Key Items
Item Description Locations
Basement Key Opens door to Underground Path Goldenrod City
Bicycle Move twice as fast Goldenrod City
Blue Card Stores points earned from Buena Goldenrod City
Card Key Opens Radio Tower shutter Goldenrod City
Clear Bell Allows Trainers to meet Suicune Goldenrod City
Coin Case Carry up to 9,999 coins Goldenrod City
Good Rod Improved fishing rod Olivine City
Item Finder Reacts to items lying around with a sound Ecruteak City
Clefairy Doll Exchange for Pass at Saffron City Vermilion City
Machine Part Give to Power Plant Manager Cerulean City
Mystery Egg Togepi is born Route 30
Old Rod Item for fishing for Pokémon Route 32
Pass Ride on the Magnet Train Saffron City
Rainbow Wing Allows Trainers to climb Tin Tower Goldenrod City (Gold) / Pewter City (Silver)
Red Scale Exchange for Experience Share on Route 30 Lake of Rage
S.S. Ticket Ride the boat S.S. Aqua New Bark Town
Secret Potion Heals Amphy in the Lighthouse Cianwood City
Silver Wing Lugia appears at Whirl Island Goldenrod City (Silver) / Pewter City (Gold & Crystal)
Squirtbottle Move the Sudowoodo on Route 36 Goldenrod City
Super Rod Best fishing rod Route 12
Helpful Items
Item Description Location Price
Escape Rope Provides a quick escape from towers and caves Pokémon Mart, Caves 550
Expn Card Allows you to listen to the radio in Kanto Lavender Town  
Map Card The PokéGear's Map Cherrygrove City  
Max Repel Repels weak Pokémon for 250 steps Pokémon Mart / Gift 700
Poké Doll Provides escape from wild Pokémon Department Store / Mt. Moon 1,000
Pokédex Stores Pokémon data Route 30  
Radio Card Lets you listen to the radio with the PokéGear Goldenrod City  
Repel Repels weak Pokémon for 100 steps Pokémon Mart / Mt. Moon 350
Super Repel Repels weak Pokémon for 200 steps Pokémon Mart / Gift 500
Unown Dex Pokédex shows the Unown you caught in order Ruins of Alph
Item Description Location
Black Apricorn Raw material for Heavy Ball Route 37
Blue Apricorn Raw material for Lure Ball Route 37
Green Apricorn Raw material for Friend Ball Route 42
Pink Apricorn Raw material for Love Ball Route 42
Red Apricorn Raw material for Level Ball Route 37
White Apricorn Raw material for Fast Ball Azalea Town
Yellow Apricorn Raw material for Moon Ball Route 42