by White Phoenix

Ok, as it turns out Imakuni? is not a Japanese pop singer and entertainer. He was a staff writer and artist for Pokémon Card Trainer Magazine in Japan who is also a Pocket Monster Trading Card Game master. His full name is Tomoaki Imakuni. He may not be part of the musical group Suzukichan, along with Kabiyashu and Raymond [sic]. But together they have recorded at least a couple of popular pokémon songs in Japan. I would still like more info about the character and the man behind the humor. Personally, I like his cards. They remind us that Pokémon TCG is a fun game.

There is (or was) an Imakuni? Fan Club that was founded in November 2000, however, as of September 2006, there has been no activity other than three posts since April 2001. Even the founder has removed their Imakuni? site. Also Edo has met him (so he has been in the U. S.) and has photos of him at a tournament that was held in Hawaii on his website, Edo’s Small Pokémon TCG Page. There is some information about Imakuni? on Wikipedia. Imakuni? now has his own site (in Japanese of course) and is on Twitter. There is a Facebook page, but it is unconfirmed whether it is really owned by the real Tomoaki Imakuni.

Since the folding of Pokémon Card Trainer Magazine, Mr. Imakuni has been illustrating children’s books. Some of which have been published in the United States.

Imakuni?’s Doduo from Gym Leaders (set 4)

Imakuni? – Coro Coro Comics Promo Card

Dance! Neo Imakuni? – CD Promo Card

Shining Imakuni? – Fan Club(?) Promo Card

Imakuni? No Dodo (Imakuni?’s Doduo)

Pokémon Power: Run Away – When this card retreats, throw it away. Why? It is because it ran away. Throw it with a snap so that it flies well!

Make Harmony – The instant that this attack is used, you must begin to sing a song. (While the song is being sung, the game continues). When the song is finished, this attack does 30 damage to the Defending Pokémon.

Translated by Edo.


Your Active Pokémon becomes Confused. (You cannot play this card as a Pokémon.)

This is a mysterious singer who sings and dances “Can You Say Pokémon?” for the Pokémon card game TV-CF song. If you see him in town, always say, “Hello, Mr. Imakuni?” to him.

Translation from
Scrye Pokémon Price and Players Guide.

Odore! Neo Imakuni?
(Dance! Neo Imakuni?)

You can make your Active Pokémon either Asleep, Confused, Paralyzed or Poisoned. (You cannot play this card as a Pokémon.)

[Last three lines unknown.]

Translation assisted by Edo and Brother Jin.

Hikiro Imakuni?
(Shining Imakuni?)

Pika! In a shining way, everything is brightened.

Each player turns all of his or her prize cards face up, then turns his or her deck face up.

(If a card refers to looking at a card from your deck, turn it back face down. Your prize cards remain as is.)

Translated by Edo.

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