon from evolving New Bark Town/Roads/Trade/Wild  
Exp. Share One Pokémon receives half of all Exp. points Goldenrod City/Route 30  
Fire Stone Evolves Pokémon Department Store/Gift  
Focus Band Prevents a Pokémon from fainting Saffron City  
Guard Spec. Guards against Special Attacks (one battle) Department Store/Caves/Gift 700
Hard Stone Increases power of Rock-type attacks Route 36  
HP Up Raises Maximium HP Dept. Store/Mart/Roads/Caves/Gift 9,800
Iron Raises defensive power points Department Store/Caves 9,800
King's Rock Makes opponent retreat/evolves Pokémon Slowpoke Well/Trade/Wild  
Leaf Stone Evolves Pokémon Department Store/Gift  
Leftovers Gradually restores points during battle Celadon City/Trade/Wild  
Light Ball Doubles Pikachu's special attacks Trade/Wild  
Lucky Egg Grants more exp. points after a battle Trade/Wild  
Lucky Punch Good chance of a Critical Hit Trade/Wild  
Magnet Increases power of Electric-type attacks Route 37  
Metal Coat Increases power of Steel-type attacks S.S. Aqua/Trade/Wild  
Metal Powder Increases Ditto's defensive power Trade/Wild  
Miracle Seed Increases power of Grass-type attacks Route 32  
Moon Stone Evolves Pokémon Mom/Route 27/Trade/Wild  
Mystic Water Increases power of Water-type attacks Cherrygrove City  
Nevermelt Ice Increases power of Ice-type attacks Ice Path  
Pink Bow Increases power of Normal-type attacks Route 29/Goldenrod City  
Poison Barb Increases power of Poison-type attacks Route 32/Trade/Wild  
Polkadot Bow Increases power of Normal-type attacks Trade/Wild  
PP Up Raises PP Town/Roads/Caves/Gift  
Protein Raises attack points Department Store/Roads/Caves 9,800
Quick Claw Good chance of attacking first National Park/Trade/Wild  
Rare Candy Raises Pokémon's level by one Town/Roads/Caves  
Scope Lens Good chance of a Critical Hit Gift  
Sharp Beak Increases power of Flying-type attacks Route 40/Trade/Wild